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5 Day Entrepreneur Training Video by trafficmonsters


• Are you sick and tired of coming up with
  business ideas that seem great only to flop
  when you try to put them into action?
• I use to struggle with the same problem.
• How can some people seem to come up with
  awesome ideas, launch them and make
  thousands and even millions and I can’t even
  make a dollar?
• How could I sniff out the missing link, which would set
  me up as an expert worthy of the attention I know I
  deserve and inspire people to be attracted to what I’m
• The answer came me after years of tinkering around
  with my birth chart. I knew the valuable information it
  contained, but had no idea how to systematically make
  it work for me.
• When I finally figured it out, I wrote, packaged,
  monetized and presented my research and I had my
  first REAL client within a week and from there my
  clientele doubled and tripled.
• Hi my name is Candi, and over the last 3 years I have
  figured out how to help people eliminate business
  purpose confusion, save time & money, and
  immediately monetize and put their ideas into action.
• I have learned that the most critical time in business
  building is in the very beginning. If the foundation is
  not solid you will most definitely sink.
• When you are sinking you are vulnerable to marketing
  vultures who want to sell you everything the revolves
  around them and NOTHING that makes you and your
  business the center of attention.
• Trust me…I know, because I have been there.
• I was so frustrated that I spent 6 months of non
  stop researching, arranging, testing and creating
  to come up with an immediate, effective way…
• …in which I can use your birth chart to make sure
  you create your business completely around your
  purpose, your services and effortlessly draw only
  those to you that want exactly what you have to
• No more having to copy what other people are
  doing only to fail.
• No more having to feel like you are being fake by
  offering things you are not really passionate
• No more feeling frustrated about not attracting
  the money you deserve in exchange for your hard
• No more depending on “list-building” and other
  money & time draining tactics to land your best
• End the tail-chasing, money sucking, emotionally
  draining, dead-end tactics that leave you
  doubting your ability to monetize your purpose
  and live the life you were designed to have.
• In most of the marketing programs I have seen
  and tried we are taught to make claims about
  making thousands and millions of dollars if we do
  this or that.
• I have never have desired to be a trillionaire.
• To be honest I just wanted to make a decent living
  doing what I love and grow gracefully into my
  power to bless the ones I love with the fruits of
  my services to others.
• I wanted to have a business that would allow me
  to organize my priorities, values and deepest
  desires in a way that I could be comfortable,
  peaceful and prosperous in all areas of my life.
• This is so much more fulfilling to me than just
  seeing numbers.
• Don’t get me wrong…
• …numbers are great!
• Numbers help us quantify our efforts and keep
  track of how we are doing monetarily, which is
  extremely important.
• But most importantly…
• …quality, quality, quality is what drives us to
  create more quantity.
• If the quality of purpose is missing, the money
  almost always dries up.
• Why?
• Because money is drawn to quality, essence,
  purpose & joy.
• When your burdens are light, making money is
• So, I present to you my 5 Day Cosmic
  Entrepreneur Training Series.
• My goal is not to sale you, but to share with you.
• The only thing you will be doing is paying me to
  be your servant.
• So instead of “selling” you, I want to inspire you
  to invest in your peace and prosperity…
• …by investing ONLY $197 bucks in finally
  manifesting your purpose filled business.
• Here is what you will do with my cosmic system.
• Chart: Generally go over your chart
• Observe: Look at detail placements within your chart
  and what it all means in relation to YOU
• Synthesize: Organize your chart information so you see
  how it works together
• Monetize: Plug in your money attraction factor so you
  can get PAID
• Increase: Accentuate all the positives in your chart to
  give you that “WOW” factor in your business
• Create: Design your authentic COSMIC business plan
• When you are done you will have the best business
  foundation ever to help you soar into action with
• Although I would be delighted if you joined me in creating
  & monetizing your business purpose…
• …I must admit this.
• I don’t want to work with any and everybody.
• That’s the beauty of working strictly from your purpose.
• You are no longer hungry for heartache in exchange for
• You are hungry for quality and comfort.
• This is the part where it is about me, because I
  have to take care of me to be of best service
  to you. So here it goes.
• My ideal client is…
• …Savvy, spiritual, forward thinking
• Hungry for authentic , specific information
  and results
• Professional & determined
• Eager to dig up their deepest desires, monetize
  them and present them to the world
• Never stops learning & wants to move up to the
  highest level possible without resistance
• If this is YOU, simply CLICK and GROW
• I’ll see you on the COSMIC side of life
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