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GENERAL MONITORS Infrared Point Detector for Carbon Dioxide Gas by steepslope9876


									                        GENERAL MONITORS
                        26776 Simpatica Circle
                        Lake Forest, California 92630, USA
                        Tel: +1-949-581-4464
                        Fax: +1-949-581-1151
                        email:                               Model IR7000

                                                         Infrared Point Detector
                                                         for Carbon Dioxide Gas
                                                         Detection Applications

Features                                                 Description
                                                         The General Monitors Model IR7000 Infrared Point
• No Routine Calibration Required
                                                         Detector is a microprocessor-based Carbon Dioxide
• Wide Operating Temperature Range
                                                         gas detector that continuously monitors CO2 in PPM
• Fail-to-Safe Operation
• 4-20 mA Output
• MODBUS RTU Communications Link                         The Model IR7000 detection principle is based on
• Aluminum or Stainless Steel Housing                    measuring the absorption of infrared radiation passing
• Heated Optics Eliminates Condensation                  through a volume of gas using a dual beam with a
• Dirty/Blocked Optics Fault Indication                  single detector. The IR detector measures the intensity
• Reading Not Effected by Air Velocity                   of two specific wavelengths, one at an absorption
• Maintains Over-Range Indications at High Gas           wavelength and another outside of the absorption
  Concentrations                                         wavelength. The gas concentration is determined by a
                                                         comparison of these two values.

Applications                                             All of the Model IR7000's electronics are contained-
                                                         within an explosion proof housing allowing detector
                                                         information to be processed at the point of detection.
• Chemicals
                                                         The Model IR7000 provides a 4-20mA signal
• Pharmaceuticals                                        proportional to 0-100% full scale. Another feature of the
• Pesticides                                             Model IR7000 is its MODBUS RTU communications
• Fertilizers                                            output for linking up to 128 Model IR7000's in series
• Agriculture/Horticulture (Greenhouses)                 and up to 247 units with repeaters. The MODBUS RTU
• Food & Beverage Bottling Plants                        output provides status, alarm, fault and other
• Sewer Entry                                            information for operation, including trouble shooting, or
• Wastewater Treatment Facilities                        programming the detector.
• Coal Gasification
• Pulp & Paper                                           The Model IR7000 Infrared Point Detector is available
• Metals                                                 in either aluminum or stainless steel housing and is
• CO2 Fire Suppressant Monitoring                        designed for use in Class I, Div 1, Groups B, C & D and
• Enhanced Oil Recovery                                  Type 4X areas.
                                                                                         Model IR7000
System Specifications                                   Electrical Specifications
Sensor Type: Infrared Absorption Type                   Input Power:      20-36 VDC
                                                                          24 VDC @ 0.40 amp (nominal)
Range:          0-2000 ppm (standard)                   Analog Signal: 4-20 mA (600        Ohms Max.)
                                                                       Fault                0 mA
Gas:            Carbon Dioxide (CO2)                                   Cal & Zero           1.5 mA
                                                                       Dirty Optics         2.0 mA
Sensor Life:    Greater than 5 years                                   Zero Reading         4 mA + 0.2 mA
                                                                       0 to 100% FS         4 to 20 mA
Accuracy:       + (1% Full Scale + 2% of applied gas)                                       (proportional)
                                                                          Over-range        20 to 22 mA
Zero Drift:     < 2% per year
Response        (with 100% FS Gas applied)              Output:           MODBUS RTU suitable for linking
Time:           T50 < 7 sec. & T90 < 15 sec.                              up to 128 units and up to 247 units
                                                                          with repeater(s).
Warranty:       Two years
Approvals:      CSA and CE Marking                      Protection:       Complies with EN50081-1, EN50082-1

Classification: Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C & D    Cable
                EE xd IIB + H2T5, IP66, Type 4X         Requirements: Max. distance between IR7000 and
                                                                      power source @ 24 VDC nominal (8
Modes:          Power-on self test, normal operation,                 ohm loop) 14 AWG - 1470 ft (448 m)
                calibration (Zero only or complete
                calibration)                            Faults
                                                        Monitored:        Calibration errors, EPROM and
Accessories: Flow block, duct mount kit, junction                         EEPROM checksum errors, optics
             box, remote gassing guard, spray                             failure/blockage, low supply voltage
             down guard and test cell
                                                        Configuration: IR7000-300-110-111

Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature
Range:       -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C)

Storage Temperature
Range:       -58°F to +140°F (-50°C to +60°C)

Operating Humidity
Range:       5% to 100% RH, non-condensing

Mechanical Specifications
Diameter:       2.42 inches (61.5 mm)

Length:         8.46 inches (215 mm)
                                                        Specifications subject to change without notice
Weight:         3 lbs (1.4 kg) - Aluminum
                6 lbs (2.7 kg) - Stainless Steel          Represented by:

Mounting:       3/4" NPT

Housing:        Aluminum (Stainless Steel optional)

                                                                                            Publication # DS-IR7000-C0199

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