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              Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher                                               Dry Chemical Extinguishers
                      SENTRY Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers

                      are designed to protect areas where
                      Class B or Class C fires could occur. They
                      may be used indoors where winds and
                      drafts do not affect discharge or where
                      a clean extinguishing agent is required.
                      Non-conductive, non-corrosive clean
                      extinguishing agent. Aluminum shell is
                      sturdy, yet lightweight.

                      UL listed. Six year limited warranty.

 No.          Description                         1      6
 ANU-431553   5 lb. extinguisher               208.66 198.23              429101                   429002                  429003
 ANU-431554   10 lb. extinguisher              307.06 291.71        SENTRY dry chemical extinguishers are designed for the protection

                                                                    of light, ordinary, and extra high hazards. They are suitable for both
              CLEANGUARD® Extinguisher                              industrial and commercial fire protection needs. Extinguishing agents
                                                                    are available for fires involving Class A, Class B, and Class C mate-
                    CLEANGUARD®          extinguishers     are      rials. Fits most cabinets, six year limited warranty, extruded alu-
                    designed for protection of light, ordinary      minum valve, plated steel valve stem, steel pick-up tube, and plated
                    and extra high hazards. These compact           steel ring pin. Glare-resistant Mylar nameplate with bar-coded model
                    and portable extinguishers are suited for       and serial number. Color coded pressure gauge and standard hang-
                    both industrial and commercial fire protec-     er hook. UL Listed and USCG approved.
                    tion needs. Typical applications include
                    computer rooms, essential communication         Model 429101 includes a vehicle bracket other models have hanger
                    areas, irreplaceable data, document, and        hook.
                    art storage rooms, laboratories and sensi-
                    tive or expensive equipment.                                                                             Each
                                                                    No.             Description                            1       6
                                                                    ANU-429101      2.5 lb. extinguisher with            43.26   41.10
                                                                                    vehicle bracket
                                                                    ANU-429002      5 lb. extinguisher with hanger       55.13    52.37
                                                                    ANU-429003      10 lb. extinguisher with hanger      93.30    88.64
              5 lb. extinguisher
                                                  1      6
                                               191.70 182.12
                                                                                        Wheeled Fire Extinguisher
 ANU-429021   9 lb. extinguisher               380.85 361.81                                              RED LINE® FORAY® wheeled
 ANU-429022   13 lb. extinguisher              622.59 591.46                                              fire extinguishers are manu-
                                                                                                          factured to provide protection
              Water Extinguisher                                                                          for hazardous areas where the
                                                                                                          potential for large fire exists.
                  SENTRY® Water Extinguisher is designed to
                                                                                                          They can be strategically locat-
                  protect all types of areas containing Class A
                                                                                                          ed to provide maximum pro-
                  fire hazards except those with Class C
                                                                                                          tection for a wide variety of
                  potential as water will conduct electricity.
                                                                                                          hazards, while taking up a
                  Stainless steel butt weld construction for long
                                                                                                          minimum of space, and requir-
                  life and corrosion resistance. UL listed. Color
                                                                                                          ing only one trained person
                  coded pressure gauge.
                                                                                                          for operation. No pressure
                                                                                                          regulator required, simple
                  Six year limited warranty.
                                                                                                          operation provided by dis-
                                                                                                          charge nozzle and 2-position
                                                                                                          ball valve. Aluminum barrel
                                                                                                          provides a solid, round agent

                                                                                                          UL listed.    FM and      USCG
                                                    Each                                                                          Each
 No.          Description                         1      6          No.                 Description                                 1
 ANU-430847   2 1/2 gallon extinguisher        130.63 124.10        ANU-053876          150 lb. FORAY unit                       2098.32

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