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					Math 1131Q-30                           Calculus I                                   Fall 2012

Instructor: Konstantina Christodoulopoulou
Common webpage:
Phone: 486-3919
Office hours (MSB M402): T 11–12:30 pm, W 2:30-4pm or by appointment.

TA: Rebecca Moran:
Office hours (MSB 119): Wednesday 2-3 pm, Thursday 1-2 pm, Friday 9:30-10:30am, or
by appointment.

Text: Calculus I, Early Transcendentals, Single Variable, by William Briggs & Lyle Cochran
(1st Edition), bundled with MyMathLabPlus code, i>clicker rebate coupon and Just In Time
refresher text.
A graphing calculator (TI 82, 83, 85 or 86) is recommended. Models TI-89 and above are
not permitted on the exams and quizzes.

Objectives: In this course we will cover the main ideas of Calculus I: limits, continuity,
differentiation, antiderivatives, definite integrals, with applications to the physical and engi-
neering sciences.

Final Grades will be calculated as follows:

   • Homework (MyMathLab)- 10%

   • Quizzes (MyMathLab and discussion class)- 10%

   • Clicker Response - 5%

   • 2 Common Evening Exams - 20% Each

   • Final Exam - 35%

   • Gateway Exam - Pass/Fail (Failure to pass the Gateway Exam will lower the
     course grade by one full letter grade.)

Need help? If you have questions about the course in general, please visit the course Web
site at or ask. If
you have any questions about the material or are struggling, do not hesitate to get help.
The discussion sections are meant to help you and are a good time to ask questions. Office
hours are a very useful tool, so please come to them if you do not understand a topic or

                                                                Math 1131Q-30-Fall 2012
Math 1131Q-30                         Calculus I                                  Fall 2012

have any questions at all. If you cannot make my scheduled office hours, you can e-mail me
to schedule an appointment. You can also receive help from the Q-Center which is located
in the Babbidge Library. Your classmates may also be helpful when you are studying or are
having trouble with a topic.

Discussion Expectations: Please participate and ask questions in the discussion section.
Food/drink is allowed as long as it is not distracting. Please put your phones on silent in
class. This is especially important when you have a quiz or exam!

Homework: There will be homework assignments for each section of the text. Each as-
signment will be made available on MyMathLab several days before the section is covered
in class. The due date for each assignment will generally be two or three days after the
material is covered in class. You will get 5 attempts to answer each non-multiple choice
question and two attempts for each multiple choice question. After each attempt, you will
be told whether your answer is correct or not. If you are not able to get the correct answer
after your initial attempts, we recommend that you seek help from your instructor or TA,
the Q-Center, a tutor, or another student.

Quizzes: There will be a quiz on each homework assignment. These quizzes will be timed
assignments on MyMathLab Plus and will generally be due one day after the homework
assignment. There will be additional quizzes in the discussion sections on days and material
specified by your TAs. We will also have some in-class worksheets which will occasionally
be collected by your TA. Whenever worksheets are collected, they will count towards your
quiz grade.

Clickers: Clickers will be used in the lectures beginning week 1. Please see the common
class webpage for instruction on how to register your clicker.

MyMathLab Registration: The homework for Math 1131 is assigned online using the
MyMathLab online home work system. To access your homework online you must go to Key points to remember:

   • If you purchased the text book from UConn bookstore, you will see an access code for
     Mylabsplus. You will need this access code when you login.

   • To login in to the acccount visit

Exams: There will be 2 common evening exams and a final exam. The evening exams will
be administered on:

                                                              Math 1131Q-30-Fall 2012
Math 1131Q-30                          Calculus I                                  Fall 2012

                              Friday, October 5, 3-5 PM
                             Friday, November 9, 3-5 PM

The evening exams will be held in rooms listed that will be listed on the common webpage
later. The dates and times are listed in PeopleSoft, but not the rooms.

A comprehensive final exam will be given during the common MATH block on Saturday,
December 15. Attendance at all exams is mandatory (see the missed exam/quiz policy

Gateway Exam: The gateway exam will be given in the Mathematics MacLab (MSB 203)
during the two week period October 22 - November 1. The exam may be repeated (as often
as needed) in the MacLab (MSB 203). Practice versions of the gateway exam may be taken
online from MyMathLab Plus. These practice versions are from the same test bank as the
actual exams and will be graded online.

   • This is a Pass/Fail exam.

   • A passing score of 70 must be achieved (unlimited number of attempts) to avoid having
     your course grade reduced by a full letter grade.

   • Any student who does not pass during this period and has three recorded failing grades
     will get a two-week extension. Important note: This extension is available only to
     those students who have failed the exam 3 times during this first 2-week period.

   • Practice gateway exams are included with the online homework.

   • Calculators are NOT allowed.

Missed Exam/Quiz Policy: The only valid excuses for missing an exam or in-class quiz
are a family-related crisis or a serious health problem. If this is the case, you will need a
note from the appropriate Dean or University Health Services official and you should notify
your instructor as soon as possible.

New This Year: OSSA is REQUIRING that students who have a conflict about which
they have or should have had advanced notice (bunched, religious obligation, legal/medical
appointments) MUST seek permission to reschedule their assessment NO LATER THAN
November 30th.

Tips for the Course:

   • Mathematics is not a spectator sport. Your participation and engagement with the
     material is essential.

                                                               Math 1131Q-30-Fall 2012
Math 1131Q-30                          Calculus I                                   Fall 2012

   • Discuss the topics with your classmates.

   • Take advantage of my and your TA’s office hours. This time is set aside for us to help

   • Don’t hesitate to ask questions in class.

   • Be reminded that 2 student hours devoted to assignments and preparation for every
     hour of classroom time is a reasonable expectation for an average student.

   • Barring unforeseen medical or other serious conditions, I expect you to be in class on
     time every day. If you must miss a class, please be sure to contact a classmate to find
     out what you missed.

   • If you are in trouble see me immediately. If you think you are in danger of failing (or
     of getting a grade that you do not want) you should see me immediately. I will not
     give you an extra credit assignment or an incomplete to help you avoid failing, but
     I can make recommendations regarding drops, study habits, test taking skills, future
     courses, etc.

Additional Resources: Online videos, flash cards and concept questions prepared by Prof.
Savkar are available here:
Extra help is also available through the Q-Center:
The Q-Center provides free tutoring on a drop-in basis and exam review ses-

Class guidelines: It is expected that everyone in our class will act in a respectful manner:

   • I expect that you are committed to learning and will not miss class. Arriving late (after
     we have started class) or leaving early is disruptive and disrespectful. If however, you
     cannot avoid it, please arrange in advance with me.

   • Turn off all cell phones and beepers before the start of class.

   • Laptops are not to be used in class (Facebook can wait!)

   • Cheating of any kind is absolutely unacceptable and will result in failure of the assign-
     ment, test, quiz, etc. Please review the student code:

Students With Disabilities: Students who think that they may need accommodations
because of a disability are encouraged to meet with me privately within the first two weeks
of classes. Students should also contact the Center for Students with Disabilities as soon
as possible to verify their eligibility for reasonable accommodations. For more information,
please go to:

                                                               Math 1131Q-30-Fall 2012
Math 1131Q-30                         Calculus I                                  Fall 2012

Useful phone numbers

   • Counseling and Mental Health Services: 486-4605;

   • Alcohol and other Drugs Services: 486-9431;

   • Dean of Students Office: 486-3426;

This syllabus is subject to change. You will be notified if any changes are made.
Version 1

Course Outline: Below is a tentative schedule for the class. We strongly recommend that
before every lecture you take a half-hour or so to look at the sections that will be covered
on that day.

             Week                             Sections
              1                               Chapter 1
              2                           Sections 2.1, 2.2
              3                         Sections 2.3–2.5 (all)
              4                         Sections 2.6, 2.7, 3.1
              5                         Sections 3.2–3.4 (all)
              6       Section 3.5, Review for Exam 1, Exam 1 (10/5, 3–5pm)
              7                         Sections 3.6–3.8 (all)
              8                        Sections 3.9, 3.10, 4.1
              9                         Sections 4.2–4.4 (all)
              10                        Sections 4.5–4.7 (all)
              11      Section 4.8, Review for Exam 2, Exam 2 (11/9, 3–5pm)
              12                        Sections 5.1–5.3 (all)
              13                     Happy Thanksgiving!!
              14                        Sections 5.4, 5.5, 6.1
              15                   Section 6.2, Catch-up/Review

                                                              Math 1131Q-30-Fall 2012

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