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                                                                       Welcome to Hawthorn-Singapore!
                                                                       At	 Hawthorn-Singapore	 we	 build	 on	 the	 Asian	 value	 of	
                                                                       the	family	unit.	No	student	is	ever	alone.	Everyone	is	part	
                                                                       of	the	family	that	strives	to	make	learning	enjoyable	and	
                                                                       Our	 learning	 environment	 promotes	 the	 best	 interaction	
    Dr.	Chin	Kon	Yuen,	

                                                                       among	students	and	teachers,	allowing	the	teachers	to	
    Chairman	/	CEO

                                                                       see	students’	individual	potential	and	develop	their	abilities	
                                                                       accordingly.	 You	 will	 also	 enjoy	 great	 companionship	 with	
                                                                       like-minded	students	who	share	your	ambition	to	achieve.	
                                                                       With	a	strong	commitment	to	deliver	the	best	value-added	
                                                                       customer	 service	 possible,	 we	 are	 continually	 guided	 by	
                                                                       industry	 demands.	 We	 offer	 many	 alternative	 education	
                                                                       pathways	and	are	constantly	improving	our	courses	to	meet	
                                                                       industry	 needs.	 Our	 students	 are	 our	 customers.	 We	 are	
                                                                       confident that by giving them the best, they will achieve the best.
                              Centre	Manager	/	Director	of	Studies

                                                                       Dr. Chin Kon Yuen
                                                                       Chairman	/	CEO	

                                                                       The	Hawthorn-Singapore	Director	has	been	with	the
                                                                       Hawthorn	 Network	 for	 four	 years	 (previously	 at	 Hawthorn-
                                                                       Melbourne)	and	is	very	involved	in	looking	after	the	quality	
       Carolyn	Mison-Smith,

                                                                       of	 the	 Singapore	 school,	 its	 staff	 and	 students.	 She	 is	 a	
                                                                       qualified and experienced teacher and understands the needs
                                                                       of learners and how to help them strive towards excellence.
                                                                       The	 Director	 and	 staff	 look	 forward	 to	 welcoming	 you	 to	
                                                                       Carolyn Mison-Smith 	
                                                                       Centre	Manager	/	Director	of	Studies	

Studying at Hawthorn-Singapore:
A Complete Experience
Studying	 English	 overseas	 is	 a	 fantastic	 opportunity	 to	
improve your skills. At Hawthorn-Singapore you will benefit
from	the	quality	of	the	English	language	instruction	in	class;	
however,	 to	 ensure	 you	 get	 the	 most	 from	 your	 overseas	
experience it is also essential that you practise English beyond
the	classroom.	At	Hawthorn-Singapore	we	provide	you	with	
support,	 services	 and	 facilities	 of	 the	 highest	 standard	 so	
that you receive a complete English study experience.
Hawthorn-Singapore	 is	 situated	 in	 the	 heart	 of	 the	 main	
business	district	of	Singapore	with	ready	access	to	transport,	
shopping,	 restaurants,	 public	 facilities	 and	 recreational	

Hawthorn-Singapore	highlights	
•	classes	are	held	full-time	Monday	to	Friday
•	a	carefully	designed	curriculum	is	used	with	structured	
			objectives	and	outcomes	and	includes	both	informal	
			and	formal	tests											                                                The	Hawthorn	English	Language	
•	teachers	include	communicative	activities	in	the	
                                                                               Centres	Network	is	owned	and	
   classroom to help encourage fluency and develop
   confidence in using English                                              quality	assured	by	the	University	of	
•	after-class	clubs	and	activities	provide	students	with	                   Melbourne,	Australia.	The	Hawthorn	
		 additional	opportunities	to	practise	English	and	interact	
                                                                            centres	provide	high-quality	courses	
		 with	students	from	other	classes	
•	an	Independent	Learning	Centre	(ILC)	offers	students				                      for	people	who	need	English	
			access	to	a	broad	range	of	English	study	materials	for	                   language	skills	to	work	or	study	in	
                                                                                  today’s	highly	demanding	
•	an	English–only	policy	is	in	effect	at	the	school	and	
   on all extra-curricular activities                                           international	environments.	
•	free	computer	and	Internet	access	is	available	in	the	
			computer	lab	at	lunchtime	and	after	classes						

                                                                           SHORT COURSES
                                                                           Business	English	
                                                                           Tailored	English	for	Business	courses	are	available	at	all	
                                                                           levels	to	develop	English	language	skills	important	for	
                                                                           success	in	international	business.	The	English	for	
                                                                           Business	curriculum	includes:	
                                                                           •	oral	communication	skills	for	business	and	communicating	
                                                                              across cultures, negotiating and conflict resolution
                                                                           •	presentation	skills	
                                                                           •	the	language	of	meetings	and	conferences	
                                                                           •	business	correspondence	including	email,	letters,	memos	
                                                                           			and	reports	
                                                                           •	phoning	techniques	
                                                                           • understanding and using financial, agreement and
                                                                           			contract	documents	
Hawthorn-Singapore teachers can help you                                   • understanding and using English in a context of
achieve the English results you need for                                    		
                                                                           			marketing	and	advertising	
your future studies.                                                       •	writing	resumes	and	applications	for	employment	

COURSES AVAILABLE                                                          Study	Tours	
                                                                           To	 date	 we	 have	 delivered	 study	 tours	 to	 groups	 of	 young	
General	English                                                            students	from	Korea,	Thailand	and	Taiwan.	Most	study	tour	
Hawthorn-Singapore	 offers	 general	 English	 courses	 from	               groups choose a mix of English and off-campus sightseeing
elementary	through	to	advanced	level.	Students	are	tested	                 activities.	Some	groups	prefer	full	days	of	English	in	order	to	
and	 placed	 in	 a	 class	 appropriate	 to	 their	 level	 of	 English.	    develop projects and schedule excursions for the weekend.
At	 all	 levels	 of	 English	 the	 aim	 is	 to	 help	 students	 develop	   Lessons	 are	 delivered	 by	 native	 English	 speakers	 and	
language	skills	in	speaking,	listening,	reading	and	writing	to	            classes	are	focused	on	fun	learning	and	practice	in	speaking,	
enable them to communicate confidently and effectively in                  listening,	 reading	 and	 writing.	 Hawthorn-Singapore	 is	 able	
English.	                                                                  to	 tailor	 the	 English	 content	 to	 suit	 your	 preferences	 and	
                                                                           arrange	 all	 logistical	 services	 (accommodation,	 transfers	
All	courses	feature	a	variety	of	learning	resources	including	             etc.) through an external provider.	
audio and video materials, a range of texts and course books
where	 appropriate.	 Class	 activities	 include	 role-plays	 and	
communication	games,	surveys,	questionnaires,	and	projects	                                         Student Profile
involving	whole	class,	small	groups	or	individuals.	

The	general	English	courses	are	designed	to	provide	learners	
with	 a	 general	 foundation	 of	 English	 for	 social	 interaction,	
personal	development	and	communication.	
                                                                                                       I am Pierre, I come from Vietnam,
                                                                                                       I am 22 years old. I have
Academic	English	                                                                                      been studying in TMC Hawthorn
The	 English	 for	 Academic	 Purposes	 (EAP)	 courses	 prepare	                                        for 8 months.
students	for	further	studies	in	Singapore	or	other	countries.	             I	think	Hawthorn	is	a	great	school;	everyone	in	the	school	is	friendly	
The	EAP	1	course	is	suitable	for	students	entering	senior	high	            and	 helpful.	 They	 help	 me	 to	 improve	 my	 English	 very	 much.	
school, foundation programmes, and certificate and diploma                 Specially,	 teachers	 are	 very	 good;	 they	 help	 me	 whenever	 I	 need	
                                                                           not	only	in	the	class;	they	also	help	me	to	solve	my	private	problems	
studies.	The	EAP	2	course	develops	these	skills	further	and	               so	 i	 can	 focus	 to	 study.	 I	 want	 to	 say	 thank	 you	 to	 my	 favourite	
prepares	 students	 for	 higher	 diploma	 and	 university	 level	          teachers.	I	hope	in	the	 future	 the	 school	 will	 help	 more	 and	
studies.	                                                                  more	students	to	be	successful.	

IELTS	Preparation
Hawthorn–Singapore	 offers	 a	 preparation	 course	 for	 the	
IELTS examination. The 10-week curriculum develops
students’	language	skills	in	speaking,	listening,	reading	and	                                           My name is Yan Fei. I come
writing by using the examination format to improve language                                              from China and I’m studying
proficiency.                                                                                             in the Intermediate class right

COURSES FOR LOCAL STUDENTS                                                 I	would	like	to	improve	my	English	further.	I	think	I	will	study	a	major	
                                                                           such	as	Business	Management	after	studying	English	here.	
•	‘O’	Level	English	Success	
•	Intensive	Academic	Preparation	for	‘A’	level	graduates	                  My	English	has	improved	a	lot	during	my	stay	at	Hawthorn-Singapore.	
                                                                           We	 are	 also	 having	 a	 lot	 of	 fun,	 and	 we	 enjoy	 studying	 here	 very	
                                                                           much.	Come	to	Singapore	to	improve	your	English	and	make	lots	of	
      Hawthorn-Singapore                                 Hawthorn-Muscat                                          Hawthorn-Melbourne
      specialises	      in	    preparing	                is	 located	 in	 Oman	 in	 the	                          offers	 a	 range	 of	 English	
      students	 for	 further	 study	 in	                 Middle	 East.	 The	 purpose	               	             programmes	 and	 is	 well	
      Singapore	      overseas	
                   and	          through	                designed	 premises	 have	                                regarded	as	a	quality	provider	
      general	 and	 academic	 English	                   state-of-the-art	facilities,	                            of	academic	English	 courses	
      programmes. The	 centre	 is	                       i n c l u d i n g 	 c o m p u t e r 	 a n d	             that	 prepare	 students	 for	
      in	 the	 heart	 of	 the	 city	 and	                language	 labs,	 spacious	                               further	 study	 in	 Australia.	
      has	 state-of-the-art	 computer	                   classrooms	and	an	independent	                           It	also	has	a	broad	range	of	
      labs	 and	 independent	 learning	                  learning	 centre.	 It	 offers	 a	                        facilities,	 including	 a	 large	
      facilities.	 Hawthorn-Singapore	                   range	of	general	and	academic	                           library,	 modern	 computer	
      is	 part	 of	 TMC	 Educational	                    programmes	as	well	as	business	                          labs,	 a	 gym,	 squash	 courts	
      Group,	 an	 education	 provider	                   English	targeted	at	company	                             and	      basketball	     court.
      in	 Singapore	 for	 more	 than	                    and	government	employees.	                               Hawthorn-Melbourne	 is	 also	
      20 years. Hawthorn-Singapore                       It	is	also	an	IELTS	test	centre.	                        an	IELTS	test	centre.	
      offers	 direct	 entry	 into	 TMC’s	
      certificate and diploma courses.

      111	North	Bridge	Road                                Hawthorn English Language Centres have been helping
      #17-06 Peninsula Plaza                                students achieve their individual English study goals
      Singapore 179098
                                                                          for more than 20 years.
      T: +65 6338 9352
      F: +65 6338 5136
      E: hawthornsin@tmc.edu.sg
      W: www.hawthornenglish.com


Selected	Photos	Courtesy	of	M.Takayasu

               Hawthorn-Singapore is a                                     The Hawthorn English Language
               business established by                                     Centres Network is a group of high-
               TMC Education Group in                                      quality English language schools
               cooperation with Hawthorn                                   located in Melbourne, Muscat and
               English Language Centres                                    Singapore. The Network is owned and
               to provide high quality English                             quality assured by the University of
               language training for edu-                                  Melbourne, Australia.
               cational, professional and
               business purposes.

                                                 Printed in October 2006