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									 ThnrsdUiy, September 28, 1989                                                                                                       HendcraoB Horn* Maws, Bouldtr City Nwra, QrMa V«U«y Newa Paca 27:

 Up With People show to benefit Opportunity Up With People recruits local students
      Security Pacific Bank Nevada
                                                                                                                 The intematibrial educational              dozens of countries will travel            through the Unlvenlty of Ari-
   presents the Las Vegas premier
                                                                                                              program. Up With People, is ac-               32,000 miles on at least two con-          zona and through independent
   of Up With People's ail-new
                                                                                                              tively recniiting smdents in the              tinents, live with host families in        study programs students create
   1989-91 production "Face to
                                                                                                              Las Vegas area from now through               each of the 100 cities visited.            with their own universities.
   Face" at 7:30 p.m. Friday. Oct.
                                                                                                              Oct. 6 to join their fuUire casts.                A,year in Up With People                   Interviews for interested ap-
   6th at Artemus W. Ham Hall.
                                                                                                                 Young people who enjoy inter-               provides extensive opportunities          plicants will be held from 1 p.*
      Thetwo-hourmusical extrava-
                                                                                                              national travel, musical perform-              to develop and enhance career             until 4 p.m. Wednesday at UNL^
  ganza, which features a cast of
                                                                                                              ance, meeting people, learning                 skills critical for entry into com-       Interviewing will again take plaa|
   120 young people from 16 coun-
                                                                                                              about different cultures and are               petidve job maricets. Results can         after the cast's performance^
  tries, is cosponsored by KLAS-
                                                                                                              between the ages of 18 and 25.                 be seen in personal growth as             Ham Hall. No musical audition^
  TV Channel 8, with proceeds
                                                                                                              should consider a year with Up                well as specific skill development        are required.                   ^:
  benefiting Opportunity Village.
                                                                                                              With People, spokespersons said.               in the areas of mariccting, com-             For more information aboij^
      All seats are reserved for the
                                                                                                                 During the one-year planned                munication, business and the              joining the Up With People ptek
  exclusive Las Vegas public per-
                                                                                                              educational program, each cast of             performing arts, officials said.          gram, call advance recruiter Julib
 lormance by Up With People,
                                                                                                              120 young men and women from                  College credits are available             Marehall at 384-8170.
  tickets are $8. $10 and $12 and
  are available at Artemus W. Ham
  Hall Box Office and Opportunity
  Village, 917 S. First St. Discount
 coupons for $2 off each ticket are
  available at any branch of Secu-                                                                                                                    George E. Merino MJ).
 rity Pacific Bank Nevada.                                                                                                                                                F.A.C.S. F.I.C.S.
~ The public performance cul-
                                                                                                                                      GREEN VALLEY MEDICAL SERVICES
 minates two days of community
 involvement activities that will
                                                                                                              I         SPECIALinNG Of— 6301 Mtn. Vista, Suit* 209
 take the cast throughout Las
                                                                                                                      SURGERY OP THE                                    (AeroM Irom EMwl M's)                        ACTS
                                                                                                                   HEART. LUNGS. ARTERIES
  Vegas, visiting hospitals, nursing                                                                                       4 VEINS                                                                                   Vascular
 homes, senior citizen centers,
 schools and Opportunity Village.
                                                                                                                  LASER VASCULAR SURGERY                         456-3359                                          l.aboratory
                                                                                                                                                                     3006 S. Maryland Pkwy.                            Complato
     "Face to Face" is the Silver               Two members of the cast of Up With People                                                                                                                                nvaalva
 Celebration Edition of the Up musical performance and public community activities and civic                                                                              734-1940                                      in-OffIca
 With People show, featuring a ^•^i*^'                                 affairs wherever they go.                                                                       700 Shadow Lana                                Evaluation
                                                                                                                                                                          384-0899                                             of
 striding new set, costuming and         Eachyearmoretiian600young        For more infonnation on the
 lighUng, celebrating Up With        adults, divided among five inter- UpWithPeoplevisittoLas Vegas,                                                                                                                   Olaordara
                                                                                                                                                             - MEDICARE PROVIDER -
 People's 25 years of entertaining national touring companies, spend call 384-8170.
 millions around the worid.           11 months traveling to many
     The Up With People show is      lands, entertaining audiences
 international at heart, with rock worldwide, sharing experiences,
 "n" roll in tis soul. The beat is and involving themselves in
 contagious, with something for

                                                                            Two Good Reasons z-
 everyone from rock to gospel,
 folk and traditional to contempo-
 rary ballads and international
 pageantry to be-bopping dance

                                                                          to Transfer Your IRA to
     With Up With People, it's hard
 to tell where the stage ends and
 the audience begins, observers
say. In a blur of color, the aisles
become flooded with dozens of

                                                                                Valley Bank
young performers whose faces
 reveal not only the ethnic diver-
 sity of the many countries they
 represent, but also their genuine     ERA SUNBELT
 excitement to be with the audi-       REALTY is proud to
 ence. Everyone's a part of the       announce the as-
 show.                                 sociation off Sue
     But there's more to Up With
 People than entertainment,            Nelson. Sue is one
 spokespersons said. The aim of       of ERA'S top listers
 Up With People is to encourage
 understanding among people of
                                      — specializing in the
                                      Southeast              and
                                                                                          1. Higher
 all nations through a unique pro-    Green Vaiiey/Hen-
 gram of intercultural education.
                                            derson area. For any                             Rates.
                                            and ail your Real
                                            Estate needs, you
                                            can depend on Sue
                                            Nelson. You may
                                            call her at 364-1699.
                                                                                          2. IfsEasy.
                                            SUNBELT REALTY
                                            3101 Spring MounUin Rd. «1
                                                                                             One coupon.
  Bright brass doorknobs and lan-
terns will last for the life of your
                                            Ut Megas, NV 89102 ^
                                                                                             One step.

                                                                                               IRA Request to Transfer Funds to Valley Bank of Nevada
                         October 1-7                                                          This i» notification of my intent to diicctly transfer all or part of my present IRA to an
                                                                                              esUbliahed IRA with Valley Bank of Nevada.

                                       IS                                                      Mv IRA is now with.

        National Physical                                                                     City:_j
                                                                                               My IRA IS in the name of:_
                                                                                                                                                              State:               Zip

         Therapy Week                                                                          Account No.:
                                                                                               Address:             •

                                                                                              City:                                                         Slate:                 Zip
           In special recognition of the skilled                                               Home Phone:                                             Work Phone:

          physical therapy staff whose services                                               n Transfer $                                                Transfer at Maturity
                                                                                                                                                          Transfer Immediately
         reflect a commitment to the community                                                n Transfer Balance of Account
                                                                                               Depositors Signature:                                                               Date
                    and the profession.
                                                                                               It's this simple. Compli-lo, dip and mail this transfer request t.i Valley Bank of Nevada,
                                                                                               PO. Box <*miO. Las VoRas, Nevada, 8919.V8«)IV ATTN IRA Department
    Congratulations and thanks from St. Rose Dominican
                                                                                              Valley Bank will do the le^work and process vour transfer It further information is necessary, you will Iw •
       Hospital and Green Valley Medical Services!                                            notified. Once paperwork is completed by Vallev Bank on your behalf, you will need to visit the branch
                                                                                              of your choice to confirm and sij<n the transfer
    St. Rose Dominican                  Jean Lopez, RPT                                                                                                                IHBBMBBHBBHBBI               ••aaaaa
    Bill Randall, RPT                   Rotwrta Rosa,
       Department Manager                 Aid/Receptionist
                                                                                          Have you given up the                     if the rates were higher?                    out this coupon and mail
    Pat Basta, Secretary
                                        Green Valley Medical Services                   idea of transferring your                      No longer. Valley Bank                    or bring it in. We'll take
    Ella Blazzard, Aid
                                        Katherine Frei, RPT                                                                         now offers rates as high                     care of the paperwork
    Carroll Berghuls, Aid                                                               maturing IRA over to
                                          Department Manager                                                                        as 9.5%*on 30-month                          and call you to arrange a
    Kimra Cheek, Aid
                                        Matt Cheek, Aid
                                                                                        another institution
                                                                                        because you felt it wasn't"                 variable rate I RAs. And                     convenient time to come
                                                                                        worth the trouble...even                    all you have to do is fill                   in and sign the papers.
                       St. Rose Dominican
                       102 LUkeMndDrive-Henderson. NV89013
                                                                                                      Bwiey Bank of Nevada             *                                                    MEMBER FCNC

         At St. Rose Dominican Hospital, the tradition                                                                  We!!re there Mdien you need ii8v
           of quality Catholic healthcare continues.
                                                                                Biised on 30-month vaiiable rate IRA with automatic payn>lldeposit. Substantial penalty for o.irlv withdraw.il Ratt<s subnet to change

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