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Capital Ideas OttawaDNA - 3i Summit by zhanzhan0815


									Capital Ideas / OttawaDNA

Type of initiative: Inter-Sectoral Forum
Title              Capital Ideas / OttawaDNA
Brief              Capital Ideas is a forum for fostering dialogue, created to inspire and promote new heights of urban
Description        sustainability in the National Capital Region.
                   Goals include: 1) Idea Forum: generate opportunities for urban sustainability dialogue, collaboration
                   and innovation among key stakeholder groups; and 2) Leadership Council: attract new civic leaders
                   and leverage established champions to actively promote a shared interpretation of urban
                   Activities include: the delivery of an interactive event series called OttawaDNA that will explore
                   Ottawa's urban identity through a development lens. Community and business leaders provide their
                   perspectives on challenging development topics through interactive, collaborative, and solution-
                   based dialogue.
Anticipated        Some anticipated benefits
Benefits                 New partnerships between community groups and businesses.
                         More civic leaders championing urban sustainability and facilitating implementation
                         Greater understanding of how urban sustainability relates to community and business
                             interests and opportunities.
                         A mulitsectoral source for consultation and advice.
                         Innovated and creative ideas generated about development projects, programs and
                         A nonpolitical environment for open conversations about development challenges in the
Status as of       The Capital Ideas forum, events and supporters represent a wide cross-section of our region's
April 2012         leaders and sectors who are at the forefront of urban sustainability. Our volunteer steering team
                   and interim Leadership Council includes:
                         Don Anderson, V.P. Business Development, M.P. Lundy Construction
                         Chris Henderson, Founder, Delphi
                         Simone Thibault, Coalition of Community Health and Resource Centres of Ottawa
                         Michael van Aanhout, President, Stratos
                         Andrew Bevan, Executive Director, Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement
                         Martin Canning, Vice Chair, City of Ottawa, Environmental Advisory Committee
                    Other Capital Ideas supporters and participants include:
                         Yasir Naqvi, Member of Provincial Parliament, Ottawa Centre
                         Graham Saul, Chair, Ecology Ottawa
                         James McNeil, Associate V.P., Cushman & Wakefield
                         and numerous other civic leaders across the region
                    OttawaDNA event management team includes:
                         Jason Pearman (leading location: The Hub)
                         Kevin O'Donnell (leading e-platforms)
                         Nick Taylor-Vaisey (leading interactive media partnership with OpenFile)
Key needs/         Further build a network of Capital Ideas / OttawaDNA participants and supporters. Deliver
next steps         successful initiatives that fully reflect and realize the goals and outcomes listed above.
                         OttawaDNA event scheduled for Thursday, May 24 at the Hub. Key note speakers will
                             include Alex Munter and Neil Malhotra discussing tall buildings in Ottawa. Participants will
                             include key business and community stakeholders. All event details have been confirmed.
                             Invitations will begin in April.
Contacts (lead Martin Canning, 613-316-3929,

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