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					        The Wolf

         The book I read was The Wolf by Steven Herrick. It is about a boy named Jake and a girl named
Lucy. Jake Jackson is a 15 year old boy that is living on a farm with his mom and dad. Ever since Jake was
a young boy, he has heard the story from his dad of the wolf his dad saw at Wolli Creek when he was
twenty years old. Ever since he has been told that story, Jake has been searching and waiting for the
wolf to come so he can see it. One day, Jake meets this one girl named Lucy Harding. Lucy is 16 years old
and is also living on a farm with her parents and her brother peter. Lucy hates her family and isn’t happy
with her brother and dad. Jake and Lucy meet each other and decided to go try to find the wolf. Lucy has
her story of the “wolf” being a stray dog that they had lost it a long time ago. Jake’s story is that the wolf
is a wolf. Jake and Lucy go to Sheldon Mountain to find the wolf. While on the trip, Jake falls and breaks
his ankle while he is climbing up Sheldon Mountain. While Jake is waiting in the cave, Lucy got Jake’s
dad to go to help Jake back to his house. The book goes on from there, and even though Lucy used to
hate her life, now she is a lot happier because before she had gotten back from the trip, Lucy’s mom
took the car keys in threw them between her and Lucy’s dad and said “one of us needs to go”, and
luckily for lucy it was her dad that picked them up and just left.

         I would recommend this book to really any people that like fiction books and fictional
characters. I wouldn’t really recommend this book to people that like non-fiction and books that aren’t
fictional. If I had to rate this book on a scale of 1-10, I would probably rate it a 7 or an 8 because the
book was pretty good since it was sort of adventurous which I like. This book can be sort of boring
sometimes because to me it seems that sometimes some of the chapters or pages are just almost like
big run-ons and are a little boring, otherwise it was a good book.

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