Sheet1 - East Tennessee State University by qingqing19771029


									Year   School                                Program Name

 2004 Bluefield State College                EXPORT Minority Health Institute
                                             Appalachian Center for Translational
 2004 East Tennessee State University        Disparities Research

                                             EXPORT Center for Health Disparities
 2004 State University of New York at Albany in Smaller Cities

                                             Brooklyn Health Disparities Research
 2004 SUNY Downstate Medical Center          Center

                                           TUCOE for Health Disparities
 2004 Temple University School of Medicine Research and Training (HDRT)

                                             Texas Southern University Center of
                                             Excellence in Health Disparities
 2004 Texas Southern University              Research

      Texas Tech University (Health
 2004 Sciences Center)                       West Texas EXPORT Center

      University of Medicine and Dentistry of
      New Jersey (Robert Wood Johnson         Addressing Cancer Disparities in New
 2004 Medical School)                         Jersey

                                             Development of Health Disparities
 2004 University of Nevada, Las Vegas        Research Center, UNLV

                                             Broad-based Collaborations to Address
                                             Health Disparities (USA CMC EXPORT
 2004 University of South Alabama            Center)
                                             Caribbean EXPORT Center for
                                             Research and Education in Health
                                             Disparities in the Virgin Islands of the
 2004 University of the Virgin Islands       United States

                                            Regional Deep South Project EXPORT
 2003 University of Alabalama at Birmingham Center (RESPECT)
                                             Alaska Native Science Research
2003 University of Alaska, Anchorage         Partnerships for Health (ANSRPH)

2003 University of Arizona                   Center for Health Equality

                                             Center of Excellence in Nutritional
2003 University of California, Davis         Genomics

                                             UCLA Center for Minority Health
2003 University of California, Los Angeles   Disparities

     University of Colorado Health           Center on Native Elder Health
2003 Sciences Center                         Disparities (CNEHD)

                                             Latino HIV/AIDS Behavioral Science
2003 Florida International University        Research Center
                                             Research Center to Reduce Ethnic
2003 Howard University                       Disparities in ESRD
                                             Center for Healthy Options and
                                             Innovative Community Empowerment
2003 Florida A & M University                (CHOICE)

2003 Emory University                        The Grady Center for Health Disparities

                                             Morehouse College Research Center
2003 Morehouse College                       on Health Disparities

                                             Project EXPORT Center for Excellence
2003 University of Illinois at Chicago       in Rural Health

                                             Developing Infrastructure in Health
2003 Governors State University              Disparities Research

2003 University of Northern Iowa             Project EXPORT Center of Excellence
     University of Maryland School of
2003 Medicine

     Uniformed Services University of the   Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the
2003 Health Sciences                        Advancement of Military Medicine, Inc.

                                            Campus Partnership to Reduce Health
2003 University of Michigan and UM at Flint Disparities in Flint

2003 Jackson State University               EXPORT Center

     Albert Einstein College of Medicine    Bronx Center to Reduce and Eliminate
2003 (Montefiore Medical Center)            Ethnic and Racial Health Disparities

                                            Columbia Center for the Health of
2003 Columbia University Health Sciences    Urban Minorities

     New York University School of          Center for the Study of Asian-American
2003 Medicine                               Health
                                            Teamwork in Research and
     University of North Carolina at        Intervention to Alleviate Disparities
2003 Greensboro                             (TRIAD)

     University of Oklahoma Health          Oklahoma Native American EXPORT
2003 Sciences Center                        Center

     University of Puerto Rico Medical      UPR/CHA Exploratory EXPORT
2003 Sciences Campus                        Center: Bridging Communities

2003 Clemson University                     EXPORT Center of Excellence
     Meharry Medical College-Vanderbilt
2003 University                            EXPORT Center for Health Disparities

     University of Texas Health Science
     Center at Houson and UT-            Hispanic Health Research Center in
2003 Brownsville/Taxas Southmost College Lower Rio Grande Valley

     Texas A & M Research
     Foundation/Prairie View A & M         Center for the Study of Health
2003 University                            Disparities

                                           Promoting Health Parity Among
2003 University of Texas at El Paso        Mexican-American Women

2003 M.D. Anderson Cancer Center           EXPORT Center

2003 Texas College                         East Texas Project EXPORT Center

                                           Center for Study of Cultural Diversity in
2003 University of Wisconsin-Madison       Health Care
     University of Alabama at Birmingham
     (joint project between UCLA &         Project REAP (Reproductive Health
2002 Charles Drew)                         Disparities Awareness and Prevention)

                                           Tuskegee University National Center
2002 Tuskegee University                   for Bioethics

     University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa
     (in partnernship with Tuskegee        Reducing Health Disparities in
2002 University)                           Alabama's Black Belt
2002 Morehouse School of Medicine               National Center for Primary Care
     Charles R. Drew University of
     Medicine and Science (joint project
2002 between UCLA and Charles Drew)

     San Diego State University (joint
     project with University of California at
2002 San Diego)                                 San Diego EXPORT Center

     Children's National Medical Center
     (joint project with Howard University      DC-Baltimore Center to Improve Child
2002 and Johns Hopkins University)              Health Disparities

     Johns Hopkins University (joint project
2002 with Morgan State University)           Center for Health Disparities Solutions

2002 University of Hawaii                       Hawaii EXPORT Center

     Mount Sinai School of Medicine of          Overcoming Barriers to Effective Care
2002 New York University                        for Minorities

     North Carolina Center University and
     UNC-Chapel Hill (Julius L. Chambers
     Biomedical-Biotechnology Research
     Institute (BBRI); joint programs     NCCU Export Center: Research on
2002 between UNC-Chapel Hill and NCCU) Health Disparities

     Shaw University (joint project with the
     University of North Carolina at Chapel Carolina-Shaw Partnership for the
2002 Hill)                                   Elimination of Health Disparities

                                                EXPORT Center of Excellence for
2002 University of Pennsylvania                 Inner City Health
2002 University of Pittsburgh                 Center for Minority Health
     South Carolina State University (joint
     proejct with Medical University of       EXPORT Center on metabolic
2002 South Carolina)                          Syndrome and Minority Health

                                              Health Disparities Research with
2002 Black Hills State University             MT/WY Indian Tribes
                                              Center for Research and Outreach in
                                              Hispanic Mental Health and Other
2002 Carlos Albizu University                 Health Disparities (CROHMOD)

                                              Hampton Penn Center for Reducing
2002 Hampton University                       Health Disparities
Principal Investigator
or Contact Person        Email                        Office

                                                      Bluefield Campus, Arts and
Anthony T. Woart   Science

Joellen Edwards            ACTRID

Lawrence Schell             SUNY

Luther T. Clark

Raul A. de la Cadena

Barbara Hayes               College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

                                                      West Texas Rural EXPORT
Patti Patterson   Center Project

Diane R. Brown             UMDNJ School of Public Health

Mary Guinan              (702) 895-5090               School of Public Health

Robert Kreisberg      College of Medicine, Medical Affairs

Gloria Callwood              Nursing Division

Selwyn M. Vickers                  Surgery
Bethany Mercurio,                                 Institute for Circumpolar
Office Administrator      Health Studies

                                                  Mel and Enid Zuckerman
G. Marie Swanson    College of Public Health

                                                  Section of Molecular and
Ray Rodriguez    Cellular Biology

Vicky M. Mays ULCA-Psych-Clin

Spero Manson      Division of American Indian and Native Programs, Dept of Psychiatry

Kenneth E. Thorpe      Emory Center on Health Outcomes and Quality, Rollins School of Pu

Diane L. Rowley      Reseach Center on Health Disparities, Public Health Sciences Institu

                                                  National Center for Rural
Michael Glasser           Health Professions

                                                  Developi ng Infrastructure in
                                                  Health Disparities Research ,
                                                  Project Export

Michele Yehieli
Richard Tanenbaum     Uniformed Services
LaQueisa Wilkerson
Assistant, No Director
Yet                 Office of Health Disparities

Tujuanna Allen, Secretary
                     Bronx CREED

Joyce Pressley 

                         (212)263-3072            Center for Health Disparities Research

Debra Wallace     UNCG Campus

Tauqeer Ali, Piers                                College of Public Health,
Blackett, June Eichner         Health Sciences Center

Dorillz Vera                                      Behavioral Sciences
(project director)        Research Institute

Barbara Logan          The Export Center
PonJola Coney 

Joseph B. McCormick     mc.Edu

B. Lee Green  

Sharon Thompson           College of Health Sciences

Lovell A. Jones          Anderson Cancer Center

Chiagozie Nwasuruba                                  Health Center at Tyler

                                                     School of Medicine and Public
                        gljohnsonpow@facstaff.wisc.e Health Sciences Learning
Gloria Johnson-Powell   du                           Center

Karyn Scissum Gunn

Benjamin F. Payton        Kresgee Center

John C. Higginbotham          School of Medicine
David Satcher

                                              UCSD Division of Community
Sandra P. Daley       Pediatrics

Jill Joseph         Children's Research Institute

                                              Bloomberg School of Public
Thomas A. LaVeist      Health

Marjorie K. Mau

Mark Chassin   Department of Health Policy

Ken Harewood      JLC-BBRI

Paul Godley, Daniel                           The Cecil G. Sheps Center for
Howard             HSR

Shiriki Kumanyika     ENN.EDU              School of Nursing
                                                Graduate School of Public
Stephen Thomas           Health

Sabra Slaughter

                                                Center for Diabilities
                                                Pediatrics, Sanford School of
                                                Medicine, University of South
Benjamin Perryman                  Dakota

Jose Cabiya

Bertha L. Davis   The Center for Minority Health
Street Address              Building and Office Number City, State, Zip Code

219 Rock Street             Basic Science 121              Bluefield, WV 24701-2198

PO Box 70403                Old College of Medicine, 207   Johnson City, TN 37614

1400 Washington Ave         Arts and Sciences 209          Albany, NY 12222

450 Clarkson Ave                                           Brooklyn, NY 11203

3400 N. Broad Street        Room 231                       Philadelphia, PA 19140

3100 Cleburne St.                                          Houston, TX 77004

356 West Hall                                              Lubbock, TX 79430

683 Hoes Lane West, PO Box 9Room 235                       Piscataway, NJ 08854

4505 Maryland Parkway       BS-508, Mail Stop 3063         Las Vegas, NV 98154

307 University Blvd North   Bldg CSAB, Room 0170           Mobile, AL 36688

#2 John Brewer's Bay                                       St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 00802

1808 7th Ave South                                         Birmingham, AL 35233
                            Boshnell Diabetes Building, KB 428
3211 Providence Drive    DPL 404          Anchorage, AK 99508

1295 N Martin, PO Box
245163                                    Tucson, AZ 85724

One Shields Ave                           Davis, CA 95616

PO Box 951563            1189 FH          Los Angeles, CA 90095

PO Box 6508              Mail Stop F800   Aurora, CO 80045

1518 Clifton Road, NE                     Atlanta, GA 30322

830 Westview Drive, SA                    Atlanta, GA 30322

1601 Parkview Ave                         Rockford, IL 61107

1 University Parkway                      University Park, IL 60466

                         220 WRC          Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0241
4301 Jones Bridge Road   University Bldg 28, Room 106 Bethesda, MD 20814

303 East Kearsley St     1153 William S. White Building Flint, Michigan 48502

1300 Morris Park Ave     Mazer Building, Suite 100      Bronx, NY 10461

550 First Ave                                          New
                         Schwartz Lecture Hall, Ground Floor York, NY 10016

PO Box 26170             201 Moore Building             Greensboro, NC 27402

                                                        Oklahoma City, OK 73190-
PO Box 26901                                            0901

                                                        San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-

PO Box 340743            407 Edwards Hall               Clemson, SC 29634-0743
1500 Dr. DB Todd, Jr Blvd                          Nashville, TN 37208

80 Fort Brown               Suite 200              Brownsville, TX 78520

                                                   College Station, TX 77843-
4222 TAMU                   Harrington Tower 112   4222

1101 N Campbell St                                 El Paso, TX 79902-0581

1515 Holcombe Blvd                                 Houston, TX 77030

11937 US Highway 271                               Tyler, TX 75708-3154

750 Highland Ave            Suite 4240             Madison, WI 53705-2221

                                                   Tuskegee, AL 36088

Campus Box 870326                                  Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0326
720 Westview Drive, SW                       Altanta, GA 30310

1731 East 120th St                           Los Angeles, CA 90059

9500 Gilman Drive          MC 0927           La Jolla, CA 92093-0927

111 Michigan Ave, NW                         Washington, D.C. 20010

624 N Broadway                           359 Baltimore, MD 21205

677 Ala Moana Blvd         Suite 1016B       Honolulu, HI 96813

PO Box 1077, One Gustave
L. Levy Place                                New York, NY 10029

700 George Street          Room 101          Durham, NC 27707

725 Airport Road           CB# 7590          Chapel Hill, NC 27599

420 Guardian Drive                           Philadelphia, PA 19104-6096
130 DeSoto St                125 Parren Hall   Pittsburg, PA 15261

  171 Ashley Ave, PO Box
           25001                                   Charleston, SC 29425

1400 W. 22nd St                                Sioux Fall, SD 27105

1006 Settlers Landing Road   Suite G           Hampton, VA 23668
Mailing Address                 Web Address
Bluefield Campus, Arts and      http://www.bluefield.wvn
Science, 219 Rock Street,
Basic Science 121, Bluefield,   th%20Institute/about_ex
WV 24701-2198                   port.html
 ACTRID, PO Box 70403,
Johnson City, TN 37614          lth/
University of Albany, SUNY,
Arts and Sciences 209, 1400
Washington Ave, Albany, NY
12222                               emhd/index.htm

450 Clarkson Ave, Brooklyn,     nt/articles/weeklyView.c
NY 11203                        fm?articlenumber=1621
3400 N. Broad Street, Room      ews_media/ej0411_040
231, Philadelphia, PA 19140     .html
College of Pharmacy and
Health Sciences, 3100 
Cleburne St., Houston, TX       emics/pharmacy.resear
77004                           ch.asp

West Texas Rural EXPORT
Center Project, 356 West
Hall, Lubbock, TX 79430         ralhealth
UMDNJ School of Public
Health, 683 Hoes Lane West,
Room 235, PO Box 9,   
Piscataway, NJ 08854            ehdweb/about
4505 Maryland Pkwy, School
of Public Health, BS - 508,     ws_Bureau/News_Rele
Mail Stop 3063, Las Vegas,      ases/2004/Nov04/438.h
NV 98154                        tm

307 University Blvd North,
College of Medicine, Medical    http://www.southalabam
Affairs, Bldg CSAB, Room
0170, Mobile, AL 36688          es/export/

Nursing Division, #2 John
Brewer's Bay, St. Thomas,       relations/pressRelease/
Virgin Islands 00802            rel104061.html
Surgery, Boshell Diabetes
Building, 1808 7th Ave South,
KB 428, Birmingham, AL          om/research/html/mhrc.
35233                           htm
Institute for Circumpolar
Health Studies, 3211             http://www.ichs.uaa.ala
Providence Drive, DPL 404,
Anchorage, AK 99508              s.htm
Mel and Enid Zuckerman
College of Public Health 1295
N. Martin - P.O. Box 245163
Tucson, AZ 85724 (520) 626-      http://www.publichealth.

Section of Molecular and         http://nutrigenomics.ucd
Cellular Biology, One Shields
Ave, Davis, CA 95616             s.htm
ULCA-Psych-Clin, Box
951563, 1189 FH, Los             http://www.minorityhealt
Angeles, CA 90095      

Division of American Indian
and Native Programs, Dept of
Psychiatry, School of
Medicine, Mail Stop F800, PO
Box 6508, Aurora, CO 80045 /cnehd
Emory Center on Health           http://www.emoryhealth
Outcomes and Quality, Rollins
School of Public Health, 1518 physician_detail.jsp?ph
Clifton Road, NE, Atlanta, GA ysicianid=11151&Sessi
30322                            onID=353743
Research Center on Health
Disparities, Public Health       http://www.morehouse.
Sciences Institute, 830          edu/academics/cenins/
Westview Drive, SW, Atlanta, publichealth/rchd/index.
GA 30314                         html
National Center for Rural Health
Professions 1601 Parkview Ave    du/rhp/Export/
Rockford, IL 61107 815-395-5848 ml
Developing Infrastructure in
Health Disparities Research,
Project Export, 1 University
Parkway, University Park, IL     ers/gsuchp/
60466                            ml

220 WRC Cedar Falls, IA
50614-0241 Phone: 319-273- http://www.iowaprojecte
7965 Fax: 319-273-6413

Uniformed Services University
Bldg 28, Room 106 4301
Jones Bridge Road Bethesda,
MD 20814 Phone: (301)-295-
1553 Fax: (301)-295-1650        HDAbout.asp
Office of Health Disparities,
303 East Kearsley St, 1153
William S. White Building,      7Eurecord/0304/Oct27_
Flint, Michigan 48502           03/06.shtml

Bronx CREED, 1300 Morris      http://www.aecom.yu.ed
Park Avenue, Mazer Building, u/family/facultybiopages
Suite 100, Bronx, NY 10461    /strelnickbiopage.htm
Center for Health Disparities
Research, 550 First Ave,
Schwartz Lecture Hall,
Ground Floor, New York, NY /communications/news/
10016                         pr_29.html
201 Moore Building, UNCG
Campus, PO Box 26170,         /healthdisparities12-
Greensboro, NC 27402          03.html
Oklahoma Native American
EXPORT Center College of
Public Health University of
Oklahoma Health Sciences
Center P.O. Box 26901
Oklahoma City, OK 73190-
0901 (405) 271-3090 Toll
Free 1-888-231-4671 

Behavioral Sciences
Research Institute University
of Puerto Rico San Juan,        http://www.uprchaexpor
Puerto Rico 00936-5067
The EXPORT Center,
Clemson University, 407
Edwards Hall, Box 340743,
Clemson, SC 29634-0743
Telephone: (864) 656-0779 --
Fax: (864) 656-0769             /export/
1005 Dr. D.B. Todd, Jr. Blvd  http://research.mmc.ed
Nashville, TN 37208 (615)327- u/page.asp?SID=7&Pag
6000                          e=1832

80 Fort Brown, Ste 200,
Brownsville, TX 78520            /nih.html
Address: Center for the Study
of Health Disparities
Harrington Tower 112 4222
TAMU College Station, TX
77843-4222 Phone:
979.845.3502 Fax:      
979.862.3037                     ojectExport.html
University of Texas at El Paso
College of Health Sciences
Health Science Program
1101 N. Campbell Street
El Paso, TX 79902-0581
Tel: (915) 747-7237              wspubs/Releases/Oct0
Fax: (915) 747-7207              3/health.html
The University of Texas M. D.
Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcombe Blvd,
Houston, TX 77030 1-800-      http://www.mdanderson
392-1611 (USA) / 1-713-792- .org/departments/CRM
6161 (5.)                     H
The University of Texas ealth
Center at Tyler 11937 US
Highway 271 Tyler, TX 75708-     OHD/ProjectEXPORTC
3154 903-877-7704                enter.htm

Center for the Study of Cultural
Diversity in Healthcare University
of Wisconsin School of Medicine
and Public Health Health
Sciences Learning Center, Suite
4240 750 Highland Avenue 
Madison, WI 53705-2221             /contact.php
Kresgee Center, Tuskegee         http://www.tuskegee.ed
University, Tuskegee, AL         u/Global/category.asp?
36088                            C=35026
The Unversity of Alabama School
of Medicine Tuscaloosa
Campus Box 870326
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0326
(205) 348-0025                  Export.html
720 Westview Drive, SW,
Atlanta, GA 30310               pc2003/EXPORT.htm

1731 East 120th Street, Los
Angeles, CA 90059               cmi/default.asp
UCSD Division of Community
9500 Gilman Drive - MC 0927
La Jolla, CA 92093-0927
phone: (619) 681-0660
fax: (619) 681-0666   
Children's Research Institute   http://www.cnmcresearc
111 Michigan Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C.                HealthServsCommRes
20010(202)884-5969              earch2003.pdf

Center for Health Disparities
Solutions, Bloomberg School
of Public health, Johns
Hopkins University, 624 N.
Broadway, 359 Baltimore, MD
21205 P: 410-955-3774 F:        althdisparities/aboutus.
410-614-8964                    html
Hawai`i EXPORT Center
677 Ala Moana Blvd, Suite
Honolulu, HI 96813 Phone:
(808) 587-8557                  http://www.hawaiiexport
Fax: (808) 587-8565   
Department of Health Policy,
Box 1077, One Gustave L.
Levy Place, New York, NY        mca/initiatives/
10029                           tml

JLC-BBRI, Room 101, 700
George Street, Durham, NC       ademics/BBRI/
27707                           m
The Cecil G. Sheps Center for
HSR University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill 725
Airport Road, CB # 7590
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
(919)843-3390 fax: (919)966-    http://www.carolina-
University of Pennsylvania
School of Nursing 420
Guardian Drive Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania 19104-6096         .edu/#
Center for Minority Health
Graduate School of Public
Health University of Pittsb
urgh 125 Parran Hall / 130       http://www.exporthealth.
DeSoto Street Pittsburgh,
PA 15261 Phone: (412)624-
3614 Fax (412) 624-8679          home1.html
171 Ashley Ave. PO Box
25001 Charleston, SC 29425
(843) 792-2228         

Center for Disabilities
Pedatrics - Sanford School of
Medicine of The University of
South Dakota 1400 W. 22nd
St. Sioux Falls, SD 27105 p:
605-357-1439 f: 605-357-1438 xport/homepage.cfm

787-725-6500 (ext. 122) fax:
787-721-7187                     MentalClinic.asp

The Center for Minority Health
  1006 Settlers Landing Road,    http://www.hamptonu.e
Suite G Hampton, VA 23668        du/academics/schools/n
 (757)728-6254 fax: 757-727-     ursing/research_ini/ham
9842                             pton-penn.htm

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