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The Castle in Auvergne

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					The Castle in Auvergne
By : Yves Auger Less known than the castle of the Loire castles of Auvergne are boors and discreet. But as authentic and rich with a deep history, Dungeon, niche, murderous and drawbridge sprinkle visits fortresses Auvergne. You will relive the epic battles of the lords of the Middle Ages or sleep in a room with the ghost of Queen Margot. In Auvergne region of central France with Clermont-Ferrand is the capital city, every village and mound was once topped by a castle. In different eras, but the fortresses of the Middle Ages are more numerous. Story different awaits you at each visit. If volcanoes, cheese and Michelin are the hallmark of the Auvergne, castles tell the history of the region. Especially those in the Middle Ages. The preferred activity accounts Auvergne and their Vasala then build castles to defend themselves. Until the twelfth century, they do not recognize the authority of the king of France. It was not until 1213 that Philip Augustus supports the county of Auvergne in the kingdom of France. Some still exist, preserved, renovated or rebuilt over the centuries. As one of Opme of the twelfth century, the guardian of the Roman road between Gergovie and Clermont-Ferrand, bought it 18 years ago by a passionate Philippe Durin. ''I visited during my childhood and my dream was finally realized.'' Some other castles have suffered the ravages of time, or history of Cardinal Richelieu, who had dismantled the castles of Auvergne in 1620. However, we can visit them. As those of Alleuze, magnificent in its enchanting setting, or Billy, built in the twelfth century property in the village of the same name that takes care jealously. Since 1967, the village council of Billy who manages. During the visit of an hour, a guide tells the story of this castle strategically located at the gateway to the Auvergne. But there's more, each year the city adds activities''in August, we will organize two military camps on the castle's history, said Deputy Mayor, Annick Chovet .

About the Author : Yves Auger is an avid traveler. He writes a blog travel destinations where he shares stories, tips with a wealth of information to save you time and money.