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toll free number in india


1800 toll free numers India provides the most reliable and cost effective solution to get your toll free numbers set up in no time.

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									                    A Guide to Getting a Toll Free Number in India

A toll-free number is a special telephone number which is free for the caller, as the cost of the call is
billed to the person or establishment who owns it. It is commonly identified by a special area code
such as 1800, although the prefix sometimes varies according to the country. For example, the toll
free number in India is usually 1800 and it can be dialed by anyone across the country. The cost of
the call depends on factors such as the amount of usage, the price of the trunk connections to the
facility, and a flat monthly service charge. The company that owns the toll free number has to bear
the charges of the call and has to pay an extra premium per call, which is free for the customer.
However, note that you can only receive calls at the toll free number, but you cannot dial out. Also,
you cannot send out an SMS using a toll free number.

Now, the question may arise, who should take a toll free number in India? Usually, a toll free
number is taken by businesses that are a bit larger than a small or medium enterprise, as they do not
mind spending a bit extra amount of money on each call to make their customers feel valued. This
entails a more customer-centric marketing style and a soft power branding which makes the
consumers feel that their time and money is valued, and also makes them feel empowered.

Having a toll free number can have its disadvantages though. Limited in its scope, toll free numbers
are actually quite costly, ranging from a set up cost of anywhere between Rs 20,000 to 25,000 while
the monthly recurring cost comes to around Rs. 100000 minimum. Besides this, you also need
proper equipment or hardware to utilise the toll free number which can run into lakhs. So, if you are
a small organization, you need to ask yourself if you really need a toll free number and may want to
give this some more thought before taking the plunge.

Besides the above considerations, if you opt for a toll free number, you also need to budget for your
investment in technology to enable features like SMS alerts, voice mail, block numbers, as well as a
web based reporting system.

The fact is that with an exodus of toll free number services in the market, selecting the right toll free
number provider is not as difficult as before, because as a customer, you are spoilt for choice and a
huge number of service providers had led to competitive pricing. Earlier, it was possible for only
large businesses to afford to have toll free numbers, but nowadays, with stiff competition amongst
telecom service providers, getting a toll free number for your business has become more affordable,
even if you are a smaller enterprise. This, coupled with low per minute costs, reduced operational
costs and a small monthly fee has made toll free numbers come within easy reach of smaller

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