The Wolf's Breakfast by qingqinglxkc



                       (1)The Wolf’s Breakfast

    One early morning, a wolf went out to hunt and found a pony trapped
in a mud pit.
    “What gorgeous food in such an early morning!” The wolf was
happy.   “Mr. Wolf,” moaned the pony, “If you want to eat me, please
pull me out of the pit first, or you will be trapped too.”
    The wolf thought it was reasonable, so he pulled the pony out.
    “Mr. Wolf, I hid a piece of gold in one of my hoofs. I’ll die anyway,
so I want to give it to you.” The pony said, after shaking the mud off his
    The wolf was pleased and went to the back of the pony to take the
gold. At the moment, the pony lifted his hind foot and gave the wolf a
ruthless kick.
    The wolf was annoyed at himself and said, “Why didn’t I eat him at
    After that, the wolf came to the grassland, seeing a flock of sheep
eating grass there. He was so happy and shouted, “Stay where you are!
I’ll eat you!”
    One of the sheep said, “We wouldn’t escape anyway, let us have the
last prayer.”
    The wolf agreed. Then all the sheep cried out loudly, pretending to
say the prayer. The shepherd heard the cry and came over quickly with
two hounds.
    The wolf ran away at once. On the way back to the forest, he
blamed himself, “I deserve it. Why didn’t I eat them at once!”

                        (2)The Smell of Bread

    A baker lives in a small town. Every day he makes bread at his
bakery. His thick, brown bread is delicious. It has a wonderful smell.
    Every morning Gabriel sits down in front of the bakery and smells
the bread. Gabriel is a poor man. He doesn’t have enough money to buy
the bread, but he loves the smell.
    One winter day the baker sees Gabriel smelling the bread. He gets
very angry. “You are stealing the smell of my bread,” he says. “You can’t
do that! You must pay me for it!”
    “I’m not eating the bread,” answers Gabriel. “I don’t have to pay just
to smell it.”
    “Yes, you do,” says the baker. “Let’s ask the judge,” says Gabriel.
    The judge listens to Gabriel and the baker. “This is a difficult
problem,” he says. He sits and thinks.
    After two hours the judge asks Gabriel, “Do you have any money?”
Gabriel takes out a little bag with ten pennies in it. “Shake the bag,
Gabriel,” says the judge. Gabriel shakes the bag and the coins jingle.
“Listen to the sound of the coins, Baker,” says the judge. “The sound of
Gabriel’s money pays for the smell of your bread.”

                           (3)A Proud Bat

    In an autumn day, a bat was crying while flying. An eagle felt
strange and asked him, “Why are you crying, Bat?”
    “Because I’m cold,” answered the bat.
    “Why don’t birds feel cold?” asked the eagle again.
    “Because they have feathers, and I have none,” said the bat.
    The kind eagle thought for a while; then he ordered each bird to give
the bat a feather.
    Now the bat had beautiful feathers in different colors. Then the bat
became more and more arrogant, and finally, he didn’t even speak to the
other birds anymore.
    The birds complained to the eagle, so the eagle asked the bat for an
    “They are jealous of my feathers. They are more beautiful than
those of other birds.” While speaking, the bat opened his wings to show
off his feathers.
    “So, since you are so beautiful now, I guess you don’t need the
feathers anymore,” said the eagle, “Give them back to the birds then.”
    So, all the birds pulled away their own feather from the bat. Soon,
the bat became as ugly as before.
    From then on, the bat dared not to show himself before the birds
anymore. He was forced to come out and hunt for food only at night.

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