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					Case Project 4

Advanced Sounds makes audio systems for home entertainment centers, computers, industry, and
motor vehicles. Over the past 10 years, this company has pioneered new technologies in audio systems,
which have spurred rapid growth. The company has one large office, research, and manufacturing
complex in New York City. This complex is divided into the following divisions: Business, Research and
Development, Manufacturing, and Distribution. Parts manufacturing centers are located in Quebec City
and in Montreal. Advanced Sounds also has seven outlet stores in New York City, four outlets in Quebec
City, and two in Montreal. Each outlet store has a WAN connection to the central office computer center
in New York City.

Advanced Sounds is engaging in a full upgrade of its Windows Server 2003 network to Windows Server
2008. The upgrade includes using Windows Server 2008 Active Directory. Advanced Sounds has
pioneered many technological innovations and is very concerned about keeping its network and
computer systems secure. Their Information Technology (IT) Department hires you to help them
implement Windows Server 2008 Active Directory.

Due to a political decision several years ago, there is only one forest and domain for this company. Given
what you know about the company’s basic structure, how many forests, trees, and domains do you
recommend? Do you recommend any sites? Note that there are four IP subnets at the New York City
complex and two IP subnets at each of the Quebec City and Montreal locations. Create a report and if
you have access to drawing software, create a diagram of your proposed design.

For this activity, you will create a new network layout for this organization using Microsoft Visio or any
other design software. Include in your design the layout of the new network, including each city, its
outlet stores, and its central offices/parts manufacturing centers. If you choose to add additional
domains, forests or sites, please be sure to label these in your design. Also, add a note in your design, or
submit a Word document, to explain why you chose the layout that you did. Feel free to tear the
network apart and rebuild it as you see fit. It is not necessary to include the IP addressing scheme. If you
have taken any network design courses in the past, you are encouraged to apply that knowledge here. If
you are unsure how to create a logical design of the network, look at some of the designs in your text to
get an idea. Be sure to practice sound design skills when you create your diagram. Please proofread your
design before submission.

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