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									We Won An Award For Excellence

As a member of the Promotional Products Association International, you know it
well as the international trade association of the promotional products industry,
and that it is a member-driven organization devoted to meeting the needs of its
members and the market.

The PPAI Supplier Star award is one of the most sought-after and prestigious
awards for supplier members of Promotional Products Association International.
Suppliers who are voted by distributors to earn the PPAI Supplier Star trophy
epitomize overall excellence both in service and product quality.

We are very pleased that our service and quality was recognized by distributors,
who placed us in the top three, and presented us with the PPAI Award of Merit.
We wanted to share this news with you, and also wanted to take this opportunity
to thank you for representing us, and presenting our product line. Your
confidence in our business is very much appreciated.

We look forward to working with you as the Holiday Season approaches, and will
be in touch when our new product line and website are ready for business.

Jason Evans
General Manager
Birchcraft Studios

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