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									                         Shoebox Project
Name: _________________________
Due Date: September 7, 2012

In order for us to work as a team, we need to get to know one
another and learn to appreciate each other! Your shoe box
presentation will introduce us to some of your significant
moments in your history. I am excited to see what you choose to

I also want to get an idea of where your strengths are in
language – and you can also get a sense of what my expectations
for you are. Remember: This is just our first introduction! Do
your best and I am looking forward to seeing what you can do!

This is a list that might give you some ideas; anything that is
mandatory is in bold.
    Shoebox (or any small box you can decorate – Food Basics
     often has small boxes)
    Wrapping paper, newspaper, magazine paper
    Pictures
    Toys
    Certificates of Achievements/awards
    Report Cards
    Books
    Letters
    Drawings
    Post Cards
    Anything that brings back a memory of something that has
     been important to you and the person you are today!

   1. You must decorate your shoe box so that it is attractive
      and represents you. For example, if I were a nature lover,
      I might cover my box with glued leaves, pine cones and
      twigs. Be imaginative and creative!
   2. You must bring in ten items. You may bring in ONE item
      that doesn’t fit in the box.
   3. You must present your items by telling us what they are,
      when they are from and why they are special to you.
   4. Your items should be things you are comfortable sharing
      with the class.
   5. You must answer audience questions.
You will be evaluated using levels one through four. Here are
the communication skills I will be looking for:
    Speaks in a loud, clear voice
    Is expressive when speaking
    Makes eye contact with audience
    Answers questions confidently

All people have memories and all people have “deciding moments”
in their lives that have made them who they are. Sometimes these
moments and events are the result of our choices, and sometimes
those choices are made for us. Your assignment, to be handed in
along with your shoe box, is to tell me about some specific
events in your life that made you who you are. (An example of a
defining moment might be when your parents decided to send you
to Our Lady of Fatima. How would going to a different school
have changed your life?)

   1. You must write two to three paragraphs on at least three
      important moments in your life. You do not have to share
      anything you do not feel comfortable sharing with me. Your
      writing is not something you will have to share with the
      rest of the class. I will only share it if there is a
      specific reason and if I have your permission which you are
      free to give or not.
   2. You may submit the information on three ringed lined paper
      or by typing it on the computer.
   3. You should be sure to proof-read, edit and polish the final
      copy. This is my first introduction to your writing

     I will evaluate your using levels one through four. Here
     are the writing skills I am looking for:
        Follows directions on the assignment
        Work was well thought out and put into clear
        The writing expresses your emotions during the event
        The writing was proof-read, edited and polished before
          it was handed in
Rubric – Please hand in with writing

              Level One     Level Two     Level Three   Level Four
Following     Follows few   Follows       Follows       Follows all
instruction   instruction   some          most          instruction
s             s             instruction   instruction   s
                            s             s
Art work –    Decorated     Decorated     Decorated     Decorated
* Decorated   little of     some of the   most of the   all of the
the shoebox   the show      shoebox.      shoebox.      shoebox.
to            box,
feelings                    Used some     Used a        Used a wide
* Uses a      Used only a   materials     variety of    variety of
variety of    couple of     (3)           materials     materials
materials     materials.                  (4)           (5+)
to decorate   (2)
n –

Ability       Rarely        Sometimes     Generally     Always
* Speaks in
a loud and
clear voice   Not           Some          Usually       Always
* Speaks      expressive    expression    expressive    expressive
expressivel   when
y             speaking      Some          Most          All
* Answers     Few           questions     questions     questions
audience      questions     answered      answered      answered
questions     answered                                  confidently
Paragraphs    Rarely        Sometimes     Usually       Always
are clear
and concise
Writing       Rarely        Sometimes     Usually       Always
Writing was   Little     Some       Evident   No evidence
polished      evidence   evidence             of
and good-                                     grammatical
copy                                          , spelling
material                                      or typing
Effort for    Poor       Okay       Good      Fantastic

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