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									Sick of Being Sick?
   Ready to Recapture the Joy of Being Healthy!
My Story        Bill Young

  I was diagnosed with diabetes
      215LBS
      41 ½ in around middle
      A1c of 7.4
      High blood pressure
      Winded when walking up Subway stairs
      Father died from diabetes
      African American
Why Are You Taking This
 Why is that important to you?
 What would achieving this goal mean to
  you, your family?
 Why Now?
 Have you tried to achieve this before?
 What happened?
 What are you prepared to pay to achieve
  this result? Will you change your thinking
Why You Are Sick
 and Stay Sick!
      Deadly Epidemic
                        Annual Deaths 2007
   Cancer                  562,000
   Heart Disease           616,000
   Cerebrovascular         136,000
   Diabetes                234,000
   Nearly 90% of Americans die of these
    and related chronic diseases Most before
    their time
Are You 1 of the 70% Who Will
    Die An Early Death?
 Over 30 yrs old
 Blood PH <7.365 Acidic
 High Blood Sugar (>120mcg/dl)
 Over Weight (BMI >25)
 Over 40 inches Round Middle
 High Blood Pressure (>130/85)
 Elevated Blood Fats
    Triglycerides (>150)
 Drink less than 8 glasses of WATER daily
 Black, Latin or Native American, East Indian
    Metabolic Syndrome X
             Foods Kill!

 National Cancer Institute “Serious Disease,
  such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and
  diabetes that are linked to what we eat, kill 3
  out of 4 Americans each year.!”
 Dr. C. Everette Koop, “Eating the Standard
  American Diet kills 2 out of 3 Americans each
         The Body is an Amazing
 100 Trillion Cells
 Makes Own Electricity (Sodium/Potassium Pump)
 Computer (Brain) Always On
 100,000 Miles of Blood Vessels (4X around Earth!)
 22 Acres of Skin
 45 Miles of Wiring (Nerves)
 Heart Pumps 24/7(Over 1 Billion Beats, No Rest)
 Millions of Microscopic Chemical Factories
 Self Healing
But, the Operating Environment is Critical!
The Key Role of Proteins in
The Functions of the Body
   Structures
   Enzymes
   Hormones
   Receptors
   Signal agents
   Whatever proteins are damaged
    interferes with the corresponding body
    function, physical or mental
    Jelly Fish
Lives in Sea Water
Dies in Fresh Water!
    You Are a Walking Fish
   Over 70% Water (over 100lbs)
   Same ingredients as ocean water
   All activities of life occur in water
   We lose 2-3 Quarts of water daily
   Without water in our bodies, we die
   Polluted water leads to sickness and
 Crucial Environmental
 Hydration
 Oxidative Stress
 Acid/Alkaline Balance
 Oxygen
 Voltage
What Upsets These Critical
 Western Lifestyle
   SAD Diet (Standard American Diet) Too
     Sugar
     Fats
     Meat
     Fried Foods
     Refined Carbohydrates
     Fake Foods
     Calories
Acid is Death!
Free Radical Damage
   America’s Deadliest
 Whopper: 1300 cal
              Fake cheese
              White bread
              Mystery meat
             French fries 400 Cal
             Heated vegetable oil
              Chemical additives
Deadliest Meals, Cont’d
             Cola Paradise!
One of the most Acidic substances you can put
                in your body!
          10,000 Times More Acidic!
             MMM Lunch!
Over 60,000 man-made chemicals in processed
What Else Destroys Your
  Body’s Perfection?
  Environmental Pollution
    Air, Water, Heavy MetalsElectromagnetic
  Emotional Stress
    Negative Thoughts and Emotions
      Worry
      Anger
    Physical Stress
      Illness
      Injury
      Lack of exercise
   Over Acidity, Free Radicals,
Oxidative Stress and Heavy Metals
       Cause All Diseases!
   Damage DNA of Cells (Cancer)
   Damage Organs of Body
   Disrupt vital Inter and Intra Cellular
    Communications (Nervous and Mental
   Damage Functioning of Enzymes (Can
    affect any, all of body’s functions)
   Attack All Body Organs And Systems
     Cardiovascular, Nervous, Pulmonary, etc
 Aging Vs “Getting Old”

 Not the same
 Getting older is good
 Aging is physical deterioration over
 Therefore disease is Aging!
     Aging, NOT Disease!

   Chronic Degenerative Disease =AGING
   Dehydration-Proteins cannot function
   Hypoxia-Cells die
   Oxidation-Damages proteins
   Acidity-Proteins damaged by acid
   Accumulation of Heavy Metals
Let Your Food Be Your
  Whole Foods contains all minerals,
   vitamins, antioxidants needed for health
    Depleted soils
    Food additives
    SAD Diet
 Nutritional Supplements
 Kangen Water
     Avoid These Foods!

   Excessive animal protein
   Dairy
   Vegetable Oils
   Excessive Grains
   Processed Foods (FrankenFoods)
   White Foods
   Heavy Metal Contaminated Foods
“She Didn’t Get the

  Not one LIVE Food in her cart!
“Your Body is Your
“Honor Yah With Your
Prevent Disease, Reverse
Aging With Nutrition!
  Eat Alkaline Foods
  Drink Ionized Alkaline Water
  Nutritional Supplements
  Relieve Stress
  Proper Exercise
  Get Rid of Heavy Metals
Which Foods Are Alkaline?

  Most Whole, Natural Fruits and
  To Prevent aging, eat 70% fruits and
   veggies, 30% acidifying foods
  To Reverse aging, eat 80-100% fruits
   and veggies, depending on severity of
  Vitamix or other food processor
Effectiveness of Alkaline
 Dr C. Esselstyn-Cardiologist, “Prevent
  and Reverse Heart Disease”
 Dr H. Shinya-Oncologist, guarantees
  cancer will not return
 Dr C. Campbell Cook-China Study
 Dr Steve Sinatra, Reverse Heart Disease
 Dr S. Ripich-Cures Diabetes
     Stress Release

 Prayer
 Yoga
 Meditation
 Brain Wave Entrainment
  Heal disease with your mind
      Proper Exercise

 Exercise 30 minutes/day
   Walking
   Running
   Stair Climbing
   Swimming
   Weights
   Balance

 Jimmy, 3 weeks to live with prostate
 Barbara, 3 Mo recovery from
  metasticized breast cancer
 Dorcas, cured of life long asthma
 Annalynne-Severe Acid Reflux gone
 Cliff-Acid reflux
 Bernice-Bladder cancer

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