Creating Value in a Broadband Wireless Alliance by st1nk778


									                  Broadband Wireless Access
                 Broadband Wireless leading the way to Convergence and

                              Ubiquitous Coverage in Asia

                                Dennis Stipati
                           Director of International
                          Motorola Canopy Products

                                  June 16, 2004

Dennis Stipati
• What Broadband Means to Asia
• Technology Challenges &
  Wireless Broadband
• Market Applications
• Summary
                 Economic & Social Benefits
            • Broadband Is An Accelerator Of
              Economic & Social Development
            • Benefits Include:
                    – Increased Productivity
                    – Efficiencies in the Distribution of
                      Goods, Services & Information
                    – Better Access to Basic Services
                      Such as Health Care & Education
                    – Data, Voice & Video Services At
                      Lower Prices
            • Broadband Delivers “Digital

The Economic and Social Benefits of Broadband Deployment, TIA, October 2003
SPU Broadband Workshop, The International Telecommunications Union, April 2003
Broadband is a
 Vital Engine for
 Growth in Asia
                     Market Segments:
                        What do they use it for?

                       Outdoor                              Wide Area
  Backhaul             Network          Wireless DSL
                      Extensions           Sell Internet     Sell Internet
 Move Data from      Bridge or Extend     Access and/or     Access Service
Point A to Point B    their Existing    Telephone Service      Outdoors
                         Networks        to Residential &     (other than
                                             Business          buildings)

 Enterprise           Enterprise           Service            Service
 Customers            Customers           Providers          Providers
Not Just a US Phenomenon
               International Growth Taking Off
                                                                 Russia               China
    Canada                                                       Bosnia            Mongolia
       USA                                   Ireland             Hungary              Japan
     Mexico                         United Kingdom               Bulgaria         Hong Kong
      Belize                                                     Serbia              Taiwan
                                                       Turkey    Armenia
El Salvador            Bermuda                          Israel   Ukraine
Costa Rica             Bahamas                            Iraq   Kazakhstan
    Panama             Jamaica                          U.A.E.
                       Dominican Republic               Egypt
                       Puerto Rico                                             Nepal          Brunei
                                                                            Pakistan          Malaysia
          Colombia                              Mali
                                                                                India         Thailand
          Venezuela                          Ghana
                                                                           Sri Lanka          Indonesia
            Guyana                           Nigeria
                                                                         Bangladesh           Philippines
              Brazil                      Botswana
                                                                          Cambodia            New Zealand
           Ecuador                       Seychelles
                                                                            Vietnam           Australia
           Uruguay                        Zimbabwe
              Chile                     South Africa
          Argentina                          Guinea
Wireless Versus DSL & Cable:
   Coverage, Price & Functionality

                      Wireless Enables Mobility
              Canopy - A Snapshot
• Developed by Motorola Labs (>60 Patents)
   – Alpha tests 2001
   – Launch June 2002
   – Approaching 120,000 units Deployed
   – Very Reliable - 45 Year MTBF
   – Deployed by over 500 Service Providers
   – Over 1000 Private System Deployments
   – Deployed in over 75 countries
• Point to Point and Point to Multipoint Solution
  (5 GHz and 2.4 GHz)
       Canopy™ Wireless Broadband
   As a Wireless Bridge      As a Wireless Network

• Low-Cost, High-speed Data Connectivity
• Installation & Maintenance is Easier than
  Traditional Wireless or Broadband Solutions
• Reaches Unreachable Areas
    What Makes Canopy™ Different?
•   A Motorola Technological Breakthrough
    That Significantly Improves Wireless
     – Low Modem Cost
     – Low Infrastructure Cost
     – Makes Deep, Continuous Metro-wide
       Wireless Coverage Affordable
     – 4 Mbps Download/ 2 Mbps Upload Speeds

•   Built From The Ground-up For Broadband
    Access In Outdoor Environments
     – Secure (DES And AES Encryption)
     – Robust And Reliable

         Canopy is not another Wireless Alternative,
                 it’s an Alternative to Wires
                Application Possibilities:
                              In a Single Network

• Business & Consumer
  Internet Access                            • Enterprise Connectivity
• Distance Learning                          • Voice and Data Backhaul
• Tele-Medicine                              • E-Commerce
• Tele-Commuting                             • Emergency Response
• E-Government                               • IP Telephony
• Agriculture                                • Campus Connectivity
• Public Safety                              • Remote Surveillance
• National Security                          • Utility Control &
• Tourism                                      Monitoring
• Applications for                           • WiFi Hot-Spot Backhaul
  Persons with Disabilities
    ChinaComm Expands Bandwidth
In Nanjing, Broadband Wireless Access Provides Needed Bandwidth & Stable Service
                Thanks to Canopy’s Superior Interference Mitigation

•   Problem: One of China’s Largest ISPs
    Needed Additional Bandwidth to
    Supplement their 3.5 GHz Network.
    Very Concerned about Equipment
•   Solution: Using the Canopy 5.7 GHz
    System ChinaComm was Able to Set-
    Up a Wireless Broadband Access
    Network Covering the City, Satisfying
    Customers & Forming a Successful
    Fixed Wireless Broadband Service

•   Result: Very good. Able to Penetrate
    the Market Quickly & Attract Customers
    Eager to have the Latest Wireless
    Technology. Looking to use Canopy to
    Expand into Additional Markets
    Daqing Oilfields Deploys Canopy
    China’s Largest Producer of Crude Oil Takes Advantage of Wireless Broadband to
                     Increase Efficiency & Solve Management Issues

•    Problem: Daqing Oil
     Exploration Crews Needed High-
     Speed Connectivity to Support
     Field Operations

•    Solution: Deployed Motorola’s
     Canopy System. Oil Field Crews
     Can Easily Move Equipment
     from One Drilling Tower to
     Another & Have Connectivity to
     Data Center to Transfer Oil
     Testing Samples & Access
     Movies for the Crews

•    Result: Outstanding. Company
     has Saved Both time & Money &
     Increased Efficiency
Citrus Grower Deploys Canopy
         Managing the Health of Their Crops
  How A Large Citrus Grower Deployed Motorola’s Canopy Wireless
    Broadband Solution To Monitor Every Aspect Of Its Orchards

               •   Problem: A Citrus Company With Groves In 3
                   Florida Counties, Sought A Way To Easily And
                   Cost-Effectively Track & Collect Data From Its
                   Citrus Groves

               •   Solution: Motorola’s Canopy 20 Megabit
                   Backhaul Wireless With More Than 30 Access
                   Points & Over 200 Subscriber Modules in 3

               •   Result: Citrus Company Is Able To Wirelessly
                   Monitor Sophisticated Data From All of the Groves
                   At A Central Office. Data Includes Track Of Tree
                   Counts, Weather Conditions, Rainfall And Growth
                   Of Trees.
Newark Airport Parking Facilities

•   Problem: Increase Safety/Surveillance Capabilities at Employee
    Parking Facilities and Eliminate Recurring Costs

•   Solution: Using a BWA Point-to-Multipoint System, Vanguard
    Products & Video Surveillance Cameras Created a Networked
    Security System that Supports the Monitoring of 13 Parking Lots
    From A Central Location While Enabling Interaction with Travelers
    who Required Assistance at Remote Sites.

•   Results: Installed Over 60 Full Motion Cameras Relaying Full
    Motion Sound & Video to Command Center Where Security
    Monitors Activity and Can Control Cameras, Gates and Phones.
                               Minnesota Dept. of
•   Problem: Dangerous Weather
    Conditions Force the Closing of Roads
    along US71 & I90. Manual Process Takes
    up to 2 Hours & Requires Manually
    Closing of Gates and Notifying Drivers.

•   Solution: Automate the Process. Monitor
    the Roads & Exits Using Live Motion
    Video Cameras, Relay the Information to
    Command Center Via a Point-to-Point
    System. When Conditions Require,
    Lower Gates and Post Warnings for

•   Results: BWA System Has Been in
    Place for 2 Winters on 29’ Poles and has
    Withstood Winds in Excess of 50 MPH
    and Wind Chills -60°F.
Bangladesh Service Provider Offers Premium Service
    A Dhaka, Bangladesh Based Service Provider Brings Reliable Service to an
                         Area Notorious for Downtime

•   Problem: Providing the 4 Million
    Residents of Dhaka with a Cost-
    Effective & Reliable Broadband
    Service Where Customers
    Typically Experienced Outages on
    an Hourly Basis

•   Solution: Strategically Located
    5.7 GHz Canopy Access Points in
    the Center of Dhaka, Giving
    Coverage Throughout the City & in
    Some Neighboring Towns
•   Result: Extraordinary. Offer High
    Available Premium Bandwidth
    Catering to Businesses, Cyber
    Cafes, Corporations and Service
    Provider Customers
Emergency Response Project
     Asia Police Deploys Canopy System to Provide
               Stringent Security Coverage

                      •   Problem: Provide Connectivity
                          Between Operations Centers to
                          Undertake Mission Critical Tasks

                      •   Solution: Link DataTAC Remote
                          Sites in Capital and Outlying
                          Areas. System Provided 70%
                          Availability Within 2 Weeks

                      •   Result: Ideal. Law Enforcement
                          Agency Now Has Dedicated
                          Private Link Network with
                          Improved Data Delivery
Training for Fire Professionals

                • Problem: Enable
                  Simultaneous Training of
                  Fire Department Personnel
                  Without Requiring them to
                  Leave the Station.
                • Solution: Provide Canopy
                  Point-to-Point System for
                  Live Full-Motion Training
                • Results: Makes Possible
                  “Train Today, Use in the
                  Field Tomorrow.”
       Oklahoma Cardiovascular

•   Problem: Physicians Were Unable to Consult Real-Time with Off-Site
    Cardiovascular Doctors/Surgeons for Time Critical Life Saving Events.

•   Solution: Install 10 Mbps Point-to-Point System That Enables Doctors To
    Collaborate With Doctors At Four Hospitals And Five Clinics.

•   Results: Doctors Use the Broadband System to Read the DICOM Images
    Remotely, Share Information and Discuss Diagnostics without
    Physically being Present at the Facility. The System Supports HIPPA.
    Space Shuttle Debris Recovery
•   Problem: Provide Broadband Internet
    Access for More Than 1,000 People in
    Remote Area within 24 Hours for
    Disaster Recovery

•   Solution: Install AP at 340’ Tower &
    Point to SM Located Four Air Miles
    Away at Command Center, Serving
    NASA, FEMA, US EPA, US Forestry
    Service and Others

•   Results: SM Fed Dozens of
    Computers Through VPN in Command
    Center Using Vanguard Router.
University of Notre Dame
            • Problem: No Attractive High
              Speed Broadband Access for
              Notre Dame Staff & Faculty
              Living Off Campus
            • Solution: Connect the University
              to the Canopy Network, ND
              Users can be “Connected” to the
              University Network Directly By
              Management & Assignment of
              the Appropriate TCP/IP
              Addresses to the User.
            • Results: Outstanding. E-mail,
              Internet Bandwidth, Client Billing
              & First Level Support Handled by
• Canopy is a highly cost-effective, superior performing,
  interference tolerant wireless broadband solution.

• Canopy builds the technical knowledge and experience of
  Motorola and builds on your “trusted relationships” to enter
  new business opportunities and realize enhanced revenue

• Canopy is an extremely versatile solution that offers new and
  unique opportunities for service providers of every kind.

• Canopy is well positioned to support private IP distribution
  networks for service providers, large enterprises, and

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