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									- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Miles
MANUFACTURER'S NAME: MILES INC. 12707 WEST 63RD STREET SHAWNEE MISSION, KS 66216-1846 TRANSPORTATION EMERGENCY, CALL CHEMTREC: 800-424-9300 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: 1-201-239-6633 MILES NON-TRANSPORTATION EMERGENCY NO.: 913-631-4800 MILES INFORMATION PHONE NO.: 913-631-4800 ISSUE DATE: 09/28/87 SUPERSEDES: 09/04/86 REVISION NO.: 7 ----------------------------------------------------------I. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION ----------------------------------------------------------PRODUCT NAME: Combot Liquid PRODUCT CODE NUMBER: 0157 CHEMICAL FAMILY: organophosphate, anthelmintic, oral wormer CHEMICAL NAME: Active ingredient (A.I.) Dimethyl (2,2,2trichloro-1-hydroxyethyl) phosphonate SYNONYMS: (A.I.) Trichlorofon, Neguvon CAS NUMBER: See Below T.S.C.A. STATUS: Product listed with FDA (NADA 95-078) CHEMICAL FORMULA: Mixture, does not apply HAZARD STATEMENT: This product is hazardous under the criteria of the Federal OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200. ----------------------------------------------------------II. HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS ----------------------------------------------------------EXPOSURE LIMIT COMPONENTS Approx. OSHAACGIHOTHER*/TWA % PEL/TWA TLV/TWA ----------------------------------------------------------Trichlorfon (A.I.) 12 NE NE 1.0 mg/m3 CAS #52-68-6 Propylene glycol 88 NE NE NE CAS #57-55-6 *Miles Recommended ----------------------------------------------------------III. PHYSICAL DATA ----------------------------------------------------------APPEARANCE: Liquid in 1 gallon plastic bottles COLOR: Colorless ODOR: Alcohol odor ODOR THRESHOLD: NDA MOLECULAR WEIGHT: NA MELTING POINT: NA BOILING POINT: NDA VAPOR PRESSURE: NDA VAPOR DENSITY (AIR=1): NDA pH: NDA SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 1.08 20 deg C BULK DENSITY: 9.01 lbs/gal (68 deg F) SOLUBILITY IN WATER: Miscible % VOLATILE BY VOLUME: NDA ----------------------------------------------------------IV. FIRE & EXPLOSION DATA ----------------------------------------------------------FLASH POINT deg F (deg C): 210 deg F 99 deg C FLAMMABLE LIMITS: LEL: NDA UEL: NDA EXTINGUISHING MEDIA: Water, dry foam, CO2 SPECIAL FIRE FIGHTING PROCEDURES, UNUSUAL FIRE OR EXPLOSION HAZARDS: Keep out of smoke, cool exposed containers with water spray. Fight fire from upwind position. Use Selfcontained Breathing Apparatus. Contain runoff to prevent entry into sewers or waterways.

----------------------------------------------------------V. HUMAN HEALTH EFFECTS DATA ----------------------------------------------------------PRIMARY ROUTE(S) OF ENTRY: ingestion, dermal, inhalation HUMAN EFFECTS AND SYMPTOMS OF OVEREXPOSURE: Inhibition of cholinesterase. EYE: Product can cause irritation. DERMAL: Avoid repeated or prolonged contact, excessive contact can lead to cholinesterase inhibition. Propylene glycol can cause moderate irritation. Avoid repeated or prolonged contact, excessive contact can lead to cholinesterase inhibition. Propylene glycol can cause moderate irritation. INHALATION: Avoid aerosol, excessive inhalation can lead to cholinesterase inhibition. INGESTION: Excessive amounts, can lead to cholinesterase inhibition. SYMPTOMS: Cholinesterase inhibition can cause a sense of tightness in the chest, sweating, contracted pupils, stomach pains, vomiting and diarrhea. CARCINOGENICITY - (Human): NTP: Not Listed IARC: Not Listed OSHA: Not Listed MEDICAL CONDITIONS AGGRAVATED BY EXPOSURE: NDA ----------------------------------------------------------VI. ANIMAL TOXICITY ----------------------------------------------------------ORAL, LD50 (INGESTION): Rat, 6000 mg/kg DERMAL, LD50 (SKIN CONTACT): Rabbit >2000 mg/kg INHALATION, LC50: A.I., Rat 1.3 mg/m3 FISH, LC50: NE EYE EFFECTS: A.I., eye irritant SKIN EFFECTS: Non irritating, Trichlorfon is a moderate contact allergen in guinea pigs. CHRONIC EFFECTS: A.I. Tumorigenic, reproductive and mutagenic effects listed RTECS OTHER: Cholinesterase inhibitor CARCINOGENICITY - (Animal): NTP: Not Listed IARC: Not Listed OSHA: Not Listed ----------------------------------------------------------VII. EMERGENCY & FIRST AID PROCEDURES ----------------------------------------------------------IN CASE OF POISONING: IMMEDIATELY if symptoms occur, call physician, poison control center or hospital emergency room. EYE CONTACT: Flush with water for 15 minutes. SKIN CONTACT: Wash with soap and water. INHALATION: Move to fresh air. INGESTION: If person is conscious give liquids to dilute, induce vomiting, repeat until clear, contact a physician. NOTE TO PHYSICIAN: Trichlorfon is a cholinesterase inhibitor. Atropine is an antidote, give after cyanosis is overcome. 2-PAM is a supplemental treatment. Give supportive treatment. Do not walk patient, nor give morphine. ----------------------------------------------------------VIII. EMPLOYEE PROTECTION RECOMMENDATIONS ----------------------------------------------------------EYE PROTECTION: Wear eye splash protection when handling liquid product. SKIN PROTECTION: Wear protective rubber gloves and apron when handling liquid product. RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: Wear NIOSH approved pesticide respirator during manufacturing if ventilation is inadequate.

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Miles
VENTILATION: General only under normal conditions, local exhaust may be necessary if above exposure limits. ENGINEERING CONTROLS & WORK PRACTICES: Avoid creation of aerosol and dust. HYGIENIC PRACTICES RECOMMENDED: Personnel routinely exposed to this product should have their cholinesterase blood level monitored. Wash after handling. Launder clothes daily after use. OTHER: None. ----------------------------------------------------------IX. REACTIVITY DATA ----------------------------------------------------------STABILITY: Stable POLYMERIZATION: Will not occur CONDITIONS TO AVOID: Heating, temperatures above 86 deg F and above Ph. 6.0. INCOMPATIBILITY (MATERIALS TO AVOID): Alkaline materials and strong oxidizing agents HAZARDOUS DECOMPOSITION PRODUCTS: DDVP, HCL, P2O5 if heated to decomposition. ----------------------------------------------------------X. SPILL OR LEAK PROCEDURES ----------------------------------------------------------STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN CASE MATERIAL IS RELEASED OR SPILLED: WASTE DISPOSAL METHOD: Avoid skin contact. Use protective clothing with large spills. Use absorbent material place in covered container. Scrub contaminated area with alcohol and caustic rinse well with water. WASTE DISPOSAL METHOD: Burn in an incinerator approved for pesticide destruction. SUPERFUND REPORTABLE QUANTITY: Trichlorfon 1000 lbs. RCRA STATUS: Not Listed ----------------------------------------------------------XI. SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS & STORAGE DATA ----------------------------------------------------------STORAGE TEMPERATURE (MIN./MAX.): Avoid temperatures above 77 deg F AVERAGE SHELF LIFE: See expiration date SPECIAL SENSITIVITY (HEAT, LIGHT, MOISTURE): Heat PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKEN IN HANDLING AND STORING: Store in cool place away from excessive heat or open flame. Do not store near any material intended for use or consumption by humans. ----------------------------------------------------------XII. SHIPPING DATA ----------------------------------------------------------D.O.T. SHIPPING NAME: NA TECHNICAL SHIPPING NAME: NA D.O.T. HAZARD CLASSIFICATION: NA UN/NA NO.: NA REPORTABLE QUANTITY: NA D.O.T. LABELS REQUIRED: NA D.O.T. PLACARDS: NA FREIGHT CLASS BULK: NA FREIGHT CLASS PACKAGE: Drugs & Medicines, released to value as described in item NMFC 6000 ----------------------------------------------------------XIII. OTHER INFORMATION ----------------------------------------------------------For Veterinary Use Only. ----------------------------------------------------------XIV. DOCUMENTATION ----------------------------------------------------------REASON FOR ISSUE: Revisions APPROVED BY: Al Selland TITLE: HES Compliance Administrator DATE APPROVED: 09/28/87

----------------------------------------------------------ADDENDUM ----------------------------------------------------------REVISION NO.: 0 This addendum is being provided to indicate the presence of chemicals covered by Section 302 and Section 313 of SARA Title III. This addendum should be attached to the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet and is not to be removed. This product contains: SECTION 302 EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES: Trichlorfon (CAS #52-68-6) - 40% SECTION 313 TOXIC CHEMICALS: Trichlorfon (CAS #52-68-6) 40% REASON FOR ISSUE: Additional Information APPROVED BY: Michael L. Carter TITLE: H.E.S. Compliance Administrator DATE APPROVED: 12/06/88 ----------------------------------------------------------NA = NOT APPLICABLE NE = NOT ESTABLISHED NDA = NO DATA AVAILABLE ----------------------------------------------------------DISCLAIMER OF EXPRESSED AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES: Although reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this document, we extend no warranties and make no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained therein, and assume no responsibility regarding the suitability of this information for the user's intended purposes or for the consequences of its use. Each individual should make a determination as to the suitability of the information for their particular purpose(s). A request has been made to the manufacturer to approve the contents of this material safety data sheet. Upon receipt a new MSDS will be made available. ----------------------------------------------------------COMPAS Code: 11310060

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