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					          Proficio Migration Wizard - Overview of Steps
The upgrade from Visual Re:discovery to Re:discovery Proficio represents a significant change in the program--
both with the user interface and the background architecture. Because we are shifting from a FoxPro backend
database to an SQL backend database, the "upgrade" is really a migration. You will be installing Proficio, which is
an entirely separate product, and migrating data into it. The two will run side-by-side during the migration. Usually
one directory type (art, archives, etc.) will be upgraded at a time so users often shift to Proficio at different times.

Some steps will probably be done by an IT network administrator, unless the Re:discovery user has the
permissions and security necessary to install programs.

Library/Archives users: Complete all steps for running the Migration Wizard for your Collections directories. When
finished, please contact Re:discovery Software Inc to make an appointment for assistance with running the wizard
for any Library/Archives directories you may have.

The steps, location of the instructions, and person likely to do the step are as follows:
 Install Proficio using the following instructions - IT staff, possibly
   (instructions located in packet and on installation DVD in the Documentation folder):
       o Installation Overview
       o Rediscovery Proficio SQL Express Server Installation Instructions
       o Network Configuration for Network Installations, as well as Proficio SQL Service Account
           Permissions (disk only), and SQL User Share Permissions (disk only)
       o Rediscovery Proficio Workstation Installation

   Optional, but recommended - Create mock records in the current system - collections staff
    You do not need to wait for Proficio to be installed. The samples simplify the migration review.
       o 0-Before you begin HINTS.doc (in packet and

   Prepare copy of current Re:discovery version 6.x for upgrade - IT staff, possibly
       o 3-Copying Visual System for Use with Upgrade Migration Wizard.doc (in packet, ftp site)

   Apply necessary updates to get started with the Wizard - IT or collections staff
       o 4-Migration Wizard Instructions.doc (in packet, ftp)
       o Preconfigured ONLY: Directory Style update (specific instructions will be supplied)
       o Optional Images-Testing Image Paths.doc (ftp site)

   Run the Migration Wizard to configure Collections directories (for Library/Archives see note above) -
    Collections staff
        o 5a-Migration Wizard - Running Upgrade.doc (in packet, ftp)
        o For a preconfigured upgrade you may be asked to work directly with a CSR
        o General instructions located in the Migration Wizard system help

   Run the upgrade to migrate Collections data - Collections staff
       o 5b-Migration Wizard - Migrating Data for Review (in packet, ftp)
       o For a preconfigured upgrade you may be asked to work directly with a CSR

   Review system - Collections staff
       o 6-Client Test Plan for Proficio Upgrade.DOC (in packet, ftp)

   Make revisions in the Wizard, rerun the test as needed, and run the final upgrade - Collections staff
       o 5b-Migration Wizard - Migrating Data for Review (in packet, ftp)
IMPORTANT: For each directory style when you have run the final upgrade, users will be begin to work
directly in Proficio for that style. You do not want people editing a directory in both the old and new
systems. Make sure people know where to work. You may choose to update user security in Visual so
people can view but not edit records in the old directory.

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