The Building Services function of the Development Services Department is mandated by
State law to enforce minimum construction and equipment standards and codes to protect
life, limb, health, property, and the public welfare. We are committed to providing direction
and supporting the public in complying with these codes in a professional, friendly and timely

                                PROGRAM SUMMARIES

Administration                                               Total Appropriations: $587,999
Positions: 4.7 FTE                                               Net County Cost: $587,999

This section manages all other sections and has overall responsibility for the department.

Permits & Inspection                                       Total Appropriations: $6,782,018
Positions: 74.3 FTE                                            Net County Cost: ($898,931)

Permits and Inspection services include all functions from the customer’s initial contact at the
permit center (either in person, by telephone, or Internet) through plan review and
inspections. This includes a complex active and archived file maintenance process.

Our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA)
for plan review and inspection services extends our services into enforcement of complex
TRPA regulations and standards.

Code Enforcement                                             Total Appropriations: $581,487
Positions: 5.0 FTE                                               Net County Cost: $451,978

A Code Enforcement Section operates within the Building Services to enforce violations of
the County Code and other related codes and ordinances. An investigation is initiated by
responding to citizen inquiries and complaints and upon the request of other health and
safety agencies. Enforcement actions must specifically address safety-related or non-
permitted items such as: illegal business, fire-created hazards, and substandard or
dangerous housing. Code Enforcement has also been used for the initial investigation and
subsequent tracking of a complaint that may affect multiple departments.

In September 2004 the Board of Supervisors authorized expansion of this program to include
enforcement of non-building permit regulations and added three staff members for this
purpose. This new section is financed with General Funds that are not permit activity related.


                        Fiscal Year 2004-05 Accomplishments

   •   Building Services is now a division of the Development Services Department.
       Preparation for the transition began in July 2004 with the official creation of the
       department occurring in March 2005 by action of the Board of Supervisors. Much of
       the activity during this fiscal year has been focused on implementing improvements in
       areas previously identified as well as identifying new areas for improvement. By the
       end of this fiscal year we anticipate a fully integrated permit center offering planning
       and building services seamlessly to our customers.
   •   In September 2004 the Board authorized three additional positions for the Code
       Enforcement, including an Operations Supervisor. The unit now has a total staff of 5.0
       FTEs. We are in the process of proposing a new code enforcement ordinance that will
       enable us to fund a portion of this unit with enforcement fees.

                             Fiscal Year 2005-06 Key Issues
The upcoming year will be the first full fiscal year for Development Services and we look
forward to a number of issues:

   •   The relocation of the Courts from the main floor of Building C will allow full
       implementation of the Permit Center with permit service participation from Planning,
       Building, DOT and Environmental Management.
   •   The commercial grading function currently within DOT will transfer to Development
       Services in July 2005. Personnel allocations, fee collection, accounting and billing
       responsibilities will also transfer to Development Services. Additional fiscal support
       staff is necessary to handle the accounting and billing tasks for this unit and one Fiscal
       Technician is included in the FY 2005-06 budget request.
   •   The implementation of the General Plan and the accompanying workload is expected
       to increase our staffing needs by eight FTEs. While positions may not need to be filled
       immediately, it is anticipated that workload will dictate that all positions be filled by year
   •   Using information obtained from the Countywide fee study conducted in FY 2003-04,
       the department is developing a new building permit fee schedule for adoption by the
   •   Electronic services will continue to be a key issue with enhanced ability to present data
       and information on the Internet.


                          Key Performance Indicators

                                        Estimated      Estimated       Estimated
                                         FY 03-04       FY 04-05        FY 05-06
Revenue projection compared to           Baseline to   +/-5% at year   +/-5% at year
actual                                  be developed         end             end
                                                           0 to 5%         0 to 5%
Expenditure projection compared to       Baseline to    expenditure     expenditure
actual                                  be developed     savings at      savings at
                                                          year end        year end
Percent of evaluations completed         Baseline to
                                                          100%            100%
timely                                  be developed
% of employees receiving 15 hours of     Baseline to   100% at year    100% at year
training                                be developed      end             end
Average waiting time for customers       Baseline to   Maximum of      Maximum of
accessing the Permit Center             be developed   10 minutes      10 minutes
Average time from submission of
                                         Baseline to    No waiting      No waiting
permit application to “deemed
                                        be developed      time            time
Average time from permit application
                                         Baseline to
“deemed complete” to plan review                         15 days         15 days
                                        be developed
Percent of inspections performed on      Baseline to
                                                          100%            100%
the day requested                       be developed
                                                           To be           To be
% of cases closed after courtesy         Baseline to    determined      determined
notice sent                             be developed     by activity     by activity
                                                          trends          trends
                                                           To be           To be
% of cases closed after follow-up        Baseline to    determined      determined
inspection and second notice sent       be developed     by activity     by activity
                                                          trends          trends
                                                           To be           To be
% of cases closed after third notice     Baseline to    determined      determined
sent                                    be developed     by activity     by activity
                                                          trends          trends
                                                           To be           To be
% of cases referred to District          Baseline to    determined      determined
Attorney’s Office or Sheriff’s Office   be developed     by activity     by activity
                                                          trends          trends


The proposed budget for the Building Services Division of the Development Services
Department is recommended at a Net County Cost of $141,046, an increase of $296,849
from FY 2004-05.

Revenues for the division are increasing by $1,027,295. The majority of this increase is from
anticipated permit fee revenues which are projected to increase due to the higher level of
development activity associated with adoption of the General Plan and the anticipated lifting
of the Writ.

Appropriations for the division are increasing by $1,324,144. The majority of this increase is
in Salaries and Benefits and is due to compensation study implementation, retirement and
health care increases, and the addition of staff requested by the department to handle
additional workload anticipated with the adoption of the General Plan and lifting of the Writ.

The total number of FTEs is increasing by nine, from 75.0 to 84.0. Changes in the personnel
allocation include:

                                        Placerville     El Dorado Hills
              Position                                                           Total
                                          Office            Office
   Operations Supervisor                    1                  1                   2
   Sr. Building Inspector                   1                  2                   3
   Sr. Development Technician               1                                      1
   Development Technician                                       1                  1
   Administrative Technician                 1                                     1
   Fiscal Technician                         1                                     1
   Total                                     5                  4                  9

With an increase in development activity expected to occur with the lifting of the Writ, building
plan check and inspection service demands are also expected to increase. In addition, there
is presently a need for additional plan check personnel to handle high levels of plan review
activity. Plan review times during peak seasonal periods have reached seven weeks this
year due to high activity levels. The division would like to be able to reduce plan review times
to 30 days or less on a consistent basis.

The annual valuation of building permits processed by the Division has increased from
approximately $552 million in 2002 to a projected level of $723 million in 2005. This trend is
expected to continue with the lifting of the Writ and continued build-out of approved projects
in the El Dorado Hills area. Annual permits issued by the division have also increased from
5,962 in 2002 to a projected level of 7,400 in 2005. Building inspection activity in the El
Dorado Hills/Cameron Park area alone has increased more than 50% since 2003 and
customer traffic to the El Dorado Hills permit center has nearly doubled during that timeframe.
The request for additional staff is in response to actual and projected increases in activity and

is necessary to maintain reasonable customer service standards (i.e. 30-day or less plan
reviews and next-day inspection services).

The recommended budget includes appropriations for new computer equipment and systems
furniture for the additional staff, and three vehicles for the new inspection staff.

                                    PERSONNEL ALLOCATIONS

              Classification Titles                      Adjusted   Reqst'd   Recm'd    Diff From
                                                         2004-05    2005-06   2005-06   Adjusted
 Director of Development Services                           0.50      0.50      0.50        0.00
 Administrative Services Officer                            1.00      1.00      1.00        0.00
 Administrative Technician                                  2.00      3.00      3.00        1.00
 Assistant Building Inspector                               3.00      3.00      3.00        0.00
 Assistant/Associate Planner                                1.00      1.00      1.00        0.00
 Building Branch Manager                                    1.00      1.00      1.00        0.00
 Building lnspector I/II                                  18.00      18.00     18.00        0.00
 Building Official                                          0.00      0.00      0.00        0.00
 Deputy Building Official*                                  0.00      0.00      0.00        0.00
 Deputy Director - Administration                           0.50      0.50      0.50        0.00
 Deputy Director - Building Official                        1.00      1.00      1.00        0.00
 Development Aide I/II                                      8.00      8.00      8.00        0.00
 Development Technician I/II                                6.00      7.00      7.00        1.00
 Executive Secretary                                        1.00      1.00      1.00        0.00
 Fiscal Assistant I/II                                      1.00      1.00      1.00        0.00
 Fiscal Technician                                          1.00      2.00      2.00        1.00
 Office Assistant I/II                                      1.00      1.00      1.00        0.00
 Operations Supervisor                                      4.00      6.00      6.00        2.00
 Plans Examination Engineer                                 2.00      2.00      2.00        0.00
 Sr. Building Inspector                                   13.00      16.00     16.00        3.00
 Sr. Civil Engineer                                         2.00      2.00      2.00        0.00
 Sr. Development Technician                                 5.00      6.00      6.00        1.00
 Sr. Office Assistant                                       1.00      1.00      1.00        0.00
 Sr. Planner                                                1.00      1.00      1.00        0.00
 Supervising Civil Engineer                                 1.00      1.00      1.00        0.00
 Dept. Total                                              75.00      84.00     84.00        9.00

       * Deputy Building Official deleted effective June 25, 2005


                                         FINANCIAL INFORMATION BY FUNDTYPE


                                                     CURRENT YR                         CAO
                                     PRIOR YR        APPROVED        DEPARTMENT         RECOMMENDED
CLASS CLASS TITLE                    ACTUAL          BUDGET          REQUEST            BUDGET           DIFFERENCE
_____ ______________________________ _______________ _______________ _______________    _______________ _______________
02    REV: LICENSE, PERMIT, & FRANCH       5,721,012       5,201,141       6,732,561           6,732,561       1,531,420
05    REV: STATE   INTERGOVERNMENTAL          77,685
13    REV: CHARGE FOR SERVICES               289,914         234,619         360,611            335,611          100,992
19    REV: MISCELLANEOUS                     228,692          62,707         226,779            226,779          164,072
20    REV: OTHER FINANCING SOURCES                         1,284,696         490,507            515,507         -769,189
                                      -------------- -------------- --------------       --------------   --------------
TYPE R SUBTOTAL                            6,317,303       6,783,163       7,810,458          7,810,458        1,027,295


30     SALARY & EMPLOYEE BENEFITS         4,257,572        5,352,040        6,615,211         6,615,211        1,263,170
40     SERVICE & SUPPLIES                   453,680          712,218          729,582           729,582           17,364
50     OTHER CHARGES                          6,608          117,113          119,417           119,417            2,304
60     FIXED ASSETS                          31,130           71,016           76,269            76,269            5,253
70     OTHER FINANCING USES                  45,964           50,000           55,000            55,000            5,000
72     INTRAFUND TRANSFERS                  328,619          324,972          356,025           356,025           31,053
                                     --------------   --------------   --------------    --------------   --------------
TYPE X SUBTOTAL                           5,123,573        6,627,359        7,951,504         7,951,504        1,324,144
                                     --------------   --------------   --------------    --------------   --------------
DEPARTMENT 27 TOTAL                      -1,193,730         -155,804          141,046           141,046          296,849


                  DEVELOPMENT SERVICES

BUILDING                PLANNING
SERVICES                SERVICES

EL DORADO HILLS                                   ADMINISTRATION
                         GENERAL PLAN
     OFFICE                                           FISCAL

                        SPECIAL PROJECTS

  LAKE TAHOE               PLANNING
    OFFICE                COMMISSION


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