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									Becoming a Manager: Effective Communication Skills
Many people in America today work dull office jobs that require them to sit at a computer for 8 or 9
hours a day. They don’t really want to be working where they’re working, but it pays the bills and so
they just have to keep at it.

But one important thing that most people overlook about office jobs is the possibility of a promotion. It
depends on your specific job, but most of the time a regular employee will work under a manager.

That manager will then work under another manager, and so on. Usually regular employees have the
opportunity to possibly be promoted to the position of manager.

But being promoted to manager does not just happen overnight. If you want to become a manager,
there are several skills you will need to have almost perfected so that you will stand out to your

Effective Communication
Any manager will tell you that the most important thing a manager needs to learn is effective
communication skills. As a manager, you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively with your co-
workers as well as with your own manager and other superiors.

                                     Effective communication involves active listening and responding
                                     to what the person you’re talking to is saying. Many people make
                                     the mistake of trying to formulate a response to what someone has
                                     said to them before the person is even done actually talking.

                                     Make sure to listen to a person’s complete statement before trying
                                     to think of your response. You want to make sure that you’ve
                                     understood them fully, not just partially.

                                     Another effective communication technique is to be nice to
                                     people. Even if someone asks you what seems like a stupid
                                     question, it is up to you as the manager to answer the question to
                                     the best of your ability.

                                     Another important technique that sometimes goes unnoticed is
                                     the usage of body language. Body language can sometimes speak
                                     volumes about how you’re truly feeling about a situation.

If you’re taking to an employee in a friendly manner, but your body is turned slightly away from them
and your arms are crossed, this gives off a not-so-friendly vibe. Make sure that you’re aware of what
your body language is saying.
Always make sure to ask people to do things, rather than tell them what to do. This will facilitate a
healthy relationship between you and your employees.

Having a Healthy Relationship with Your Employees
If you want to become a manager, having a normal and healthy relationship with your employees is
absolutely essential. They must be able to know, understand, and trust your communication style.

It is important that your employees feel comfortable being honest
with you about any questions or problems they may be having.
Studies have shown that many employees are actually intimidated
by their managers and would not be comfortable approaching
them should a problem arise.

If you want to become a manager, there are many skills that you
must develop. One of the most important skills is that of effective

Being an effective communicator will help you to achieve the position of manager and to excel in this
position in your company.

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