Tips and tricks for a trip to French Polynesia

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					Tips and tricks for a trip to French Polynesia
By : Cathy Clement Hints about money and budget: Second only to Japan, French Polynesia is the most expensive destination in the world to stay. All the more reason to plan this trip question does not come home with large debts on credit cards. If money is not at all a problem for you, ignore this and enjoy yourself fully to Tahiti and its islands. By cons, if you stick to a budget for this trip, limit your impulse spending, stay away from the hotel boutiques, shopping in small shops of artisans, like renting a car rather than a panda 'a Honda, for your lunch, stop in a supermarket or small restaurants and feel free to ask about the menu before you sit down and order. If you have a really small budget, avoid the French Polynesia! Tips opening hours of shops: Shops, banks and various shops are open weekdays from 8 to 18h, Saturdays at Papetee as in several other villages, pratiqument all shops and stores close between noon and 14:00 and on Sunday everything is closed then pre see your purchases and cash withdrawal in advance. When to visit French Polynesia? There are 2 seasons in French Polynesia, the rainy season and dry season. The rainy season is from November to April (summer season in Polynesia) and during those months, the region receives more than ¾ of total rainfall of the year e (average 1800mm). The climate during this period was very wet but very hot with average above 30C in February and March. It goes without saying that this period is considered the low season in French Polynesia. Even if the weather is not always the best, this time by offering the best prices cons both flights and accommodation. Regarding the high season, May to October is the Polynesian and winter temperatures range from 24 to 28C, there is almost no temperature variation between day and night. The month of July is one that is the busiest, especially because of the different festivals and celebrations taking place this month. The wind is present throughout the island on the islands of French Polynesia. Cost of living in French Polynesia: I said and I repeated it is expensive to stay on one or other of these islands. An average meal in a restaurant will easily cost 30 euros a hotel room through Class starts at 100 Euro per person per night. Moving from one island to another can be done by aircraft, Air Tahiti serving 38 islands in the 5 archipelagos (costs 38 euros to 175 euros per flight), catamarans connect Tahiti ; Moorea. Another catamaran, the Aremiti III connecting Huahine and Raiatea. The ideal is to book a package that already included a stay on a few islands. Taxis are very expensive, choose the rental car. To be absolutely on your trip: Scuba diving: each island has a dive center in Moorea you can dive among the sharks.

Sailing: a quiet activity to admire the beauty of the scenery aboard a sailboat is "a must". You will find many rental agencies boats on the islands of Bora Bora, Tahiti and Moorea. In the Marquesas, visiting archaeological sites is the central point of the stay. Do not miss to attend a dance on the Tahitian island. On this, I hope you realize your dream by staying in French Polynesia and especially planning out your trip!

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