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					            The Gap Pastime Club Inc
         AGM Minutes – 25 February 2009
Meeting opened: 7:35pm

1.0: Present
Bobby Clark, Glenys Wilkinson, Stuart Watt, Lee Gannon, Kathy
Trotter, Chris Wright, Col Brockbank, Trevor Hook, Gerry McAvoy,
Owen Easterbrook, Ritchie Callaghan, Martin Thompson, Ian
Robinson, Annett Kruse, Matt Hayter, Jock McQueenie, Rob
Chandler, Maureen Chalk, Steve Wooley, Lindsay Perryman, Jon
Hurrell, Vishwar Gounder, Noel Ainsworth, Kathy Robertson.

2.0 Apologies
Michael Scott, Katie Hall, Elizabeth Musgrave, Katrina Weaver,
David Downing, Tommy Campbell. A host of other apologies were
received by email but were not reported to the meeting.

3.0 Minutes of Previous Meeting
    Were not presented

4.0 President’s report
Bob Clark gave an overview of events at the club in 2008. He
congratulated the senior women’s team on their grand final success
and the men’s senior side on securing promotion to the Premier 1
division. He talked about the progress the club had made over the
12 months and thanked the 2008 committee for their tremendous
efforts over the year. He appealed to people to consider coming
forward to be part of the committee and expressed his pleasure that
so many people were attending the meeting.

5.0 Treasurer’s report
Glenys Wilkinson gave an overview of the club’s financial situation
during 2008. She detailed profit made by the canteen and the
football club and the grants received by the club. She outlined the
financial position of each section (juniors, women’s, seniors) at the
end of the year. She also outlined cash reserves identified for
ground maintenance. She reported that the club’s financial position
had improved from having $7 in the bank at 1 January 2008 to
$63,000 – albeit much of it committed to a variety of projects - by
the end of the year.

6.0 Election of Committee Members
Bob vacated the chair which was taken by Stuart
Bob Clark was nominated by Kathy Trotter, seconded by Martin

Bob retook the chair.

Vice President
Owen Easterbrook was nominated by Gerry McAvoy, seconded by
Noel Ainsworth.

Stuart Watt was nominated by Trevor Hook, seconded by Vishwar

Glenys Wilkinson was nominated by Col Brockbank, seconded by
Owen Easterbrook.

Assistant Treasurer
Annett Kruse was nominated by Glenys Wilkinson, seconded by
Stuart Watt

Ordinary Committee Members
Lee Gannon was nominated by Trevor Hook, seconded by Col

Col Brockbank was nominated by Kathy Trotter, seconded by Matt

Lindsay Perryman was nominated by Kathy Trotter, seconded by
Owen Easterbrook.

Gerry McAvoy was nominated by Trevor Hook, seconded by Owen

Paul Elliott was nominated by Stuart Watt, seconded by Michael
Vishwar Gounder was nominated by John Hurrell, seconded by Matt

7.0 Appointment of an Auditor
The meeting resolved to allow the committee to appoint an auditor
as one of the items of business at one of its first meetings in 2009.

8.0 Any Other Business
   8.1 Grounds Committee update
   Lee Gannon gave the committee an overview of work being
   undertaken on the fields at the club. He said a great deal of
   effort and cash had been put aside to maintain their excellent
   condition. He gave a report on plans to move the field towards
   the clubhouse in order to create room for new junior fields
   alongside the creek.

   8.2 Nomination for Life Memberships
   Stuart nominated both Glenys Wilkinson and Lee Gannon for life
   membership of the club in recognition of the countless hours
   they have devoted to ensuring the club has a viable future.

   Stuart said it was probably true that the club would not exist
   today if not for their combined efforts in the past four or five
   years. Both have played key roles in winning hundreds of
   thousands of dollars worth of grants which have enabled the club
   to put in place some enviable infrastructure.

   Both Glenys and Lee have been involved with the club for many
   years and Stuart said Life Membership would recognise their
   dedication over such an extended period. He said all involved
   with the club owe them both a great debt of gratitude.

   Both Glenys and Lee were nominated for Life Membership by
   Stuart and seconded by Martin Thompson.
   Elected unopposed.

9.0 Date of the Next AGM
   There was some discussion about moving the AGM from
   February to March in 2010. The meeting resolved to let a final
   decision on this matter be taken by the newly elected committee
   at one of its first meetings of the new year.

   Meeting closed 9:00pm

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