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Site risk assess on or off school site - Essex Wildlife Trust


									HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK RISK ASSESSMENT (2004 REVISION OF FORM A)                                                                          SHEET No
(Please attach map or other notes if this helps)
This form is for staff or volunteers responsible for a Trust site or a Trust activity. You have a responsibility to assess the risks and undertake precautions
which reduce significant risks. This form is to help with your assessment.
Name of site …… ……... Date of assessment ………………23/1/12 Assessed by …Laura Harvey……….….
Are you undertaking this assessment for a whole site or a particular activity?
Please specify ……Generic site assessment off or on school site…………………………………

                                                                         Risk of injury                                                    Risk of injury with
         Description of hazard                Who is at risk?                                  Precautions needed to reduce risks             precautions
                                                                      Severity Likelihood:                                                 Severity Likelihood:
                                                                      of injury: high/med                                                  of injury: high/
                                                                      high/med / low                                                       high/med med/
                                                                      /low                                                                 /low       low
                                                                                                       Check area prior to activity.      Low        Low
Uneven ground, trip hazards              Adults and children          med         med            Inform group of uneven ground, pot
                                                                                                  holes, boggy areas, brambles .nettles,
                                                                                                  low branches etc
                                                                                                 Where possible ensure that all users
                                                                                                  are appropriately dressed.
                                                                                                 Mobile phones to be carried              Low       Low
                                                                                                 Take route which minimises risks
                                                                                                 Provide adequate supervision and
                                                                                                  first aid kit
                                                                                                 Ensure all are aware of Hazard and
                                                                                                  problem areas                            Low       Low

                                                                      Med         Med         Adult at front on lookout to guide
Dog faeces on hands                                                                           children around any found. Wipe
                                                                                              hands with wipe before eating. Adults
                                                                                              only to deal with faeces on shoes
Rubbish                                                               Med         Med
                                                                                              Discussion regarding what makes              Low       Low
                                                                                              rubbish dangerous eg sharp edges,
                                                                                              dangerous substances, bacteria. Litter
Revised Jun 2004
                                         picking with litter pickers and gloves
                                         to clear site. Keep away from any
                                         areas with a significant amount of
                                         dangerous rubbish eg glass
                                                                                   Low   Low
Berries and Fungi                  Med   Discussion regarding the dangers of
                                         berries and fungi and not to put
                                         anything in mouths including fingers            Low
                                         until we have used wipes to clean         Low
                                         hands for snack.

Twigs,thorns and branches

                                         Discussion regarding twigs and
                            High   Low   branches at eye level when exploring
                                         woods. We will avoid very prickly               Low
                                         areas eg bramble patches Verbal
Tree climbing                            warning given where necassary             Low

                            Med    Med   Class discussion regarding tree
                                         climbing. No climbing trees unless
                                         permission is given. No climbing in
                                         the rain in wellies as they are are
                                   Med   slippery in the wet. NO more than one
                            Med          child on a branch at a time. Only
                                         climb as far as it feels safe to do and         Low
                                         accept or give no help to another to
Getting lost                             climb up a tree. Only adults to assist
                                         children climbing down.

                                   Med   Verbal discussion regarding respecting
                                         boundaries. Use ‘123 Where are you’
                                         regularly to bring children back to
                                         base. Regular child count at beginning High     Low
Strangers                                of session and end

                                         Verbal discussion regarding woodland
Revised Jun 2004
                                                                                   being public place. Children to create
                                                                                   guidelines to keep safe
                                                                        Med        Ensure all visitors and staff wear long   high   Low
                                                                                   trousers and sturdy footwear and
                                                                                   check for ticks on arriving home.

                                                                                   Verbal agreement with all, if dog         high   Low
                                                                                   approaches not to run or touch, stand
                                                                        Low        with arms folded until an adult
                                                              High                 intervenes.


Dead branches in canopy, dead trees                                                Assess area prior to visit, note dead
                                                              high      low
                                                                                   hanging branches and dead trees. Do       high   low
                                                                                   not base session underneath dead trees
                                                                                   or dead branches. If using regularly,
                                                                                   recommend a professional tree
Please copy blank forms as needed. Please return completed forms to your Line Manager at Trust HQ. A copy will be sent back to you together with
any comments.

Revised Jun 2004

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