REY PJ ABELLANA Happy Birthday 62th Born March 21_ 1951 by RusselLiwag


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY 62th Today at 8


Abellana He was a Born on March
21, 1951 in Davao City, Philippines

he is the father of mother Delia
Razon and Rea Reyes-Abellana

Year 1978
in the begining of February 13, 1978 on IBC Channel 13 was a early
evening newscaster Newsday on 13 with Frankie Evangelista Carlito
Gonzaga and Lulu Pascual

in 1979 on BBC Channel 2 was a TV hosts of The Rey PJ Abellana
Show and Odessey 2
Year 1980
in 1980 on GMA Channel 7 was a Soap opera TV series Anna
Liza starring Julie Vega Carlito Gonzaga and Robert Arevalo
in 1982 on BBC Channel 2 was a late-night English newscast
BBC/City 2 News Late Night Edition with Miguel Rodriguez
Helen Vela Tonton Gutierrez and Carlito Gonzaga

in 1986 on Channel 7 with Rey PJ Abellana was a late-night
newscast GMA Headline News with Tina Monzon-Palma Dong
Puno and Jose Mari Velez

Rey PJ Abellana and Rea Reyes Abellana the Love Wedding
on June 13, 1985 at Church Mass in Quezon City
Father to Baby Carla Abellana


Newsday on 13 (1978-1980)

Anna Liza (1980-1982)

BBC/City 2 News Late-Night Edition (1982-1986)

The Two Night Show with Rey PJ Abellana (1982-1985)

GMA Headline News (1986-1987)

Nescafe Morning News (1987-1989)
Maaaala Mo Kaya (1991-present)

Miranova (1994-1995)

The Last Romance (2010)

Juanita Banana (2010)

Dahil Sa Pag-ibig (2012)


Sa Ngalan ng Anak (1978)

Summer Holiday (1983)

Bukas Luluhod ang mga Tala (1984)

The Graduates (1986)

God Save the Babes (1994)

Silakbo (1995)

Birthday Gift 2 (2000)

Walang malay (2000)

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