Combating Carbon Dioxide by steepslope9876


									                                                          Valley Courier: March 12, 2008

                                                                            Combating Carbon Dioxide
                                             of electricity are the only cost-   dioxide emissions. It is cost          eir use will not only help cut
                                             free ways to cut carbon emis-       e ective. We need to give this      our reliance on foreign oil, it
                                             sions. In fact, conservation will   technology another look.            will reduce carbon emissions
                                             save money at several levels.           Fourth, we need to increase     into the atmosphere. Advances
                                                 Conservation, will create an    funding to nd clean coal tech-      in battery technology will make
                                             immediate reduction on your         nology. Some experts estimate       this possible.
                                             electric bill. Over time, conser-   that we have enough coal to last        Finally, we need to look
                                             vation could also help reduce       for another two or three centu-     at distributed generation. For
            John Villyard, CEO               the need to build new power         ries. We need to nd clean ways      example, we need to take advan-
San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative   plants—the cost of which is         to use this abundant resource.      tage of opportunities to use
We are at a crossroads. We                   ultimately borne by those who           Furthermore, many devel-        waste heat to generate power.
can not continue to use natu-                use the power they provide.         oping nations, especially China,    One Colorado cooperative is
ral resources without serious                    Conservation also makes a       rely on coal to produce power.      working on such a project now.
thought about the implications               direct and immediate reduction      We must nd cost e ective                   is seven-step program
of our actions upon the future.              on carbon dioxide emissions. I      ways to reduce the emissions of     will take the e orts of many.
    Cooperatives from across                 strongly encourage you to make      plants abroad, as well as those     It won’t work without you. To
the U.S. joined forces earlier               energy conservation a part of       here at home, if we are to make     keep people up to date, and to
this year to carry their message             your lifestyle.                     a di erence globally.               help combat mis-information
of concern to Washington D.C.                    Second, we must invest              Fi h, we must address car-      and incomplete information,
   is message includes a seven               in research to develop tech-        bon capture and sequestration.      SLVREC met with community
step proposal to help reduce                 nologies to improve renewable       Some have suggested we simply       leaders earlier this month. Our
carbon emissions.                            energy. We must also invest in      capture carbon dioxide from         goal is helping to keep the Val-
    First and foremost, energy               transmission       infrastructure   power plants and store it. How-     ley informed, and to help us to
e ciency and conservation are                development to bring power          ever, this technology does not      learn ways provide services our
key. Cooperatives have carried a             produced from renewables to         exist. Signi cant questions also    members want and need.
message of conservation to their             population centers.                 remain over liability and stor-
members for over 75 years; but,                     ird, we need to put          age issues. Let’s gure it out!
never has that message been as               nuclear power back into our             Sixth, we need to cut vehicle      Serving the Valley since 1937
important as it is today.                    power production mix. Nuclear       emissions through the use of               3625 US Hwy 160 W
    Conservation and wise use                power does not create carbon        plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.         Monte Vista, CO 81144

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