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					                                                                                                                                                          study & training

                                                   Study to get
                                                                           an unreal job
                                                 Michael Muchow has always been into music. In fact,
                                                                                              he reckons he’s never

                                                                                                                                         really had a ‘real’ job.

                                                             A real musician
                                                            Be prepared to work lon
                                                                                      g and strange hours and
                                                                                                                  be able to spend long per
                                                             Many musicians work in                                                           iods practising and reh
                                                                                       areas unrelated to music                                                       earsing.
                                                             and music teaching car                                to support themselves;
                                                                                     eers.                                                   others combine music
                                                            What ever you decide to
                                                                                      do, you’ll need musical
                                                            to concentrate for long                             ability, motivation, dedica
                                                                                    periods. You’ll also nee                                tion and determination,
                                                           to develop, self-confidenc                         d some degree of stamin                                 and the ability
                                                                                       e and a flair for enterta                         a or fitness; and have,
                                                                                                                ining.                                          or at least be able
                                                           Musicians usually specia
                                                                                     lise in one broad style or
                                                           some of the things you                                another. There are also
What about all that
                                                                                    might do and areas you                                a heap of related career
                                                                                                              might work in.                                        s. Look at just

music theory? theory, and                                Classical music
                                                                                                     Music criticism
          in music
Michael is well grounded                                 Composing and writing                                                                   Singing (lead or backing
says it is very useful for a session musician,                                                       Musicologist                                                        )
although he doesn’t utilise it on a day-to-day           (within a particular mu                                                                 Production
                                                                                si-                  Performing or session
                                                         cal style)                                                                              Engineering
“Like a lot of guitar players, I am not a great                                                     musician/instrumental                       Lighting
                                                         Lyrics                                                          ist
music reader,” says Michael. “I don’t use it all
                                                                                                    Dancing                                     Stagecraft
that much. I also read guitar tablature, but I’d        Conducting
rather read music because tablature doesn’t                                                         Entertaining                                Props
tell you enough; you probably have to hear it           Ethno-musicologist
first.”                                                                                             Music therapy                                Making videos
                                                        Jazz music
                                                                                                   Piano technician
                                                        Music arranging
More info                                                                                         Production crew memb

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