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									5 Ways In Which Tablets Aid Online Tutoring
Online learning industry is progressing in full gear. And with the augmentation of technology, this
progress has become fourfold. Tablet is the latest technology that has caught the fancy of both online
educators and students alike. Within a year of their inception, tabs have emerged to become the most
favored gadget of all times. Industry experts predict that this gadget will be ruling the roost by 2016,
with around 283 million units to be shipped. Recognizing the increasing tablet frenzy, the e-learning
industry is also leaving no stone unturned to reap maximum benefits out of the budding technology.
Are you wondering how a 6 or 7 inch gadget can make online tutoring worthwhile? Well, here are 5
amazing ways in which tablets are giving internet-based learning a facelift. Explore them!
1. Tablets Befit Students' Lifestyles: The immense popularity of tablets amongst students is quite
obvious- tabs are lightweight, thin and sprang to life with a single touch. This makes them easier to
carry and operate than netbooks or laptops. Furthermore, a sturdy battery life means students need
not struggle with charging cables anymore. Recapitulating lessons was never this simple. Open up
the app, tap on the lesson or lecture and replay it within few seconds. That's quicker than calling or
texting batch mates and waiting for a response that might not be 100% accurate.

2. Tablets Showcase Study Material in the Best Way: These devices are known to showcase online
study material such as e-books and notes in the most enhanced manner. Tabs render qualitative
sounds, images and videos that are impossible to get in a standard print edition. Watch videos of
famous speeches or follow your auto-advancing music sheet as you learn about music. All in all, tabs
deliver a more integrated learning experience which prove engaging for the students and make
learning fun.
3. Tablets Proffer Educational IT Trends: Cloud-based learning is the new buzz in the internet
learning arena. Owing to their multiple connectivity options and high-end portability, tablets align well
with this emerging tutoring online trend. With the synchronization of cloud-based systems and tabs,
students can take e-lessons on the go and ensure all their hard work is saved at a central location
and can be accessed from any device. Moreover, there is no need to pay for computing power that is
completely of no use!
4. Tablets Incorporate the Most Innovative Software: Some highly innovative software are being
designed specifically for tablets. Besides supporting most of the educational apps available today,
these gadgets are highly compatible with online learning and teaching platforms such as Blackboard.
In fact, the current shortcoming of tabs- lack of multitasking- proves to be a boon for the education
industry. It lets students focus on one task at a time.
5. Tablets are Readily Available: Tablets are readily available in the marketplace today. With biggies
like Apple coming up with multiple chains of stores worldwide, buying tabs is no more a tedious
process. With more manufacturers jumping into the field, we can expect more and more students
switching to tabs.
The proximity of tablets with students is a degree higher as compared to other learning devices.
Soon, we can imagine an e-learning space where tabs will be ruling the roost.

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