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									                                     Whitehall Farm Condominium Association
                                      P.O. Box 4188 * Middletown, RI 02842
                                     Repair email:
                                     Landscape email:

                                                 Newsletter – Fall 2008

                                                                    adds color and life to our Corey Lane sign that says to all
GREEN LAWNS IN OCTOBER?!                                            “Welcome Home.”
As I write, I am catching glimpses of leaves falling from
two trees near my unit. I have watched these trees grow             John W. Lewis III
from saplings in 1986 when I could pick up all their                President
spent leaves in the fall and stuff them into a single               Email:
plastic Stop & Shop bag. This year they tower over the
west side of our building, and along with adding a bit of
rustic character to this corner of Whitehall Farm, provide
an inviting cool canopy for those hot days of July and                     WELCOME TO WHITEHALL FARM!
                                                                    We are happy to welcome All of the following new
But as I drove back into Whitehall this morning, I was                              neighbors to our
amazed that our lawns are still spring green, when so                         Whitehall Farm community!!
many past years at this time they have had that scraggly
brown “here-comes-winter” look. Of course we know it                  Alexander Walsh and Cindy Madden (Unit #106)
is coming, but the balmy temperatures of the past several             Glenn Ormiston (Unit #213)
days allow us to ignore the sure signs of what is ahead—              Loraine Hennessey (Unit #311)
petunias no longer blooming, a sun low enough in the
sky to show my dirty living room windows, tomatoes
determined to remain green, and yes, those falling
                                                                    SMOKE/CARBON DIOXIDE DETECTORS
Driving around my oval (counterclockwise, of course), I             OUR PATIENT LIFE-SAVERS
noticed neighbors with lovely plants in bloom in their              Have you ever been annoyed when startled by an
fall gardens. My first thought was “why didn’t I think of           accidental blast from one of the smoke detectors in your
that?” My impoverished May repertoire includes buying               unit? When was the last time you tested each detector to
a mixture of wax begonias, geraniums, marigolds,                    make sure it is working? Some detectors are hard wired
impatiens and petunias (of course). My second thought               into your unit’s electrical system, with or without a
was “get some tulip, daffodil, crocus, and hyacinth bulbs           battery backup in case of a power failure, while some
in for next spring.”                                                detectors are battery powered. All three types are to be
                                                                    found at Whitehall Farm.
Rarely does a week go by that I do not hear from fellow
owners, new and used as well as from realtors and                   And all detectors need to be tested periodically. Due to
visitors who comment about how attractive Whitehall                 accumulated dust and other factors, these detectors cease
Farm is. It is easy for me to throw bouquets to Petey               to operate over time and need to be replaced. Believe it
Moore and George Rosner for all they and those they                 or not, ten years is a long time for them to operate
retain do to make Whitehall a better place. My hat is               dependably in order to KEEP YOU AND YOUR
always off at the special contribution the Farms Hands              LOVED ONES SAFE.
make to our community throughout the year. Last, but in
reality, the most important contributors are you. Indeed,           Some authorities recommend smoke and carbon
it is the many creative ways that individual owners                 monoxide detectors be tested on New Years Day each
maintain and brighten their tiny piece of our sixty-five            year. Better yet, testing can be done more frequently.
acres that add up to a classy, well cared for mosaic that           Testing is easy! Simply use a broomstick to push in the
                                    We’re on the Web at:
                                 Before you forget...add this link to your browser’s favorites!!

 test button briefly and then cover your ears. The sound               Snow removal at Whitehall Farm is a service attempt to
 that may on occasion have annoyed you will sound like                 minimize the impact of harsh winter weather. But it
 music when it assures you it is still on the job.                     certainly does not eliminate all risk on all roadways and
                                                                       all walking areas. Remember that roadways and
 Hearing no sound, means it is time to investigate further.            walkways plowed, salted and sanded are subject to
 Either become an expert or seek out one who can                       refreezing once winter temperatures begin to cycle above
 determine if your detectors need new batteries or have to             and below the freezing mark.
 be replaced. It is necessary to replace all detectors in the
 network at the same time, even if one or more of them                            WHITEHALL FARM WINTER
 still work(s). Also, any living unit for sale these days, by                     STORM ACTIVITY NOTES…
 law must be equipped with at least one detector for                          For most storms, plowing will begin close to the
 carbon monoxide.        The Consumer Product Safety                          end of the snow event.
 Commission recommends it be located near the sleeping
 area, where it can wake you if you are asleep.                               The main roads and circle roads will be plowed
 Additional detectors on every level and in every                             first, followed by the clearing of access roads and
 bedroom of a home provides extra protection.                                 then driveways. When forecasts anticipate higher
                                                                              temperatures which would melt the snow,
                                                                              driveways may not always be plowed. This
LANDSCAPE AND GENERAL CARE OF THE                                             decision is storm specific.
                                                                              Depending on the timing of a storm, it might be
                                                                              wise to park your vehicle in a cut-out area so that
 WHITEHALL FRONT ENTRANCE NOTES                                               it will be easier for you to access the circle road
 The front entrance plantings did pretty well this year                       first thing in the morning.
 with the loss of only one of our new permanent shrubs.
 The planting selections are at a fairly low maintenance                      For large storms, residents are asked to move
 level. I see it as a simple, yet dignified appearance for all                vehicles away from unit driveways and into
 four seasons. This is one of those times I wish I had                        garages or to the cut-out area parking spaces.
 taken before and after photos.                                               This allows the plows to clear the driveways.

                                                                              After the unit driveways are cleared, owners
                                                                              should then move vehicles back to the driveways
 This may be a good time to talk about common area
                                                                              so that the cut-out spaces can then be cleared by
 plantings and maintenance thereof. The limited common
                                                                              the plows.
 areas of almost every unit are very well planted and
 maintained by owners, personally or with garden help.
                                                                      As is done each year, snow barrels will be placed at the
 Needless to say, your neighbors and all of us thank you.
                                                                      mail boxes in all commons.
                                                                              Please help by keeping the covers snapped
 In a few places over the years, an “extra garden” has
                                                                              securely in place on the sand barrels to prevent
 been developed outside a unit’s limited common area by
                                                                              moisture from freezing the sand within the barrel.
 owners or renters who have long since moved or are no
                                                                              Contact Petey to report any missing sand scoops.
 longer able to care for their “extra garden”. Some of
 these areas have been taken over and maintained by new
 unit owners. In other cases, the area has simply grown                Enjoy another New England Autumn and…How
 larger and weedier through benign neglect.
                                                                       about the entrance road Forsythia?? What a great
 One of the spring 2009 landscape projects will be to                  comeback!!! ☺
 reduce, replant, or remove such areas. Our goal is to
 improve the appearance and the sustainability of the                  Petey Moore
 entire Whitehall Farm landscape. This in turn reduces                 Landscape Coordinator
 maintenance costs and allows money for things like tree               Email:
 replacements among other things.

 I have ordered about 1 inch of snow on Christmas Eve                MAINTENANCE…
 just for local color. ☺ So to be ready, Gill Landscaping
 will place snow stakes along all the roads and sand                   Once again, summer has flown by and we are enjoying a
 barrels will be placed at the mail boxes.                             beautiful fall season in Middletown, Rhode Island. As
                                  We’re on the Web at:
                               Before you forget...add this link to your browser’s favorites!!

usual, much has been accomplished in the maintenance                 BRICK PATIO MAINTENANCE TIPS!!
area at Whitehall Farm.                                              Many brick patios, especially those on the north side of
                                                                     units, have become covered with moss/grass. When wet,
DRAINAGE ISSUES                                                      the surfaces become slippery and could cause falls.
We have had increasing drainage problems over the last               There are a number of ways to remedy this situation
3 or 4 years involving the area between Common 2 and                 including one of the following:
the new construction area of Common 4. This summer,                  a.) use of a power washer to dislodge the moss/grass. If,
the Board contracted Northeast Engineers and                         as an owner, you are unable to do this, the name of a
Consultants, Inc., of Middletown to formulate a                      reputable person who can perform this service (for a
Feasibility Study concerning this problem. The study                 fee), will be provided upon request.
was completed close to Labor Day and the                             b.) use of a simple cleaning solution, once in spring and
implementation of key recommendations is being                       once in fall, will keep the bricks clean. The simple
planned for this fall.                                               formula is as follows:
                                                                               #1 -1 gallon hot water
ROOFING PROJECT                                                                #2 - 3 oz TSP (trisodium phosphate) Home
Fifteen units have been scheduled for Phase V of the                           Depot has it
complex wide project. Manchester-O'Neill will be the                           #3 -1 oz. liquid laundry detergent (e.g. Cheer)
sole contractor once again. Work commenced just after                          #4 -1 gallon Clorox bleach
Labor Day and should be completed by early November,
weather permitting.                                                          Mix #1, #2, and #3 together, then add #4. Apply
                                                                             to bricks with a long handled stiff bristled
BIENNIAL FIREPLACE/CHIMNEY INSPECTIONS                                       brush. You do not have to rinse the mixture off.
The biennial fireplace/chimney inspections took place                        The mixture will dry by itself. Stubborn mossy
over summer 2008. Brian Winchell of East Bay                                 areas may have to be scraped to remove the
Chimney once again provided his expertise. Results are                       excess and then treated with this solution.
as follows:
29 units have gas logs or inserts                                    ROUTINE maintenance requests must be submitted in
52 units did not require inspection (various reasons)                advance and in writing to one of the following addresses:
39 units were inspected by East Bay, of which five units
required cleaning                                                       Email:
                                                                        US Mail:      Whitehall Farm Condominium Assoc.
                                                                                      P.O. Box 4188
WHITEHALL II CONSTRUCTION UPDATE                                                      Middletown, RI 02842
Five buildings housing ten units have been completed at
Whitehall II which is located in Common Four. Eight of               EMERGENCY requests should be reported directly to
the ten units have been sold to date. Another stand-alone            George Rosner (or to any member of the Board in his
unit has been sold and is under construction at the                  absence) who will then contact Kevin Coristine directly
present time. Work has been done on the roadway and                  to expedite repairs. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT to
lights are to be installed around the Common Four circle.            be considered an emergency line. In bona fide
                                                                     emergency situations where life and property are
GENERAL MAINTENANCE                                                  threatened, residents at Whitehall Farm should seek the
*Necessary repairs/replacements of garage, patio/atrium,             assistance of appropriate emergency personnel.
and front doors were completed.                                      Members of the Board should then be contacted
*Brick patios were repaired as well as the beautiful stone           concerning the nature and status of the emergency as
wall along the entrance road.                                        soon as is appropriate.
*Roof leaks on old roofs have been repaired as needed.
*Several patio privacy fences were repaired this year.               George Rosner
 *the maintenance log has 872 items total since 2004                 Maintenance Coordinator
with 57 active at this time.                                         Email:

Please refrain from trying to right a downed light
bollard. Inspection tours are made periodically to check             WINTER WEATHER PREPARATIONS
on lights that have been knocked down or blown over.
You can also notify the maintenance coordinator who                  EXTERIOR WATER FAUCETS
will contact a licensed electrician to resolve the problem.          To prevent frozen water pipes, the following are best
While your intentions are commendable, you may cause                 practices to be followed:
more damage by your actions. And Please do not stack                   Disconnect water hoses from outside faucets
trash bags/barrels or recyclables against light bollards.              For a bathroom located on an outside wall, leave the
                                 We’re on the Web at:
                              Before you forget...add this link to your browser’s favorites!!

   door open in very cold weather to prevent those              --- Cut along dotted line and keep handy at your desk ---
   pipes from freezing
  Keep thermostat at 50 degrees or higher during winter
   months especially when you’re away from the unit.                   *** 2008-2009 EXECUTIVE BOARD ***
  For longer periods when your unit is closed for                 John W. Lewis III, President     846-9913
   vacations, etc., turn off the water at the main and            118 Corey Lane
   drain water pipes through an outside faucet, leaving           E-mail:
   all other faucets open until the flow stops.
                                                                  Frederick C. Promades, VP/Treasurer          849-6967
                                                                  117 Corey Lane
FIREWOOD STORAGE                                                  E-mail:
Termites cause damage and they require a professional
exterminator to get rid of them at great expense and a
                                                                  Sandy Kafka, Secretary                       619-1204
long period of time. Don't invite them into your unit by
                                                                  507 Corey Lane
storing firewood next to your building. Firewood and
other materials stored directly against your building act
as a direct road into your home’s very structure for both
                                                                  Petey Moore, Landscape                       847-1109
insects and moisture. Both can lead to serious paint and
                                                                  219 Corey Lane
structural problems. Expenses associated with termite
treatment and/or replacement of rotting clapboards are
significant and may be determined to be the
                                                                  George Rosner, Maintenance                   847-7498
responsibility of the owner. The Board recommends that
                                                                  305 Corey Lane
firewood be stored at least two feet or so away from your
building. Bring wood inside only when you are building
a fire in your hearth.
                                                                        Whitehall Farm is on the Web at:
SECURITY AND EMERGENCY RESOURCES ON-                           
The Executive Board at Whitehall Farm suggests that
you take the opportunity to review the link available on
our homepage to the State of Rhode Island's Government          Editor’s Note:
Information website & specifically the Security &                        Individuals ready, willing and able to share
Emergency Resources Online webpage.                             anecdotes, articles or photographs that might be fun to
                                                                include in this newsletter should contact: Sandy Kafka,
The website and the information provided therein, may           Phone: 619-1204 or E-mail:
be consulted concerning an incident or potential incident                The WFCA Newsletter is published regularly in
(natural or man-made) that has, or could occur or that          March, June, and October or at other times as deemed
could impact our community.                                     necessary by the Executive Board of Directors.
                                                                         The WFCA Newsletter masthead appearing on
Informational links relating to hurricane preparedness,         the front page was scanned from the marketing materials
the National Hurricane Center, FEMA, RIEMA, the U.S.            used by the project developers during the original
Department of Homeland Security, as well as           marketing and sales phase of Whitehall Farm
links to several newspapers and news outlets are                Condominiums.
available from the website. Our website address is


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