March - August 2012 Updates

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					RE: GVHS Girls’ Soccer Update                                                                                         March 2012

Parents and Players;
          I hope this update finds you in good spirits as we all get ready for the spring weather and look forward to the 2012 soccer season.
Again, I would like to thank those players who participated in sunrise soccer, the after-school workouts on Wednesdays, and indoor soccer
at USTC. In addition, I would like to thank all of the parents who took time out of their schedules to support their daughter’s enthusiasm
and love for the game of soccer. I am hoping that these efforts will pay dividends in the upcoming 2012 campaign.
          Below you will find a number of updates including some key information regarding spring workouts for middle school players,
registering for the T3 overnight soccer camp at F&M, summer workouts, preseason, and our practice schedule.
Current 7th graders and 8th Graders
               After the GVMS spring sports season ends (middle of May), there will be roughly six (6) workouts after school (2
                   per week, roughly 2 hours long) for middle school players only. with the goal of hopefully scrimmaging a local
                   travel team or another group of girls. See separate document that was handed out last week
               Current 8th graders are invited to (and expected to) workout in the summer with the current 9th-11th graders. See
                   below for more details. If you are in 7th grade, and you are interested in coming out in the summer, please see me or
                   email me.
Parent Meeting for Current 8th-11th graders: Time and Date TBD. The meeting will be in room 113 of GVMS once a time and date are
              set (Mr. Brogan’s Room)
               Please send at least one representative from your family to attend the parent meeting
Soccer Camp at F&M University: Thursday, July 5th – Sunday, July 8th (Overnight Camp)
               We have approximately 15 girls who are interested in camp. I am hoping more will attend but 15 is a start.
               Registration is available on T3 website, Registration. Scroll down to find the Franklin and Marshall Registration Link
               Scholarship money is available if necessary. Please email me if need be
               Other documents concerning the camp are also posted on my website and can be found at the T3 website
Patriot Pride Soccer Camp:
               GVHS Boys’ Soccer Coach, Dave Moffet, runs the camp. Very popular amongst GV players.
               Staffed by current and former players, as well as GVHS coaches
               June 18 - June 22. Players will report after lunch for the Advanced Training sessions
               More information can be found at the Patriot Pride Camp’s Website
Summer Workout Schedule:
               Workouts are not mandatory. They are highly encouraged but are optional. The success of our season largely depends
                   on the work that is put forth during the summer and the summer workouts at the high school are certainly part of that.
               Voluntary workouts begin on Tuesday, June 19 at 6 pm. Please be ready to start at 6 pm, not arriving at 6 pm.
                   o Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer from 6 pm - 8 pm in the GVHS stadium
                   o Possible captains’ conditioning and/or an additional workout, one per week: Date and Time TBD
                   o The summer workout calendar can be found on the soccer calendar on my website. It will be updated by late
               A quick synopsis of summer workouts …
                   o Current 8th -11th grade players are expected to participate and any 7 th grader who has an interest are invited as
                        well after touching base with me
                   o The goal is to improve technically, tactically, and to condition. In general, we need to get touches on the ball and
                        we will work on individual goals set in the fall
                   o Another goal is for the players to develop or strengthen relationships with their teammates. This may include
                        meeting during the summer for non-soccer team bonding (like dinner, breakfast, movies, swimming, etc.)
                   o All workouts will be on turf. Bring cleats, water, running shoes, blue/white pinny, shin guards
               Players are expected to work out on their own throughout the summer. A summer fitness schedule will be forthcoming
               Family vacations are certainly allowed (and are necessary ) during the summer
               Players should have been working towards their goals/areas to improve since the player/coaches meetings in October
               Soccer officially begins on Monday, August 13th from 4:30 pm- 8 pm. See calendar on my website which will be
                   updated by late May
               All practices, including Saturday practices (and games), are mandatory. Please do not schedule family vacations,
                   college visits or make other travel plans from August 13th through the middle of November that conflict with practices
                   and/or games. Please see me if there is a conflict or if you have any questions.
               There are no practices on Sundays
               Players have the option during the week of August 6th to complete the required fitness testing that will be assessed
                   during the week of August 13th
               Once school begins, practices after school will be from 3 pm - 5:30 pm. See calendar for all practice times
Game Schedule and other information
               Official Games on Digital Sports website (link is on my calendar).
               Games are also posted on my google/school calendar. These are unofficial and may not include the latest changes.

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