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					          Student numbers (FTEs) in 2005-2006

         Overseas postgraduates
         829 (11%)
                                        UK undergraduates
Overseas undergraduates                 4148 (55%)
989 (13%)

    EU postgraduates
    419 (5%)
     EU undergraduates
     620 (8%)

            UK postgraduates
            637 (8%)
 Country of origin of overseas students in 2005-2006

United States - 97                       China - 710
                                              Japan - 108
 Mexico - 67                                   Taiwan - 67
                                    India - 84
                     Nigeria - 59
            Academic initiatives
Student Portal Resources for Innovative Targeted

£132,000 award from Higher Education Academy

Online self-assessment and feedback resource for
Sports Science students

96% of students used the resource in its first phase
              Academic initiatives
           Online services for students
  Student Portal
  Online submission of coursework
  Graduation online
  Online payments

Also planned for 2006:
  Applicant Portal
  Online registration
   New undergraduate degree schemes
                    2005 entry
At Colchester:
  Internet Technology with Business
  Computer and Network Security
  Creative Writing
  Clinical Physiology (Cardiology)
  Mathematics and Network Security
  Mathematics with a year in America
  French with Film Studies

At Loughton:
  Community Theatre
  Specialist Performance Skills (Stage Combat)
   New undergraduate degree schemes
                    2006 entry
At Colchester:
  History of Art and American Studies
  Biodiversity and Conservation
  Environment, Lifestyle and Health
  Economics (International Exchange)

At Southend:
  International Enterprise and Business Development
  Marketing and Innovation
       New graduate degree schemes
                    2005 entry
At Colchester - 22 including:
  MSc in Management, Innovation and Technology
  MSc in Cardiac Rehabilitation
  MSc in Advance Musculoskeletal Practice
  MSc in Discrete Mathematics and its Applications
  MA in Global and Comparative Politics

At Loughton:
  MA in Professional Theatre

At Southend:
  MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  Masters in Public Enterprise and Management
       New graduate degree schemes
                    2006 entry
At Colchester - 9 including:
  MA in Atlantic History
  LLM in Healthcare and Human Rights
  MA in Sociology of Globalisation
  MSc in Web Development

At Southend:
  MSc in Creative Leadership
  MSc in International Business and Entrepreneurship
  MSc in International Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Research initiatives and achievements
            Urban Exposure Model

Department of Biological Sciences in collaboration
with partners across Europe
European Union funded
Software packages designed to predict exposure to
pollution in indoor urban environments
Findings to inform public health strategy
  Research initiatives and achievements
                       Human Rights

Professor Paul Hunt, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to
 health, investigating issues of poverty and discrimination in Uganda

  Visited Ugandans living in camps and shelters who
  are afflicted by neglected diseases
  Due to report to the UN General Assembly and
  UN Commission on Human Rights
Research initiatives and achievements
                UECLAA Online

Culmination of 3-year £300,000 Arts and
Humanities Research Council-funded project
Online virtual gallery and searchable database of the
University’s unique Latin American Art Collection
Research initiatives and achievements
 Art History and Theory: new publications

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