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									Hereford Student Senate Meeting

September 11th, 2011

Core Committees

       Garba Indian Dancing Event- Saturday, September 15th @ 6:00 p.m. (Located in the Student
        Activities Building)
       Hereford Garden is officially controlled by Core Committees

Treasurer Information

       We are still working on getting last year’s money to use for the upcoming New York Trip.
       Tori will try and meet with Terry soon

RA Information-Shaun

       No big events in the next week; we will have an update next week.

New Committees

       Presidential Debate on Oct. 16th with Paul Freedman
       Green room is reserved for the event
       Kaela Mattinson is the HSS point of contact

Upcoming Events

       Oct. 13th BBQ: Marianna and Christopher Howell will be the organizers; Stay in touch with Rich
       Crab-Fest on Sept. 23rd
       Oct. 21st Banquet #2-Marianna, Tori, Emmanuel, and Christopher Howell
       New York Trip (Oct. 6th-8th)-Taylor, Marianna, Kaela; Try to put together an itinerary for the

New York Trip Financial Aid Applications

       25 students signed up
       We decided to award three $50.00 scholarships
       HSS members please vote on the Applicants you choose on Thursday @ 5:00 p.m.
       Taylor Demeter-Please draft an email to remind people to pay by this Friday

Pre-Game Nov. 10th

       Wait to assign the committee for this event (try to involve first time members
December 2nd Banquet (#3)

       Taylor will be on the committee
       The Newcomb Ballroom has been reserved
       Assign first time members to some of the committee positions

September 23rd “Crash” Discussion

       2:00 p.m.-4:00p.m.
       Located @ Malone Apartment
       Christopher Howell- HSS point of contact
       Print out flyer for “Crash” discussion
       Paul Harris will be leading the Discussion and film viewing

New Members

       10 in total
       Notify them by email and inform them @ the Crab Fest

New Meeting Location

       Norris Basement

Triple C Retreat

       September 28th, 2012
       5:00 departure time

Residential College Retreat

       September 15th @ 9:00-5:00
       Taylor, Emmanuel, Maryiam will be attending the event

Vaughn Dinner (Sept. 18th)

       Sponsored by the cooking club
       Nick Williams needs to send emails too all of the dinner guest
       Elizabeth will take care of the student sign ups

**Will all members please get their Bio’s and Pictures to Elizabeth AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!

                                                                                  Christopher Howell

                                                                                       HSS Secretary

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