AVP Report by qingqing19771029


									                            Report of the Academic Vice President

                               October 5, 2010 Senate Meeting

1) The A+ initiative will not make it into the catalog by the Spring Semester but should definitely
    make it by the Fall. The point person is now Vice-Provost Billingsley.
2) There is a lot of debate about W’s on transcript. I would advise a system where a W does not
    appear until 2 weeks in but students could only register to add for the first week. We need to
    have a brief discussion during Senate Meeting about this. A decision will be made on November
3) We are about to start work on our Book Awareness Campaign and partner with a discount book
4) Blackboard resolution will be written at the beginning of November.
5) Let me know if you here of any problems with the new software systems that are being brought
    to campus.
6) First Student of the Month is being given out this week! Continue to tell people to apply, since
    very few are applying.
7) Out in Four report summary will be given at Senate Meeting. Discussion.
8) Technology in Learning Spaces report will be given at Senate Meeting.
9) Met with the administrators of Ekstrom Library. Asked about opening up quiet learning study
    area, especially during mid-terms and finals.
10) Unregistered people in classrooms will be considered trespassing if Provost approves
    Undergraduate Council proposal. They may attend with teacher’s permission.

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