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Healthcare Toolkit Architecture and User Interface - Classes


									IE 546 – Project Progress Report 1
   Design the architecture for an integrator app:
     Accessing EMR
     Displaying EMR
     Sharing EMR with other applications

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   Appearance:
     Handheld Tablet Device w/multi-touch
      functionality (iPad, iPod, iPhone)

   Interface:
     Color scheme consistent with existing prototypes
     Intuitive
     Buttons, menu bars, clear labeling
   Use
     Retrieve, navigate, share, enter data with minimal
     or no use of external apparatus.

   Misuse
     Privacy
     Security
   Hardware
     Mobile device: iPhone, iPad, android phones, or
     any other portable tablet

   Software
     Development of application: App Cooker, Vizi
      Apps, and html language
     Protocols to link apps
   Physicians and nurses

   Skills:
     Medical knowledge, basic understanding of mobile

   Training:
     How to interact, retrieve, add, and edit patient’s
      information via HT.
     Confidentiality, privacy and security settings and
   Time to retrieve information
   Kind of sharing software to use
   Use of tablet with medical supplies

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