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					                                        The Newark Public Schools
                                          Office of Special Education
                                          2 Cedar Street - Room 910
                                        Newark, New Jersey 07102-3091
                                            Phone: 973-733-7313
                                              Fax: 973-733-8437
     Marion A. Bolden                                                                   Lucille E. Davy
State District Superintendent                                                        Commissioner of Education

     Thomas J. Dugan
                                       NOTICE OF UPCOMING MEETING                                   p 1of 3
   Date:                                                       School:
   Student:                                                    Principal:
   Address:                                                    Teacher:
   Newark, NJ 071                                              Grade:

  You are invited to attend this meeting to discuss:
   ___Referral for special education evaluation and, if        ___Development of an individualized education
   warranted, evaluation plan (Identification Meeting)         program (IEP) (Initial / Annual Review)

   ___Referral for speech & language evaluation and,           ___Review / revision of an individualized
   if warranted, evaluation plan (Identification Meeting)      education program (IEP) (transition needs and
   ___*Determination of eligibility for special education      ___Re-evaluation of your child
   and related services                                        (aging out / three year mandated / transition
                                                               planning / graduation )
   .___Determination of eligibility for speech-language
   services                                                    ___Transition planning

   ____ Other:
   ___ Reports provided at least 10 days before the proposed eligibility meeting date:
   ___Social History ___Psychological ___ Learning Assessment ___Other:_____________________

 Your participation in planning for the educational needs of your child is important.
 The meeting is scheduled for:
 Date:______________ Time:__________             Location:___________________________

   The following individuals will be attending the meeting;

   __Teacher                           __ Learning Disability Consultant    __ Psychologist

   __Speech- Language Specialist       __ Social Worker                     __ Administrator

   __Case Manager                      __ Agency representative             __Physical / Occupational Therapist

   __Student                           ___ other _____________________________________________

Notice of Upcoming Meeting - form 09
Reviewed and/or Revised    2006
                                NOTICE OF UPCOMING MEETING                                        p 2 of 3

If you cannot attend the meeting in person but wish to participate, other arrangements can be made to
include you (for example, by a telephone conference). You may invite another person(s) who is
knowledgeable about your child to accompany you to the meeting. You may also bring your child to the
meeting if you believe it is appropriate.

If you have any questions or if this is not a convenient time or place, please contact me upon receiving
this letter to reschedule the meeting or to discuss your concerns._________________________

_________________________________________________                               ___________________
Case Manager (print and sign )                                                                position

Please note. If the purpose of this meeting is to determine your child’s eligibility for special education and
related services, and if your child is determined eligible, it is permissible to continue
with the development of an IEP. We will immediately proceed to develop an IEP with your agreement. However,
you have the right to review the information presented at the eligibility meeting and to request a second meeting to
develop your child’s IEP.

A copy of Parental Rights in Special Education, New Jersey’s Procedural Safeguards, is attached to this invitation.
This information is provided to ensure that you are aware of the rights afforded to
 parents of students with disabilities.
                                  SHORT PROCEDURAL SAFEGUARDS STATEMENT
As the parent of a student who is or may be determined eligible for special education services or as an adult student
who may be determined eligible for special education services, you have rights regarding identification, evaluation,
classification, the development of an IEP, placement and the provision of a free, appropriate public education under the
New Jersey Administrative Code for Special Education, N.J.A.C. 6A:14. A description these rights, which are called
procedural safeguards, is contained in the document, Parental Rights in Special Education (PRISE). This document is
published by the New Jersey Department of Education.

A copy of PRISE is provided to you upon referral for an initial evaluation, upon each notification of an IEP meeting,
upon reevaluation and when a due process hearing is requested. In addition, a copy will be provided to you at your

To obtain a copy of PRISE, please contact:
Thomas J. Dugan                                                      (973) 733-7313
School District Office or Personnel                                 Phone Number

For help in understanding your rights, you may contact any of the following:

School District Representative- case manager at number stated in letter

Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN) at (800) 654-7726.

Protection and Advocacy, Inc., at (800) 922-7233.

County Supervisor of Child Study at 973-395-4677

Notice of upcoming meeting – form 09
Reviewed and/or Revised 2006
       ( to be included with NOTICE when a member of the IEP team will not be present at the meeting)

        This serves as notice that the following members of the IEP team that are involved with the
       education of your son/daughter are requesting to be excused from the upcoming meeting. With
       your permission he/she will not attend the meeting but a summary of your child’s progress is
       included in writing for your review before the meeting.

__   teacher: subject                  __ teacher: subject               __ counselor
__   speech-language specialist        __ teacher: subject               __
__   occupational therapist            __ teacher: subject               __
__   physical therapist                __teacher:subject                 __ other:

       I, the parent and/or legal guardian of _______________________________________________
       understand that the above named person will not be at the upcoming meeting. I am in receipt of a
       written statement of my child’s current status and progress in their area of responsibility of
       instruction and/or service.

       ___ I am giving my permission for excusal from the meeting.

       ___ I am NOT giving my permission for excusal from the meeting.

                        Please return to the case manager before the scheduled meeting

Notice of upcoming meeting – form 09
Reviewed and/or Revised 2006

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