Review of the Cell Cycle

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                                    Review of the Cell Cycle

      Interphase is divided into what three phases?

         G1 Phase
         • This is a period of activity where cells do most
              of their                          .
         • Cell                         in size.
         • Synthesize new                                .
         • Synthesize new                                .
         S Phase
         •                              are replicated.
         • The synthesis of                       molecules takes place.
         • Key                          associated with the
                                        are synthesized during S phase.
         • Once the cell enters into the S phase and begins
                                        of chromosomes, it
              the rest of the cell cycle including mitosis.
          G2 Phase
         •                              In time of all three phases of interphase.
         • Many of the                                     and
              needed for cell division are produced.
     At the end of interphase, the cell looks similar to the above drawing (Mitosis-Exhibit A)
     This is the                 and
                       phase of mitosis,
              taking as much as
     to                percent of the
     total time required to complete
     The                         become visible.
     The                         separate and take
              positions on                        sides of the nucleus.
     Lie in a region called the                            that helps organize the                        .
     Condensed                          become attached to fibers in the spindle at a point near the
     Plants do not have                                    but still organize their mitotic spindles from the
     Near the end of prophase:
         The                            more tightly.
         The                            disappears.
         The                                                        breaks down.
  The                      line up across the center of the cell.
                           connect the                     of each
   chromosome to the               of the spindle.

  The                    that join the sister
  This allows the                                       to separate and
  become individual                           .
  The                            continue to move until they have
  separated into two groups near the            of the spindle.
  Anaphase ends when the chromosomes                                   .


   The chromosomes begin to                         into a tangle of dense material.
   A                                                reforms around each cluster of
   The                      breaks apart.
   A                        becomes visible in each daughter nucleus.
   This is the                      of the                  itself.
   In most animal cells, this occurs by the                                        drawing inward until
   the                      is pinched into two nearly equal parts.
   In most plant cells, this occurs by a structure known as a                             forming
   midway between the divided                      . It gradually grows into a separating membrane
   where the cell wall begins to appear.