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					Ottawa WesFood Festival
Type of         Community Impact Project/Venture
Title           OttawaWesFood Festival
Brief           Creating a network of key destinations along the Ottawa river pathway (from
Description     Andrew Hydon Park to Westboro) with mix use (such as local food markets,
                recreation, entertainment and retail), mix partners (such as public institutions
                and local business owners) and mix commute (attracting people to the
                waterfront on foot, bike, cars).
                A waterfront pathway that is continuously walkable with a variety of activities
                along the way will successfully link destinations, allowing the appeal of each one
                to strengthen the place as a whole.
                1 step: mapping of the existing assets and surrounding context (historic and
                conservation sites, schools, local businesses – restaurants, retail)
                2 step: organizing a public forum to define a vision for OttawaWest waterfront
                area. Residents, businesses, community organizations and other stakeholders all
                can join in to help identify the key destinations and then define the uses and
                activities at each place encouraging it round –the- clock use.
                3 step: pilot site implementation (1-2 days OttawaWestFood festival with local
                sustainable living groups showcasing and restaurants setting up food kiosks in
                the 5 key destinations along the pathway: Andrew Hydon park, Bell Dome,
                Britannia Beach, Mud lake, Westboro beach)
Benefits        A few key public spaces (rest areas) along the Ottawa River pathway will enhance
                the quality of existing parks and conservation zones and result in a great
                community-city-business collaboration with active community engagement –
                and, ultimately, local ownership and pride for the Ottawa river revitalisation.
Outcomes                Established network of well-connected, multi-use public spaces along the
                         Ottawa river pathway providing rest areas and info about local food
                         products and services, community initiatives and education about
                         historic development and conservation projects
                        Cross cultural learning
                        Better connectivity between local schools/businesses/city services and
                         engagement of local resident groups into improvement projects
Metrics for             Reduction in crime rates
assessing               Improvement in compliance with the city of Ottawa bylaw on use of
success                  public parks
                        Decrease in parks maintenance costs
                        Increase in number of local sustainable living projects (urban farming,
                         community gardens, river clean up, etc.)
                        Increase in participation rates for the City of Ottawa and community
                         groups environmental protection initiatives
Replicability   The annual festival could gradually grow into a permanent network of public
/scalability    spots along the both sides of the Ottawa river with local food markets, eateries
                and entertainments
Status      Idea

Key needs   Approval from the City of Ottawa for the pilot festival site locations during the
            summer of 2013
Contacts    Elena Goubanova

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