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Saloni Mohan
Who We Are
   Bsoltech is an IT solution provider with a focus to provide
    high quality IT solutions to their customers

   Our focus is to help customers in identifying and
    recruiting the right set of human recourses to
    supplement the IT solution to meet their business needs

   help customers in identifying and deploying the right
    information technology solution for their business needs

   Our objective is to provide ultimate services to our clients,
    to deliver solutions by national/international proven tools
    & methodologies and benefits our customers to get the most
    out of their IT solutions
What We Do

   Manpower recruitment – SAP

   SAP Practices

   Manpower recruitment – IT infrastructure

   IT Infrastructure Management
 How We Do IT
Our team includes very talented, focused, experienced individuals
with varied experience in SAP , Resourcing Consultancy Services
and Corporate Resourcing
At Bsoltech we fully understand the value of time and the
importance of promptly responding to our customers' request for
We work towards achieving customer delight by having internal
time based targets that are more challenging. We take adequate
care & time to pre-screen & pre-qualify each & every candidate that
we submit
Provide flexibility whether you require senior level consulting
expertise for long term engagements; high-end designers and
Consultants to architect custom applications; or short term staff
    The key to any SAP implementation is the employees involved in the SAP
     lifecycle in the organization
    We with 100 man years of functional experiences in various functions of
     various organization and 20 man years of SAP implementation experience
     will bring to you expertise in identifying the right manpower at various
     stages of SAP in your organization like:
        the early stage of understanding the organizations requirements for
         finalizing the right SAP solution for the organization
        SAP license and implementation partner finalization
        Resource identification and recruitment for IT
        Resource identification and recruitment for the functional departments
         for implementation
        Once SAP is operational we help you identify the right functional staff
         and senior management who along with their functional capabilities are
         competent to explore SAP to the fullest for the advantage of the
   We give consultancy to organizations working on
    SAP / contemplating SAP implementation, at all
    levels as per the requirement of an organization

     Pre Closure
     Post Closure and pre Implementation
     Implementation
     Master data management
     Enhancement
     Support
   Need service for identification of the right IT
    infrastructure manpower, Bsoltech is at your
   Need services for IT infrastructure management,
    Bsoltech is at your service
   Our areas of expertise
       IT Managed Services
             IT infrastructure implementation

             Facility Management

             Annual Maintenance

       Networking, Security & Data
             Deployment of LAN, WAN & Wireless Network

             Implementation of Internet security

             Implementation Storage Solutions
   100 man years of functional experiences in
    various functions in various organizations and 20
    man years of SAP implementation experience

   Bsoltech’s approach will help you apply proven
    methodologies and best practices to your
    recruitment process

   Ownership and commitment to whatever we do
                                             Contd ….
   Working with us provides you the following benefits:
       •   Customized services as per requirement
       •   Every requirement treated as a priority
       •   Stable talent that stays with your organization long enough
           to make a significant positive impact
       •   Initial screening done at our end; Less time to hire
           the best of talent
       •   Follow-up till the joining
       •   Defined Quality Process for Continual Improvement
   Even if you have the best technology and
    infrastructure in place, things can easily
    deteriorate, due to absence of right employees to
    complement the technology and infrastructure

   It doesn't matter if you have assembled the best
    team of consultants and implementation
    partners, it is your employees who will ultimately
    run the business for you.
   Indian companies must continuously move up the value chain – remove
    the thin line between business and technology
   Provide end-to-end solutions, increase global presence and create world
    class working environment
   Hire employees who understand both the business and the technology
   Employees from functional areas who can extract the full advantage of the
    technological advancements available in today’s date
   Employees who guide the companies to the right technological
    enhancement in tune with the future business needs
   Technology is a tool, you must know how to utilize it for it to be an asset,
    as every business is unique

     We at Bsoltech provide you this competitive edge with a
    huge set of database of such potential employees who can
       leverage their knowledge for your business benefit
Would like to meet in person to discuss
the following:
Explore and close on possible
associations in areas listed in this
Also explore possibilities of associations
in non addressed areas of sap practices ,
infrastructure management and
manpower recruitments
Thanking you
Saloni Mohan

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