Carbon Dioxide Balance on Earth Mars by steepslope9876


									Carbon Dioxide Balance on Earth & Mars
“Why do I care?”
•Atmospheric CO2 helps regulate temps. On a
planet. Temperatures determine if you can have
liquid water!
•CO2 is a green house gas. It allows visible light from
the sun in, but traps heat (infrared energy).

•CO2 also is used by plants on Earth to make food
and support the entire planets food web!
          Earth’s CO2 Balance
CO2 Reservoirs (sources/storage)
• Atmosphere
• Ocean (dissolved)
• Rocks (CO2 combines with other minerals to
  form carbonate rocks)
• Soil (carbonic acid)
• Oraganics/ Living Organisms
Earth’s CO2 Balance
CO2 put into atmosphere by…
1. Volcanic eruptions
2. Respiring organisms (almost all organisms
   respire CO2 ).
3. Released by the ocean
4. Combustion of organic matter
    a. Burning fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas)
    b. Forest fires
Earth’s CO2 Balance
CO2 REMOVED FROM the atmosphere by…
1. Photosynthesis (Plants & photosynthetic
   plankton take in CO2 to make food. This
   circulates carbon in the world’s food web)
2. Absorbed by the ocean
3. Converted into rock
  Dissolved CO2 in ocean is incorporated into the shells of
      marine organisms. They die and accumulate on the
      ocean floor. This mixes with other sediment and gets
      compressed into rock.
 Earth’s CO2 Balance
Importance of Plate Tectonics & Geologic Activity

Because Earth is still hot in its interior  it is still
  volcanically active & has plates that move & get
  melted in the mantle (supplying more magma).
This renews CO2 in our atmosphere!
MARS’S CO2 Balance
Early Mars was warmer, with a thicker atmosphere, and had
   liquid water on the surface! What happened?
Mars lost much of its initial CO 2 atmosphere when it became
Mars is smaller & lost internal heat faster  No more
   volcanoes/plate tectonics.  No way to replenish CO 2 in
   atmosphere! The CO 2 that is trapped in rocks can’t get
Thinner CO 2 atmosphere =
Cooler temps (it’s a GHG)  Water & CO 2 freeze in ice caps!
Less atmospheric pressure  CO 2 in oceans escapes to air;
   Water evaporates
MARS’S CO2 Balance
Today CO 2 on Mars is :
• Part of a thin atmosphere
• Frozen in ice cap
• Trapped in rock

Remember: Mars has no organisms or oceans to
  cycle CO2 . Combustion cannot happen on
  Mars because there is not enough oxygen.

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