METHOD                             DOLLAR LIMITATIONS                        BASIC GUIDELINES

Petty Cash Voucher                 Up to $ 35.00                             Miscellaneous items purchased and picked up directly by a college

Imprest Checking Account (At the   Up to $ 50.00 Up to $ 500.00              Miscellaneous purchases Travel or Material Fee Advances.
option of the Business Managers.

Purchase Requisition               $ 25.00 (Minimum)                         Requests for materials and services such as: Computer Supplies, equipment
                                                                             and software Office supplies (pens, pencils, tablets, etc.) Building
                                                                             maintenance and repairs Office equipment repairs and service agreements
                                                                             Catering (both student and College functions) Printing (brochures, student
                                                                             newspapers, letterhead, business cards, etc). Athletic supplies (bats, balls,
                                                                             uniforms, etc.) Copier rental Cleaning supplies (items used by Maintenance
                                                                             Department Scientific supplies Classroom equipment repairs and service
                                                                             agreements (microscopes, sterilizer, etc.) Copier paper Furniture and
                                                                             equipment purchases Vehicle maintenance and repairs Physical plant tools
                                                                             and equipment Advertising for job opportunities and legal notices.

Payment Voucher                    No dollar limit for items listed as       Purchase of items when a check must accompany the order. This type of
                                   “Typical”. A $ 500.00 limit is placed     purchase typically requires the completion of an order form that is sent
                                   on all other items ordinarily placed      along with the check. Typical items are: magazine and newspaper
                                   on a purchase order. (See basic           subscriptions, memberships fees, registration fees, Payroll and Benefits
                                   guidelines under Purchase                 related items, travel and material fee advances, airfare fees, hotel fees,
                                   Requisition for examples). If you         postage, freight charges (ex: Federal Express).
                                   have an emergency and the item is         If backup is to be sent with a check – a printed copy of the Datatel voucher
                                   over $ 500.00 limit, there are steps in   and any related backup should be sent to A/P.
                                   place within the Purchasing
                                   Department to handle this. Contact
                                   the Purchasing Department before
                                   using a payment voucher.
Blanket Orders                     Up to $ 2999.99 per blanket order. As     To purchase and pick up material when a blanket order has previously been
                                   little as is expected to cover            put in place by the Purchasing Department. On the requisition, indicate
                                   departments’ annual needs (based on       beginning and end dates, authorized signatures, and “not to exceed $200.00
                                   historical data) should be requested      per item”.
                                   on the blanket order requisition to
                                   minimize encumbrances.
Honoraria                          None                                      Payments to individuals (not college employees) for services (ex: lecture,
                                                                             modeling, theater work, musical work) rendered to the College. Submit to
                                                                             A/P with contract copy and completed W-9 form attached. Payments to
                                                                             College employees must be processed through Payroll.
Emergency Purchase Orders          None                                      In the event that an unforeseen emergency creates an immediate threat to
                                                                             public safety or threatens further substantial damage to the College,
                                                                             departments shall request that the Purchasing Dept. issue a PO # for verbal
                                                                             order placement. A confirming requisition is to be placed by the user dept.

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