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Young Women's Virginity



    Young Women’s Virginity
    in the United States
    Moira L
    Essential Question:
    What are messages to young women in the US about remaining
    abstinent until marriage? How are these messages affecting young

The Abstinence-Only Education
What are young women learning about sexuality in school?
    Abstinence-Only Education in the
    United States
       204 million federal dollars in 2008 (Tamkins)‫‏‬

       82% of Americans support “abstinence plus” health
        education (Valenti)‫‏‬

       ½ of Americans are opposed to abstinence-only education

    Abstinence-Only Education in US
       80% of curriculum taught in abstinence-only
        classes contains false or misleading
                                                            Study released by Archives of
        information (Valenti)‫‏‬                               Pediatrics and Adolescent
                                                             Medicine in 2010 found two
       Before abstinence-only education was                 years after students received
        implemented in schools, there was a dramatic         either abstinence-only
        decrease in teen pregnancy and more
        contraceptive use (Valenti)‫‏‬                         education or comprehensive sex
       Classes often conclude with a virginity pledge           Half of students that learned
                                                                  about safe sex were having
       Studies find that students who have sex after
        receiving abstinence-only education are less             1/3 of students that had
        likely to take appropriate measures to be safe
        during sexual activity (Valenti)‫‏‬                         abstinence-only education
                                                                  were having sex
       Federally funded abstinence-only programs                Abstinence-only course in
        are expected to teach
                                                                  study emphasized delaying
         “a mutually faithful monogamous
           relationship in the context of marriage is             sexual activity but did not
           the expected standard of sexual activity”              discuss marriage or
         “sexual activity outside of the context of              morality (Muir & Seigel)‫‏‬
           marriage is likely to have harmful
           psychological and physical effects”
  Service & Community Based
 Planned Parenthood Teen Council

  Weekly   meeting

  Comprehensive      Sex-Ed

  Outreach   and Awareness Projects

 Other Community Based Learning
 Riverdale Freshman Health Class
 Loretta Ross of SisterSong
 OB/GYN Interview
    What’s Virginity to You?
    Purity Pledge Efficacy

       Based on this information, do you think purity pledges are
        effective? Why?
    Purity Pledge

       Do you feel that these promises are reasonable requests for
        most teenagers to follow?

       How do you feel about these ideals?

       What do you think about the situation Jennifer was in?

       What do you think about the situation Christina was in?

       How do you think abstinence-only education affects these STI

       Knowing that it’s almost a 50/50 split between sexually active
        high schoolers, do you think that abstinence-only education
        is effective?

       How would you combat high STI rates?
    My Conclusion
    Currently in the United States, many ideas used to promote the
    virginity of young women are inaccurate and dangerous, leading to
    messages about being abstinent finding little long-term success.
    Comprehensive sex education seems like a more realistic
    curriculum for teenagers in the United States.
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       EQ. The rest was good background knowledge though for me to have a more cohesive idea of how my topic
       has aged and changed.

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       information I took from this article has been useful.

    Valenti, Jessica. The Purity Myth: How America's Obsession with Virginity Is Hurting Young Women. Berkeley, CA:
       Seal, 2009. Print. This was the first book/resource I read about my topic. I read all of it and found most very
       pertinent and interesting. This book also directed me to other sources and ideas to look up. It was a very useful

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    Thank you for your time

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