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					Pre-treatment Instructions:

• Avoid sun or tanning 2 weeks before and after the treatment. If you must go in the
       sun use a sunscreen SPF 25 or higher.

• Do not shave, wax, or pluck immediately before your treatment.

• Shaving is highly recommended a few days before treatment.

• Please do NOT drink alcohol or caffeine before treatment.

Post-treatment Instructions:

• Immediately after treatment, there may be redness and bumps at the treatment
     site, and may last up to 2 hours or longer. It is normal for the treated area to
     feel like sunburn for a few hours. You may use a cold compress if needed. If tiny
     crusts or scabs form DO NOT pick them, infection is very possible if you pick the
     treated area.

• Makeup may be used after the treatment, just make sure that you have moisturizer
      on under your makeup. In fact, moisturizer will help the dead hair exfoliate from
      the follicle so use moisturizer frequently and freely on the treated area. Any
      moisturizer without alpha-hydroxy acids will work.

• Avoid sun exposure to reduce the chance of dark or light spots. Use sunscreen SPF
       30 or greater at all times throughout the course of treatment.

• Do not use any other hair removal methods or products on the treated area during
      the course of your laser treatments (tweezing, waxing and depilatories), as it
      will prevent you from achieving your best results.

• It is very important to follow the appointment schedule established by
         your practitioner for the optimum results for your procedure. If you see any re-
         growth or growth from previous tweezing, waxing or other temporary methods
         resurface, call for an appointment immediately.

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