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									    Automodified is an online Directory and Portal where you can find whatever you need to
    repair, tuning, and customise your vehicle. We offer a free Directory listing for any
    business/car club that falls under our 10 catergories.

    Bodywork Repairs
    Brakes & Suspension
    Car Audio
    Car Dealers
    Exhausts Systems
    Performance Upgrades
    Spare Parts
    Wheels & Tyres
    Car Clubs

    We offer Directory listings at no cost to you or your business. To have your business listed
    on AutoModifed, please complete the form below and email it back with a copy of your


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    Terms and conditions.
    1.  The company will be listed on the Automodified website for as long as the website is live.
    2.  Automodified can only provide or display as much information as given by applicant and therefore can
        not take any responsibility for insufficient/wrongful information.
    3.  Our directory is structured in a Search Engine Optimization-friendly manner, meaning that we do our
        best to maintain a high Search Engine ranking for all our pages.
    4.  Directory listings work on accordance of first come first served
    5.  Automodified reserves the right to discontinue listings in at any time given.

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