Request to Change an Undergraduate Degree Program by yaosaigeng


									Request to Change an Undergraduate Degree Program
Title:   Doctor of Pharmacy

Curriculum Code:       PYDI                            College:    School of Pharmacy

Dept:    School of Pharmacy - Interdepartmental                Date:   June 14, 2001

 1)        List changes in degree requirements. If there are changes in course work outside offering
           unit, please include copy of notification. (Attach an electronic copy of the current curriculum
           model published in the most recent bulletin or contact Fawn Willis at for
           a current copy. Indicate changes in Italics.)
 The proposed change concerns the biochemistry requirements for students in the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)
 program. Currently students in the first professional year take BCHE 6180 during fall semester and BCHE 6190
 during spring semester. The proposed change is to allow first year Pharm.D. students the option of taking
  BCHE 3200 during fall semester and taking an additional 3 hours of professional elective courses during spring
 semester. The proposed changes are clearly shown on the attached curricular model.

 2)        Proposed Curriculum Model. Identify MAJOR COURSES with the designation of M in
           parentheses. To graduate, students are required to have a 2.0 average in all courses
           attempted in the major. The curriculum must also provide for the University core curriculum,
           the school or college core, if there is one. Hours counted in University core may not count in
           minimum hours for major.
 N/A - Professional Doctoral Program

 3)        Provision must be made to accommodate 6 hours of ROTC. Programs must explain how
           students fulfill the SACS oral communication and computer skills requirements. If changes
           affect any of the aforementioned requirements, please indicate how they are accommodated
           in proposed program.
 4)      Justification:
 After a careful review of BCHE 6180/6190 and BCHE 3200, the School of Pharmacy's Curriculum Committee and
 Faculty have determined that BCHE 3200 is more directed to the needs of our students. BCHE has more of a
 biomedical focus and has less coverage of topics that are not relevant to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program. The
 proposed change was approved by the School of Pharmacy Faculty on June 8, 2001, with the vote being 22 in
 favor of the change and 3 in opposition.

 5)      Addition resourses or resource shifting required. If none, please explain.
 Additional resources in the Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences (whose faculty teach BCHE 3200) will be
 necessary to handle the approximately 100 additional pharmacy students that will be enrolled in BCHE 3200
 fall semester. The ADS department head and faculty are agreeable to this additional workload.


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