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August 11 - Eastern Europe: Switching Empires, Global Politician

August 11 - Austin Gas Prices Hit New Record,

August 11 - Shift In Us Attitude Puts India In The 'Big League', Channel News Asia

August 11 - Eastern Europe: Switching Empires, Global Politician

August 10 - Australia In Negotiations To Supply China With Uranium, Taipei Times

August 10 - Push For Uranium Exports To China, The Age

August 10 - Sri Lanka ‘Will Not Disarm’ Karana Group, Siber News Media

August 9 - Aust Heading For Debate On Uranium Sales To China, Australian Associated

August 9 - Record Oil Prices Trickle Down To High Gas Prices,

August 9 - Push For Uranium Exports To China, The Age

August 9 - Debate Looms On China Uranium Sale, Melbourne Herald Sun

August 9 - Australian Ex-Army Chief Urges Iraqi Pullout In 2006, China Daily

August 9 - Azerbaijan Set To Agree Accepting Us Bases, Russian Daily

August 9 - 'Stranded' Troops Risk, The Advertiser

August 9 - Australia Announces Formal Negotiations With China On Uranium Sales,
Associated Press

August 8 - Australia Ex-Army Chief Urges Iraq Pullout By 2006, Reuters

August 8 - Fed: Us Group Says Aust Faces Security Dilemma, Australian Associated Press

August 8 - Foreign Troops Must Quit Iraq By 2006’ Pakistan Daily Times

August 8 - Stranded' Troops Risk, Advertiser Adelaide

August 7 - Heartbroken Families Reveal Honor, Sacrifice, The Enquirer

August 3 - The End Of People Power, Philippine News

August 2 - If Not In Iraq, Then Oragami?, Questions And Observations

August 2 - Mexican Mercenaries Expand Base Into US, World Peace Herald
August 1 - Mexican Mercenaries Expand Base Into U.S., The Washington Times (Do Not Add

August 1 - Competing $ Views, Forex TV

August 1 - Daily Forex Commentary, Asia Times

August 1 - Burying Blair: Post-Mortem For The British, Dissident Voice

July 30 - A Shift In Iraq, Toledo Blade

July 27 - Direct Travel Selects Sabio Consultancy For Workforce Optimisation ...,

July 21 - Expulsion Of Expatriates, Independent-Bangladesh

July 21 - Did Greenspan Know About The London Bombings, Dissident Voice

July 20 - How Did Greenspan Know About The London Bombings Two Days Before?, Axis
Of Logic

July 19 - London Plot Thickens, As Does Propaganda, Collective Bellaciao

July 19 - Mossad Chief Confirms Netanyahu's Warning Of London Bombing,

July 14 - From Thieves To Terrorists, The Daily Northwestern

July 10 - 'London Bombings Intended To Boost Al-Qaida Morale',

July 8 - China Politics Overshadow Unocal Bid, Market Watch

July 8 - London Terror; Probing Al-Qaida, Newsday

July 8 - Stratfor's Scenario: Economic Woes In China Will Deflate Oil Prices, Austin Business

July 8 – Local Company Reacts To London Attacks, KXAN 36

July 7 – U.K. Airports Open After London Blasts, Market Watch

July 7 - Police Force Goes On Full Alert, Business World

June 2005

June 25 - Politics & Policies: Terror In Beirut, United Press International

June 12 - Philippines Terror Link, Sunday Times

June 11 - Wanted Bali Terrorists In Philippines Says Stratfor, Australian Associated Press
June 2 - London Embassy Incident Highlights Need For Vigilance, Australian Associated

May 2005

May 31 - Organization Goes Where Life Leads It Stratfor Takes A Dispassionate Look At
Global Struggles, Dallas Morning News

May 27 - Baku Initiates Creation Of The East-West Axis, Defense And Security

May 25 - Azeri President To Choose Between Drastic Reforms Or Lost Of Power: Us
Analysts, Arminfo News Agency

May 8 - A Declining Presence; Gradual Withdrawal Of U.S. Troops From South Korea
Strains Alliance As North's Nuke Threat Looms, Newsday

May 3 - Stratfor Says Aust Managed To Out-Wait Cash-Strapped Timor, Australian
Associated Press

April 2005

April 18 - Musharrraf-Benazir Alliance Can Change Pak's Political Scenario: Stratfor,
Hindustan Times

April 18 - S. Korea Unwilling To Update U.S. Plan, The Washington Times

April 13 - Would A Us-Style 'Megan's Law' Work In Japan?, Christian Science Monitor

April 13 - Crude Falls On Inventory Data,

April 5 - How Oil, Housing, And China Could All Crash, CBS Marketwatch

April 4 - U.S. Has Few Options In Dealing With Venezuela's Chavez, Kiplinger Business

March 2005

March 30 - Bush Vows To Assist Indonesia, Investor's Business Daily

March 30 - F-16 Sale To Strengthen President Musharraf, Pakistan Press International

March 24 - Oil, Gasoline Snap Two-Day Slump,

March 9 - Caspian Oil To Make Poland Less Dependent On Russia, Polish News Bulletin

March 7 - Syria's Pullback Poses Challenges For Mideast, Kiplinger Business Forecasts

March 6 - How Secure Is North Korea's 'Dear Leader'?; Rumors Of Kim Jong-Il's Declining
Power May -- Or May Not -- Be Greatly Exaggerated, Buffalo News

March 3 - Aust Firm On Etimor Call, PNG Post-Courier
March 2 - Downer Defends Govt Stand On East Timor Peacekeepers, Australian Associated

March 2 - Stratfor Says Aust Aiming To Improve Relations With London, Australian
Associated Press

March 1 - Financial Meltdown In China, Nationalist Upheaval In Russia By 2015 – Stratfor,

March 1 - Meltdown In China, Nationalist Upheaval In Russia Predicted By 2015, Agence
France Presse

March 1 - The Next Big Race, Slate Magazine

March 1 - Financial Meltdown In China, Nationalist Upheaval In Russia By Nnnn – Stratfor,
Xinhua Financial Network News

February 27 - The Countries That Refuse To Surrender - The Us, Australia And Britain
Boost Their Troop Numbers, The Sunday Telegraph

February 24 - U.S. Eyes China As Stakes Rise In North Korea Crisis, Kiplinger Business

February 24 - Ex-Troops Aiding Drug Traffickers, The Washington Times

February 23 - Us Group Says New Alliance Forming, Australian Associated Press

February 22 - Andrew Liveris, President And CEO of Dow Chemical, Discusses The World
Economy, CNBC News Transcripts

February 22 - Media Journey Of Missiles From Secret Stash To Magnicide Plots, Latin
American Weekly Report

February 22 - Up-Close Look At China Reveals Economic Trouble, USA Today

February 20 - Syria's Dead Hand; Lebanese Killing Is Part Of A Sinister Game, Pittsburgh

February 19 - A Shift In The War On Terrorism, Toledo Blade

February 14 - President Fox And Attorney General Downplay Reported Threats To Security;
Fox, De La Concha Unfazed By Report, El Universal

February 14 - Mexico: Government Doubts Drug Gangs' Missile Claim, Latinnews Daily

February 13 - Plot To Assassinate Fox Investigated Group Working For Drug Cartel Alleged
To Have Anti-Aircraft Missiles, The Dallas Morning News

February 13 - Plot To Assassinate Fox Investigated, The Dallas Morning News

February 13 - Mexico Investigates Report Of Drug Gangs Obtaining Anti-Aircraft Missiles,
Voice Of America News
February 12 - Mexican Authorities Investigating Unconfirmed Report About Black-Market
Missiles, Associated Press Worldstream

February 10 - Pardoel Plane 'Shot Down', The Australian

February 10 - In Brief, The Australian

February 10 - Insurgents Blamed For Fatal Crash, Townsville Bulletin/Townsville Sun

February 10 - Herc Was Shot Down By Missile Say Us Experts, UK Newsquest Regional
Press This Is Wiltshire

February 9 - Fed: RAF Aircraft Most Likely Shot Down By Insurgent Missile, Australian
Associated Press

January 28 - RAQ's Election Sets It Up For Democracy But Will It Fail?, The National
Business Review

January 16 - America's Secret War, South China Morning Post

January 14 - Stratfor Annual Analysis Predicts Collapse Of China, The White House Bulletin

January 1 - Trading In Futures; In Box; Brief Article, Foreign Policy

January 1 - Suicide Bombings In Operation Iraqi Freedom; Current Operations, Military


December 31 - Putin Won't Let Ukraine Go, The Daily News

December 26 - Saudi Policy At Root Of War In Iraq, Reno Gazette-Journal

December 26 - Master Spies And Secret Wars, The Washington Times

December 13 - Australia, Japan Set To Step Up Defence Ties, Asia Pulse

December 13 - Rough Times Ahead For U.S.-Russian Ties, Kiplinger Business Forecasts

December 12 - Aust, Japan Moving Closer On Defence Front, Australian Associated Press

December 12 - Push For Defence Tie With Japan, Sunday Tasmanian

December 11 - Fed: Aust, Japan Moving Closer On Defence Front, Australian Associated

December 7 - New, Improved Justifications For Invading Iraq!, Lewiston Morning Tribune

December 2 - Australia To Begin Free Trade Talks With Asean, Asia Pulse

December 2 - Great Day For Asian; Relations: Howard, Gold Coast Bulletin
December 1 - Govt Basks In Asean Outcome, Dismisses TAC Concerns, Australian
Associated Press

December 1 - Fed: Refusal To Sign Asean Treaty Places Pressure On Region, Australian
Associated Press

December 1 - Asean Will Be Uneasy, Says Spy Agency Bernama, The Malaysian National
News Agency

December 01 - Asean Akan Tidak Selesa, Kata Agensi Perisikan, Malaysia General News

November 27 - Playing With Firepower, The Spectator

November 26 - WMDs Camouflage Real Reasons Behind Iraq Invasion, The Australian

November 22 - Iraq In The Cold Light Of Day: A Post-Election Refresher¸New York Observer

November 21 - CIA In Crisis; What Do You Do When An Intelligence Service Is Incapable Of
Repairing Itself?, The Record

November 20 - After Falluja, The National Journal

November 18 - That Cleansing Process Has Been Inhibited By The CIA's Fear Factor As An
Extraordinary Leak Machine, Chicago Sun-Times

November 17 - Cleaning House At CIA, CNN

November 14 - Vladimir The Great Roiling Russia, The Washington Times

November 12 - President Bush And Tony Blair Answer Questions On Iraq And Middle East;
Fifth Day Of Battle For Falluja; Yasser Arafat Buried Amid Chaotic Scene, CNN

November 11 - 1.8 A Tie With Yushchenko As The Winner What The Papers Say. Part B,
Corporate News

November 10 - Best Bets, Austin American-Statesman

November 5 - Thailand: Breeding Violence, Energy Compass

November 2 - The Real 'October Surprise', The Washington Post

October 23 - Profile; The 'Shadow CIA'; Austin-Based Stratfor Operates As A Private
Intelligence Organization For Its Clients, San Antonio Express-News

October 18 - Losing The War And Peace, The Australian

October 17 - Mess In Our Neighbourhood, Hindustan Times

October 17 - The Roots Of Al-Qaida Explored, San Antonio Express-News

October 14 - Bush, Not Kerry, Offers Hope Against Terrorism, Windsor Star
October 13 - Election 2004 The Aftermath; Howard Win 'Good For Bush', The Advertiser

October 12 - Fed: Stratfor Says Howard Victory Is One Up For George Bush, Australian
Associated Press

October 10 - The Business Of Intelligence; Austin-Based Stratfor A Leader In Sizing Up
Global Risks, Predicting Events, Austin American-Statesman

October 7 - Commentary: 'Liberating' Iraqis Is Destined To Backfire, Newhouse News

October 6 - George Friedman Discusses Progress In The US War Against Terrorism, CNBC
News Transcripts, Show: Kudlow & Cramer

October 6 - An Iraq Retreat Is Bad Strategy, Ottawa Citizen

       October 5 - VP Debate Tonight; Bush And Kerry Campaigns; Terror Fight, CNN

October 3 - New Tome: War Vs. Saddam Hit Al-Qaeda Hard, The Boston Herald

October 3 - Required Reading, The New York Post

October 3 - How The Election Plays Abroad, The Record

September 26 - To Be Continued - Terror Book Writer To Put End On Web, The New York

September 24 - Whose Reality To Believe?, The New York Sun

September 15 - Threats To U.S. Focus Of Talk, Albuquerque Journal

September 13 - China's Economy Said To Be In Meltdown, Chemical News & Intelligence

September 13 - Analyst Predicts Break-Up Of China In 5 Years, Chemical News & Intelligence

September 7 - Countdown For September 7, MSNBC

September 3 - Skulking Sadr Keeps Missing The Martyrdom Mark, The Australian

September 1 - Terrorist Attacks-Analysis, Security Management

August 29 - Al Qaeda May Target Elsewhere, The National Journal

August 27 - Overdue, Selective, Not Daring Enough Commentary, Businessworld

August 23 - Companies Turn To Private Spies, Fortune

August 14 - Endgame For Al-Sadr, The Weekend Australian

August 13 - Security To Blanket Games Keeping Athens Safe From Terrorists To Cost $1.5
Billion, The Dallas Morning News
August 13 - The First Casualty, Slate Magazine

August 13 - Najaf Raid Marks End To Any Deals, The Washington Times

August 10 - Analysis: Putin's Election Surprise?, United Press International

August 9 - Fall 2004 Hardcovers: Contemporary Affairs, Publishers Weekly

August 4 - 40,000 Brothers, Defense And Security

August 1 - China's Economy And Oil Prices, Oil & Gas Investor

July 31 - Politicians Learn The Diplomatic Lessons, Gold Coast Bulletin

July 30 - Newscope: International Relations Snares Both Sides, Australian Associated Press

July 30 - International Relations Snares Both Sides, Australian Associated Press

July 30 - Intelligence Will Never Be A Match For Managerialism, The Australian

July 30 - Is Russia The Next Zimbabwe?, Slate Magazine

July 29 - Refinery Threat Dismissed, Calgary Herald

July 28 - Al-Qaida Threats Divisive Poll Ploy, The Cairns Post/The Cairns Sun

July 28 - Warning On Scare Tactics, Geelong Advertiser

July 28 - Us Plane Returns As Bomb Tip Found, Gold Coast Bulletin

July 27 - Us Thinktank Warns Of Al-Qaeda Propaganda Blitz, Australian Associated Press

July 27 - Al-Qaeda Ramping Up Propaganda Blitz On Aust, Australian Associated Press

July 27 - Russian Peacekeepers Will Not Go To Iraq, What The Papers Say

July 27 - The Iraq Test, What The Papers Say

July 25 - Russia: Leading Daily Stokes Speculative Fire Over Iraq Troop Deployment,

July 21 - Russia Says Its Economic Interests In Iraq Must Not Be Linked To Troops
Deployment, Associated Press Worldstream

July 20 - Russia Denies Plans To Send Troops To Iraq, Associated Press Worldstream

July 16 - A Fallen Knight, Spinning Russia And Tennis, Moscow Times

July 3 - Study Says Roche Naive And Vulnerable, Australian Associated Press

June 26 - A Military Stretched Thin, The National Journal
June 26 - Danger Zone, The Weekend Australian

June 24 - Web Winners / Sites Can Provide Insight Into Post-Sept. 11 America, Philadelphia

June 24 - New Tactic In Terror: Beheading Of Hostages; Images On Internet Meant To
Shock World, Win Recruits, Sun-Sentinel

June 22 - Khatami: A Folk Hero In Search Of Relevance, Middle East Policy

June 21 - 'I Don't Want To Die' S. Korean Begs As Thugs In Iraq Threaten New Beheading,
Daily News (New York)

June 21 - Abd Al-Aziz Al-Muqrin: Al-Qaida Mastermind Behind Saudi Killings, The Guardian

June 20 - Beheading Outrages Muslims, Weakens Al-Qaeda Support, The Boston Herald

June 18 - Iran's Nuclear Secrets Agency The Right Forum To Denounce Deception, The
Dallas Morning News

June 14 - Slick Motive: Saudi Attacks Target Oil Kingdom Disarray, The Boston Herald

June 11 - ...And Why They Changed Tactics, Africa Analysis

June 11 - Indonesian Intelligence Analyst Says Us Base In Australia To Monitor Indonesia,
BBC Monitoring International Reports

June 9 - Us Base Move Aimed At Pressuring Indonesia, Australian Associated Press

May 27 - United States: Too Spooked To Use, SPR Energy Compass

May 26 - How To Respond? Vigilance And Alarm, ABC World News Tonight

May 22 - Dirty Bomb Fear In Athens, Herald Sun

May 19 - America: The Strong Horse; Terror's Greatest Fear Is A Willing Warrior, The
Washington Times

May 15 - Discontent Over Defense Secretary Is Growing, The Augusta Chronicle

May 15 - The Moment Of Truth, The National Journal

May 13 - Set Aside Political Animosity – Arroyo, Manila Bulletin

May 10 - Rumsfeld: But Is All That Glitters ... Golden?, The Hotline

May 10 - Politics: Military Brass Increasingly Unhappy With Rumsfeld, Inter Press Service

May 10 - Clean Elections A Must, Manila Standard

May 7 - Stratfor Warns Of More Terror Attacks In Saudi, Australian Associated Press
April 29 - Azerbaijan’s Standing To Forcefully Take Back Disputed Lands Might Have Had
U.S. Backing And Paint Armenia Into Corner: Us Experts, Arminfo News Agency

April 29 - Armenian Defence Ministry Denies It Will Host USA Military Aircraft, BBC
Monitoring International Reports

April 29 - Where Is Castao?; Colombia Warlord's Fate A Mystery After Attack, The Houston
Chronicle, April 29, 2004

April 19 - Negotiating Can Be A Dangerous Game, The Boston Herald

April 19 - 'Us Or Them' Hawk Tells NZ, New Zealand Herald

April 13 - Industry Fears Growing Role Of Patient Groups In Environment Lobby, Risk Policy

April 8 - Turmoil In Iraq; Reasons For Optimism, The Record

April 4 - Australia At Risk, Sunday Tasmanian

April 4 - Royalty Wedding On Security Alert After Attacks, Sunday Mail

April 3 - Saudi Arabia Real Reason For Us Invasion Of Iraq, Australian Associated Press

April 3 - Aust A Risk Of Terror Attack As Election Looms, Australian Associated Press

April 2 - At Vortex Of Violence – Fallujah, Christian Science Monitor

April 2 - What Would FDR Do?, National Review

April 1 - Australia's Strategic Identity Post-September 11 In Context, Contemporary
Southeast Asia

Spring 04 - Undersea Dragons; China's Maturing Submarine Force, International Security

March 30 - How Firm Is It?, Slate Magazine

March 26 - Foreign Policy Talk, The National Business Review

March 24 - Us Refiners Continue To Add Security Measures, Platt’s Oilgram News

March 24 - Why Is Haiti Such A Mess? Slate Magazine

March 23 - American Voters Less Likely Than Spain's To Appease Terrorists, The Augusta

March 23 - Reader/Opinions, Great Falls Tribune

March 23 - Oil Price Expected To Stay High In A Departure From Past Spikes, Investor's
Business Daily
March 22 – Editorial, Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times

March 22 - Putin And The Parliamentary Elections In Russia, East European Quarterly

March 22 - Former Official Says Bush Ordered Him To Find Link Between Saddam, 9/11,
The Frontrunner

March 22 - Struggles To Regain Momentum!, Slate Magazine

March 20 - Iraq Oil Flows, But U.S. Oil Companies Wait,

March 19 - Iraq Oil Flows, But U.S. Oil Companies Wait, CBS Marketwatch

March 17 - British Look The Other Way As Iranian-Backed Forces Spread Influence In
Southern Iraq, The Associated Press

March 17 - Chechen Website Claims FSB Preparing Terrorist Bombings In France, LPR
Strategic Business Information Database

March 17 - Howard Rules Out Iraq Role As Risk Factor, The New Zealand Herald

March 16 - Stratfor Says Aust In Same Position As Spain, Australian Associated Press

March 16 - Australian Pm Admits He Could Face Same Voter Backlash As Spanish Leader,
Agence France Presse

March 14 - Bush And Kerry Change The Rules, The Business

March 14 - Iraq War: A Year Later, The Orange County Register

March 9 - Putin's Potemkin Election, Slate Magazine

March 1- Greens Seek Pan-European Political Clout, Christian Science Monitor

February 27 - What Iran Wants In Iraq, The Washington Post

February 25 - Putin Seeks To Restore Russia's Prominence, Kiplinger Business Forecasts

February 16 - Working With Advocacy Groups - Taking A Peek Around The Corner, Pr Week

February 15 - Business As Usual/International Intrigue, Oil And Politics Could Give One
Pause, Star News

February 1 - "The Year Of Russia", The Ukrainian Weekly

January 29 - Still Long Way To Go On FTA, The Australian

January 28 - Us Will Do FTA For Political Reasons: Think Tank, Australian Associated Press

January 28 - FTA Talks May Run To Next Week, Australian Associated Press
January 28 - Stratfor Says Us Will Sign FTA With Australia, Asia Pulse

January 28 - Us Will Stand Up To American Sugar Lobby & Back FTA: Think Tank, Asia

January 13 - Russia May Get $ 9m In Daily Revenues From BTC, Assa-Irada

January 4 - Aid May Open Door To Dialogue, St. John's Telegram

January 2 - U.S. Tails Inbound Flights, The Boston Herald

January 2 - Experts Waiting For Wounded Al-Qaeda To Strike, The Boston Herald

January 1 - Moving Digits, Not People, The ISR Journal

January 1 - NPRA's 2004 Annual Meeting Focuses On Meeting Challenges, Making A
Difference, National Petrochemical And Refiners Association Report


December 29 - Quake Aid May Open Door For Us And Iran, Christian Science Monitor

December 22 - Hard Times For Hard News: A Clinical Look At U.S. Foreign Coverage, World
Policy Journal

December 19 - Capture Of Saddam Lightens Load In Iraq, The Augusta Chronicle

December 18 - Rebuilding And Retribution In Iraq, Chicago Sun-Times

December 15 - Saddam Captured, The Boston Herald

December 15 - Global Markets Rally On Saddam's Capture, CBS Marketwatch

December 15 - Risk-Embracing Investors Headed For Extreme Profits, CBS Marketwatch

December 15 - Caution Accompanies Optimism As Experts Assess Insurgency's Future,
The Denver Post

December 15 - Insurgency Unlikely To Abate, The Kansas City Star

December 14 - Saddam Capture Should Keep Dow Above 10,000, CBS Marketwatch

December 14 - Saddam Hussein Capture Paves Way For Market Rally, CBS Marketwatch

December 14 - Shorts To Sleep Poorly Tonight,

December 7 - Goodnight, Guerrillas; The Attacks In Iraq Smack Of Desperation, Pittsburgh

November 28 - Iraq-U.S.: Is It The Bases?, Inter Press Service
November 22 - Method In Their Madness, Courier Mail

November 22 - 'Shock And Awe' Reprised As U.S. Tries To Regain Upper Hand, National

November 17 - Local Kin Coping With News Of Recent Death Toll, The Boston Herald

November 17 - India's Naval Capabilities Are Still A Source Of Concern For China, Financial

November 10 - Personnel Command Keeps Pace With War-Fighting Changes, Air Force

November 10 - The Future Is Now; 'Reach-Back' Technology Lets Airmen Fight In Iraq From
Comfort Of Home, Air Force Times

October 21 - In Search Of Our Enigmatic Visitor -- Who Is Mr Hu?, Australian Associated

October 13 - Playboy Of The Eastern World, Slate Magazine

October 9 - Missing Missiles: George Friedman, Bill Hemmer, CNN American Morning

October 3 - A Pat On The Back Is All Jamali Gets In US, The Economic Times

October 3 - US-Pak Clinch Seen With Distaste, The Economic Times

September 27 - Opec Comes Out Fighting In Wake Of War, China Daily

September 27 - Austin's Schools Gets Rave Reviews, State-Times/Morning Advocate

September 27 - Fyrom's Xhaferi Warns West Starting To View Albanians In 'Islamist
Framework', World News Connection

September 25 - Opec To Lower Quota In Pre-Emptive Action Ahead Of Iraqi Output,
Investor's Business Daily

September 22 - The Stability Of Nuclear Deterrence In South Asia: The Clash Between State
And Antistate Actors, Asian Affairs: An American Review

September 21 - Terror Lurks On High Seas Pros Call For More Security To Avoid 9-11-Type
Attack, Daily News

September 20 - World Gives Iran An Ultimatum, The Weekend Australian

September 11 - Bush Has Let Bin Laden Win The War On Terror, The Times

September 5 - Bogged Down In The Sands Of Iraq, Orange County Register

September 3 - Crime And Punishment, Putin-Style,
August 31 - U.S. Military Increasingly Relies On Civilian Staff, Charleston Gazette

August 29 - Risks In Saudi Arabia Will Continue To Rise, Kiplinger Business Forecasts

August 27 - U.S. Military Overseas Increasingly Dependent Upon Civilian Workers, Daily

August 24 - Civilians Working Alongside G.I.S., Daily News

August 14 - New Push To Protect Airlines From Missiles, Christian Science Monitor

August 13 - Missile Sting, CNN American Morning

August 13 - Will The Son Shine In Father's Place?, The Gazette

August 8 - Grim Prognosis For North Korean Nuclear Talks, South China Morning Post

August 6 - Ji Could Strike More Often, Says Us Intel Body, Australian Associated Press

August 6 - Indonesian Bombing Puts Us Intelligence On Alert, Asia Pulse

July 30 - Intel Group Warns Of Ulterior Motives In Weapons Surrender, Australian Associated

July 28 - Selling Off Siberia, Slate Magazine

July 18 - US Thinktank Says Solomons Op Will Shape Defence Strategy, Australian
Associated Press

July 18 - Maybe Intelligence-Starved Bush Should've Clicked On, Plain Dealer

July 17 - Terror Escapee Poses Threat To Region Says Intel Group, Australian Associated

July 13 - Sulaymaniya Incident: Time To Redefine Rules In Northern Iraq, Turkish Probe

July 8 - From The Think-Tanks' Fevered Brains, Brazil Report

July 6 - Rise Of The Virtual Soapbox, Sunday Times

July 3 - Mull Liberia Force Bush May Send 1,000 G.I.S To War-Torn Country, Daily News

July 3 - British Researchers Predict Al Qaeda Attack Within Next Two Months, Inside The

June 25 - Hunting Osama Bin Laden, CNN

June 21 - Us Faced With Guerrilla War In Iraq Three Months After Invasion, Agence France
June 20 - Musharraf Seeking Release Of Purchased F-16s And More: Official, Agence
France Presse

June 20 - Pakistan's Price For Us Demands: F-16s, Debt Writeoff, Market Access, Agence
France Presse

June 18 - US-Pak, The Press Trust Of India

June 18 - German Analysis Examines Us Intentions For Iran, World News Connection

June 16 - Oil Tankers Seen As Soft Target In Terror Plots Vs. U.S. Economy,
Investor's Business Daily
June 15 - Mixed Marks For Army Bosses, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
June 12 - Opec Still Has Muscle, But Grip Is Loosening As Market Share Falls,
Investor's Business Daily
May 25 - Iraq's Shiites At Crossroads; After Bitter Repression, Political Passions
Reawakened, The Houston Chronicle
May 19 - Frum Forum, National Review
May 14 - Defiant Al-Qaeda Under Pressure To Strike, National Post
May 14 - Royal Family Under Siege On Many Fronts, National Post
May 14 - The Press Trust Of India, Nationwide International News
May 10 - Fear Factor, The National Journal
April 21 - Iraq: A New Military Bastion For The U.S.?, Inter Press Service
April 21 - Game Over--But For Whom?, U.S. News & World Report
April 20 - American Digest, Austin American-Statesman
April 20 - The Way We Live Now, The New York Times

April 17 - Syria Key To Deciphering Bush's Aims, Chicago Tribune

April 16 - Sites Are Blogged Down In Controversy, Chicago Tribune

April 16 - War In The Gulf, The Express

April 16 - Pakistani Author: Us Preemption Policy 'Spreading Anarchy' Across World, World
News Connection

April 14 - Down In The Trenches, Up In The Public's Opinion, The Washington Post

April 13 - Coalition Of Unwilling Still At It, Daily News

April 11 - A Cold Shoulder For Syria, The Vancouver Sun

April 11 - ROK Daily Cites Stratfor: Kim Chong-Il Visited China In 'Late March', Received
'Assurances', World News Connection
April 9 - Oil Price Should Fall 20% More, Economist Says, CBS Marketwatch

April 9 - Blogger Tries To Make Amends For Not Attributing War News, The Houston

April 9 - The Great Blogging Ethics Debate, Newsbytes

April 8 - World War III, San Mateo County Times

April 7 - Intellectual Property: Writer Of Popular Online War Journal; Admits Plagiarism
National Journal's Technology Daily

April 7 - Advancing Toward Baghdad: A Strategic Look At Geography, St. Petersburg Times

April 6 - War In Iraq; U.S. Probes Baghdad Defenses, The Boston Herald

April 6 - Mapping The Fight, The Dallas Morning News

April 6 - Exxon Mobil Campaigns To Better Big Oil's Image, The Houston Chronicle

April 6 - Long War Could Be Too Great Sacrifice, Sunday Business Post

April 5 - Sharp Corners, Soft Sieges, The National Journal

April 4 - War In The Gulf: Overview: Battle For Baghdad: 'Forget The Rambo Stuff', The
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

April 4 - War In Iraq; Iraq May Drag U.S. Into Tough City Fight; Battle Looms In Baghdad,
The Boston Herald

April 3 - Baghdad Battle Demands Circumspect Approach, Cox News Service

April 3 - 'Pak. Missile N- Programme Indigenous', The Hindu

April 3 - Analysis: The 'Axis Of Oil'-I United Press International

April 2 - A Nation At War: The Strategy; U.S. Forces Enter Zone To Confront Republican
Guard, The New York Times

March 29 - Battling Toward Baghdad, The Dallas Morning News

March 28 - War In Iraq; Brass Rethink Battle Plan; Resistance Found To Be Stronger Than
Thought, The Boston Herald

March 28 - Will Syria Play A Part In Iraq? Plus: Down-Under Gold, CBS Marketwatch

March 27 - War Analysis, CNN

March 27 - Sand Again Slows Progress, The Bradenton Herald

March 27 - Marines Build Muscle Two Fronts Bolstered In Battle For Capital, Daily News
March 27 - March Toward Baghdad Again Slowed By Blistering Sandstorms, The Dallas
Morning News

March 27 - Sandstorms Again Prove A Gritty Foe; Another Day, Another Slow Go Toward
Baghdad, The Dallas Morning News

March 26 - War In Iraq; Taking It To The Streets; Urban Fight Called Crucial, The Boston

March 26 - Rummy: Soldiering On Guarantees Triumph, But Doesn't Know When, Daily

March 26 - Pulling Saddam's Plug Troops Ready To Knock Iraqi TV Network Off Air, Daily

March 26 - Market Follows The War's Pace,

March 25 - Halliburton Gains As Unit Is Tapped To Rebuild In Iraq, CBS Marketwatch

March 25 - Where Traders Go For News,

March 24 - Oil For Food Revisited, United Press International

March 23 - Analysis; Urban Warfare, Bad Weather Could Slow American Forces' Assault
On Baghdad, The Boston Herald

March 23 - War-Gaming Saddam's Last Stand, Daily News

March 23 - Do Troops Face Bio Ambush? Fears About Baghdad, Daily News

March 23 - America At War; Where Iraq's Neighbors Stand, The Houston Chronicle

March 23 - War With Iraq//What Lies Ahead//Consequences Of War Will Be More Far-
Reaching Than Anybody Predicts, Orange County Register

March 23 - Iraq Is Only The Beginning: Next Stop, Iran, The Record

March 22 - War In Iraq; Analysis; Air Attacks Upped As Ground Forces Advance; Fighting
Sporadic At First, The Boston Herald

March 22 - War Sends Oil, Gas Prices Plunging, Daily News

March 21 - Turkey, Iran Have Designs On Post-War Iraq, The Augusta Chronicle

March 21 - Crude Oil Below $27, Sheds $7 On Week, CBS Marketwatch

March 21 - Oil Prices Tumble Despite Fire Reports; No Threat To Supplies Seen, Investor's
Business Daily

March 20 - Oil Fires Reported In Southern Iraq, CBS Marketwatch
March 20 - Stocks Turn Broadly Higher Amid Renewed Oil Price Fall, CBS Marketwatch

March 20 - Oil Prices Sink To Mid-December Levels, CBS Marketwatch

March 20 - Iraq May Favor A City War, Stalingrad-Style, Christian Science Monitor

March 20 - Breaking Up Iraq,

March 20 - Iraqi Has Little To Lose By Unleashing Weapons; High Casualty Count Expected
To Be Goal Of Baghdad Showdown, The Dallas Morning News

March 20 - Can U.S. Prevent Breakup Of Iraq?, The San Diego Union-Tribune

March 20 - Kurd Sellout Watch, Day 18, Slate Magazine

March 19 - Desert War: The Options, The Cairns Post/The Cairns Sun

March 19 - Crude Closes Under $30 For First Time Since January, CBS Marketwatch

March 19 - Deadline For Iraq Passes; Skies Quiet Over Baghdad, CBS Marketwatch

March 19 - On Point, Rocky Mountain News

March 19 - Iraqi Forces, Though Weakened, Are Still Dangerous, Scripps Howard News

March 18 - Mid: How The New Gulf War Is Likely To Play Out, Australian Associated Press

March 18 - Web Sites Offer A Variety Of Viewpoints, Latest News, Detroit Free Press

March 18 - Analysis: Containing The United States-II, United Press International

March 13 - Why Russia Is Opposed To War With Iraq, CNBC News Transcripts

March 13 - War And Peace, Ottawa Citizen

March 13 - Blair Bid To Ease Gridlock On Iraq, Toronto Star

March 12 - Pak-US, The Press Trust Of India

March 11 - France Vows Veto; U.S. Presses On; Desert Heat Emerges As Critical Foe, Sun-

March 10 - Lou Dobbs Moneyline, CNN Financial News

March 10 - The Spoils Of Glory, National Review

March 9 - Military Experts Are Expecting 'War Within Days', The Boston Herald

March 9 - Oil War: 23 Years In The Makingwar About Power And Oil: Experts, Toronto Star
March 7 - With Iraq-Focused Web Site, Researcher Looks To Assess War Rumors,
Investor's Business Daily

March 4 - Senators Score American Envoy Over Role In RP Policy Setting, Businessworld

March 4 - Local Commanders Know Battlefield Much Better Than Stratfor – Reyes,
Businessworld (Recommend Keeping This One)

March 4 - AFP Claims Breaking Backbone Of Abu Sayyaf, Manila Standard

March 4 - Biazon Proposes Mobilization Of 40,000 Reservists To Fight Rebels, Philippine
Daily Inquirer

March 3 - Arroyo Order Leaves Rest Of RP Vulnerable To Attacks – Stratfor, Businessworld

March 3 - The Dilemma Posed By 200 Foreigners Acting As Shields If Iraq Is Attacked,
Manila Bulletin

March 2 - War Colors Views Of Top Financial Pundits, Green Bay Press-Gazette

March 2 - Are North Korea's Missiles For A Birthday Party? South China Morning Post

February 27 - Putin, Schroeder Push For Peace, The Moscow Times

February 26 - Commentary: Economics Of The Middle East-2, United Press International

February 26 - Intelligence Analyst: Weekend Invasion, Rally, Likely, CBS Marketwatch

February 26 - The Probabilities Of War,

February 25 - Ignoring Political News, Energy Markets Set To Tumble, CBS Marketwatch

February 24 - Old Europe Huffs, Puffs, Fizzles Chattanooga Times Free Press

February 22 - Taking Care Of His Friends, The Gazette

February 22 - Slow Roll Or Fast Dash In Iraq?, The National Journal

February 21 - Chirac The Man Who Armed Saddam, Edmonton Journal

February 21 - Chirac Has Close Ties To Saddam, Times Colonist

February 20 - U.S. Would Trounce Iraq's Weak Forces, Military Experts Say, San Jose
Mercury News

February 16 - Iraqi Military A Shadow Of 1991 Forces, Philadelphia Inquirer

February 11 - Is Bush Just Empire Building Now?, The Augusta Chronicle

February 11 - Weakened Iraq Military Could Fall To U.S. Quickly, Charleston Gazette
February 10 - The American Imperium, Chicago Sun-Times

February 10 - Banned Weapons Feared More Than The Depleted Iraqi Forces, The
Tallahassee Democrat

February 9 - Swift Victory Over Saddam May Be Easy Part For Allies, The Boston Herald

February 9 - Saddam's Military Options At A Fraction Of 1991 Strength, Centre Daily Times

February 9 - Analysts: Smaller Iraq Military Faces Certain Defeat, Charlotte Observer

February 9 - Weakened Iraq Military Could Succumb Quickly, Chattanooga Times Free Press

February 9 - Iraqi Military Weaker Than During Gulf War, Deseret News

February 9 - War Would Be Battle Between Giant And Pygmy, The Gazette

February 9 - Weakened Iraq Could Fall Quickly, Knight Ridder

February 9 - Iraq Military A Shadow Of Its Gulf War Self, Saint Paul Pioneer Press

February 7 - Iraqi Forces Called Weaker Than In '91, The Miami Herald

February 3 - Radio Deutsche Welle Sees Growing Populism In Kosovo Stance Of Serbia's
Djindjic, World News Connection

February 2 - The Possible Good Reasons For Invading Iraq, The Record

January 31 - Ousting Saddam Could Put Big Oil In 'Driver's Seat', CBS Marketwatch

January 30 - Commentary; Nightmare In Baghdad, Los Angeles Times

January 26 - Flying Into Exile?; Saddam Could Choose To Leave Quietly, The Washington

January 25 - Support For U.S. Attack Weakens At Home, Abroad: Washington Trapped By
Its Own Rhetoric, The Gazette

January 25 - War Opposition Growing Abroad And Within U.S., The Halifax Daily News

January 25 - Blanket Opposition To War On Rise: U.S. Faces Waning Support At Home,
And Aboard, Ottawa Citizen

January 25 - Support Slipping For War: Opposition To U.S. Attack Gains At Home And
Abroad, The Star Phoenix

January 22 - Australia Takes First Steps To War, Australian Associated Press

January 18 - Change For The Better?, Courier Mail

January 15 - Landmark Geopolitical And Intelligence Industry Report, Asia Pulse
January 14 - 'India, Pak. N-Rhetoric Does Not Portend War', The Hindu

January 13 - Needle On 'Saddameter' Drops Sharply: As The Troops Gather, The Odds Of
War Are Falling, National Post

January 6 - Nasty Coalitions A Necessary Evil: U.S. Must Make Allies Of Unsavoury
Leaders To Wage War Against Worse Foes: Strategist, Ottawa Citizen

January 1 - Best Intentions, Blind Interventions, International Journal Of Commerce &


December 31 - Saddam's Defeat Crucial To U.S. Offensive: Analyst: Iraq 'Single-Most
Strategic Country', Calgary Herald

December 31 - Iraq War Predicted In Weeks: Location Cited. Saddam Must Go To Defeat Al-
Qa'ida, U.S. Analyst Says, The Gazette

December 31 - Occupation Of Iraq Key To Defeating Al-Qaida: Analyst, The Star Phoenix

December 31 - For U.S., Occupying Iraq Key To Defeating Al-Qaeda, Times Colonist

December 28 - Is The Next Stop Iraq?, Townsville Bulletin/Townsville Sun

December 27 - Forces Now Likely To Stay Home, Hobart Mercury

December 24 - Strategy A Moving Target, The Cairns Post/The Cairns Sun

December 24 - A Fight On Two Or Three Fronts, CNN

December 23 - Glad To See The Back Of Him, Asian Chemical News

December 23 - Defence Role Unclear, The Gold Coast Bulletin

December 22 - Defence Plans For New Year: Next Stop Iraq?, Australian Associated Press

December 22 - Pros: U.S. To Be Ready For Iraq War In Weeks, The Boston Herald

December 20 - War With Iraq Tipped For End Of January, The National Business Review

December 19 - What The Us Can Do As Venezuela Teeters, Christian Science Monitor

December 13 - World Oil Prices Venezuela's Oil Industry Crippled By Strike Of Opponents
Of President Chavez, ABC News Transcripts

December 13 - Commentary: Switching Empires, United Press International

December 12 - Oil Prices Opec To Reduce Oil Production, Venezuelan Strike, ABC News
December 11 - Major Armed Players In Colombia, Philadelphia Inquirer

December 10 - No 'Smoking Gun' In Evidence Against Saddam, Analysts Say, National Post

December 9 - Colombia: U.S. Will Train Troops To Guard Oil Pipelines, Inter Press Service

December 4 - Oil Futures Fall But Supply Concerns Remain, CBS Marketwatch

December 1 - China's Expanding Maritime Ambitions In The Western Pacific And The
Indian Ocean, Contemporary Southeast Asia

November 29 - KSR-III Rocket Launched On Schedule, Korea Times

November 28 - Warning Against Free Trade Pact With US, The Australian

November 28 - Warning On Us Trade Deal, The Australian

November 28 - Launch Of First Liquid-Fuel Rocket Delayed, BBC

November 27 - Rok's Yonhap: Nation's First Liquid Rocket Delays Its Launch, World News

November 24 - Iraq's Exit Strategies; Experts See Alternatives To Invasion, The Boston

November 21 - Analysis: Europe's Japanese Economy-Ii, United Press International

November 19 - Labor Demands Parly Oversight Of FTA Talks With Us, Australian Associated

November 19 - Colombia Scraps Deal To Buy Brazilian Fighter Jets, The Miami Herald

November 18 - US Using FTA To Put Off Doha Cuts In Ag: Analysis, Australian Associated

November 18 - US Would Use FTA To Put Off Agri Protection Cuts: Stratfor, Asia Pulse

November 18 Briefing - Asia Economic News, Asia Pulse

November 16 - Taiwan Scholars Wary Of China Letup, New Leader, The Washington Times

November 14 - New Qatar Embassy In Paraguay Reportedly To Help Us Monitor Arabs In
Triborder, World News Connection

November 13 - Iraq War Could Recast Us-Iran Ties, Christian Science Monitor

November 13 - Iraq: Saudis Forbid U.S. Use Of Air Bases, Infoprod

November 12 - Analysis: Russia's Idled Spies, United Press International

November 11 - RP-US Relations To Flourish With Republicans, Businessworld
November 9 - Brazil: Russian Intelligence Said 'In Contact' With Iraqi Generals To
Overthrow Saddam, Prevent Us Dominance In Iraq, World News Connection

November 5 - The 'Swarthy' Factor, Ottawa Citizen

November 4 - More Enduring Freedom Supplies Go By Land, Sea; Transportation
Command Says It's Conserving Airlift Assets, Air Force Times

November 4 - Sources For More Information; Missile Defense Systems, Weapons Of Mass
Destruction, Foreign Policy In Focus

November 4 - Analysis: Russia's Israeli Oil Bond, United Press International

October 29 – IMU Reportedly Expands, Prepares To Strike Western Targets, Eurasianet

October 26 - The Unknown, The National Journal

October 24 - Selection List: Bosnia-Herzegovina Press 24 Oct 02, World News Connection

October 23 - Line Up Your Sources For The War In Iraq,

October 13 - Ji, Al-Qaeda's Indonesian Branch Office Of Terror, Australian Associated Press

October 13 - Assessing The Risk; Urban Combat In Iraq Is Not The Main Challenge,
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

October 10 - Around Greater Bonita, The News-Press

October 5 - Security In Zamboanga Tightened After Blast, Gulf News

October 5 - Bottomline Is Still Money If World Is To Enjoy Peace; Opinion & Editorial, Manila

October 5 - The Iraq Buildup, The National Journal

October 5 - Phony War Theater, Philippine Daily Inquirer

October 4 - Bandits May Be Going Back To Ideological Roots - Stratfor, Businessworld

October 3 - Abu Sayyaf Behind Philippine Blast - Military, AFX European Focus

October 3 - Focus -Philippine Armed Groups Flexing Muscles Again; Security Concerns
Linger, AFX

October 3 - Abu Sayyaf Flexes Muscles With New Bomb Attack, Agence France Presse

October 3 - Philippine Armed Groups Flex Muscles With New Bomb Attack, Agence France

September 24 - U.S. Commandos Likely Preparing The Ground In Iraq, National Post
September 21 - Our SAS: Afghanistan's Phantoms Of The Mountain - War On Terror, The
Daily Telegraph

September 20 - Aussie SAS Soldiers Patrol The Afghan Hills And Valleys, Australian
Associated Press

Sept 19 - Investors Ask: Will Brazil Veer To The Left?, National Post

September 11 - Quiet Fight Against Al-Qaeda Goes On, The Cairns Post/The Cairns Sun

September 10 - Aust Commitment To War On Terror On Downhill Run, Australian Associated

September 10 - Sham In The Gorge, Rusdata Dialine - Russian Press Digest

September 9 - Roundup: Philippine-Us Military Alliance Strengthened After Sept. 11 Event,
Xinhua General News Service

September 8 - After The Fall 9/11 Gave The Economy A Surprising Jolt, The Stock Market Is
Still Reeling, The Business

September 5 - Georgian Operation In Pankisi Gorge Seems To Be A Failure, Ria Novosti

September 4 - 9/11: One Year Later; Shattered Al-Qaeda Regroups; Experts Suspect
Terrorist Group Adapting, The Boston Herald

September 4 - Who Is Winning The Larger War?: The Global Struggle To Defeat Al-Qaeda's
Terrorist Network Is Still Very Much In Doubt, Calgary Herald

September 4 - Iraqi Forces, Though Weakened, Are Still Dangerous, Scripps Howard News

September 3 -The Risks Of A New Desert Storm, CBS Marketwatch

September 1 - Political Succession In The Middle East, Middle East Policy

August 27 - War Of The Shadows Where Real Fight Against Terror Occurs, Australian
Associated Press

August 16 - Analysis: Saddam's One Thousand Nights-Ii, United Press International

August 15 - A Violent, Prolonged Struggle Looms In Imminent Future, San Gabriel Valley

August 15 - Analysis: Saddam's 1,000 Nights- I, United Press International

August 14 - War Comes Closer; A Period Of 'Measureless Peril' Could Be In The Offing,
The Washington Times

August 11 - Who's Winning The Larger War?: The Global Struggle To Defeat Al-Qaeda's
Terrorist Network Is Still Very Much In Doubt, Ottawa Citizen
August 11 - Iraq News Unfit To Print; The New York Times

August 8 - Commentary: Oil Markets Say 'Don't Attack Iraq', CBS Marketwatch

August 1 - Dragon On Terrorism: Assessing China's Tactical Gains And Strategic Losses
After 11 September, Contemporary Southeast Asia

August 1 - The Role Of Philippine-American Relations In The Global Campaign Against
Terrorism: Implications For Regional Security, Contemporary Southeast Asia

July 29 - War Of Leaflets Heats Up Among Islamic Rivals, National Post

July 28 - Venezuelan Leader Has Neutralized Army, But Economy Major Threat - US Think
Tank, BBC

July 28 - Uzbek-Japanese Economic Contacts Expanding, Official Says, BBC

July 16 - Osama Fine, Says Editor Shrapnel Wound Healed, He'll Reappear After At Tack,
Daily News

July 15 - Restructuring Of Cuba's Sugar Industry Leaves Workers With Bitter Taste, The
Dallas Morning News

July 8 - Felicity Arbuthnot Analyses The Dangers Of An Attack On Iraq, Morning Star

July 5 - Eritrea Eager For U.S. Military Partnership, The Daily Yomiuri

July 5 - In Cuba, Sugar Mills' Closing Is Sweet Sorrow; Nearly Half Of Facilities Shutting;
Workers See Jobs 'Gone Forever', The Dallas Morning News

July 5 - Eritrea Eager For U.S. Military Partnership, The Yomiuri Shimbun/Daily Yomiuri

July 3 - Long-Term Us Strategy Emerges Out Of Philippines, Christian Science Monitor

June 22 - Security Risks Often Underrated ; Dangerous Locations, The International Herald

June 17 - U.S. Loss Of Surveillance Craft Over Iran 'Ominous': Experts Ponder Why
Unmanned Vehicle Was There At All, National Post

June 16 - Arroyo Gov't Is Stable, Strong?, The Filipino Express

June 14 - Strategic Forecasting On India-Pakistan Standoff, News India

June 11 - Analysis: The Washington Consensus -- II, United Press International

June 9 - Us Mission Lowers Heat On Kashmir, Independent On Sunday

June 3 - Global Migraine, Barron's

June 3 - Rebuff On Milf Shows Arroyo Govt Stable', Manila Standard
June 2 - Millions Threatened By 'Limited Nuclear War': Analysts Fear Pakistan Might Use
Nuclear Weapons Against Its Much Larger Foe, Ottawa Citizen

May 30 - Mother Nature Limits Indian Military Options, Gulf News

May 28 - Indians In 'A Position To Destroy Oil Installations', Gulf News

May 22 - A Matter Of Conscience; Let's Get Some Help, Businessworld

May 21 - Howard Faces Crucial China Test, Canberra Times

May 20 - Analysis: Emerging Water Wars - Ii, United Press International

May 19 - U.S., Mexico Make Little Progress On Immigration Issues, The Arizona Daily

May 19 - From Cuba, With Unease; Seeds Of Democracy Struggle To Take Root On
Castro's Soil, The Washington Times

May 13 - Bloody Portents For Gaza Campaign, National Post

May 12 - Chavez On The Spot; After His Brief Ouster, Besieged President Says He's
Struggling To Repair The Economy, Sun-Sentinel

May 9 - USA May Be Eyeing Terror Networks In Indonesia, The Statesman

May 1 - Observation Post Stirs Talk Of Us Base, Manila Standard

April 30 - To Take A Stand; Are The Yanks Back To Stay?, Businessworld

April 29 - US General Denies Abu Sayyaf Action A Cover To Set Up Us Base, The Australian

April 29 - US Bases Nixed, But Balikatan Extension Still Hangs, Businessworld

April 27 - No Foreign Base Will Be Established Here, Malaca? ANG Assures, Manila Bulletin

April 26 - Focus- Commitment To War On Terror Returns To Realistic Level, Australian
Associated Press

April 26 - Commitment To War On Terrorism Returns To Realistic Level, Australian
Associated Press

April 24 - Post-9/11 Energy Dept. Funds Cut 93 Percent, CNN,

April 22 - Powell Praises Israeli Pullout, But Wants More Freedom For Arafat, The Bulletin's

April 22 - US Loses Some Of Its Sheen As World Leader, Christian Science Monitor

April 22 - Warn On Increase Use Of Cellphones By Criminals, Manila Bulletin
April 18 - Heavy Fighting Continues In Bethlehem; President Bush Cites Progress Than
Powell Mission, CNN

April 15 - Venezuela Military Has Little Taste For Revolt; Oil Money Sets Country Apart In S.
America, Sun-Sentinel

April 14 - Chavez Retakes Presidency After 2-Day Arrest, CBS Marketwatch

April 14 - War Won't Be A Rerun, London Free Press

April 13 - Military Chooses Leader; Meddling In Oil Industry Led To Downfall, Sun-Sentinel

April 12 - Ouster Of Chavez A Big Plus For U.S., Kiplinger Business Forecasts

April 12 - Venezuelan Unions Call General Strike, Sun-Sentinel

April 8 - Economy: Iraqi Oil Move Could Hurt Poor Countries - Analysts, Inter Press Service

April 6 - Vigilantes Have No Place In Our Society, Manila Bulletin

April 6 - Us Think-Tank: Appointing Cimatu 'Risky' But Necessary, Philippine Daily Inquirer

April 5 - A Forecast For Strong Growth, Austin Business Journal

April 3- Analysis: Russia Seeks Capitalism In Orbit, United Press International

April 2 - Travel Security Work Prospers, Associated Press

April 2 - Firms Cash In On Fears Of Traveling Abroad, Deseret News

April 1 - Travel Security Firms Cater To Americans' Fear Of Foreign Lands, The Associated

April 1 - Travel Intelligence For Hire, The Patriot Ledger

April 1 - Americans' Fears Appear To Aid Firms Offering Travel-Intelligence Services,
Telegraph Herald

March 31 - Travel Security Firms Cater To Americans' Fear Of Foreign Lands, The
Associated Press

March 31 - Mission: Intelligence; Since Sept. 11, Executives Are Demanding Better
Information About Security Risks--And About Threats To Their Competitive Edge, Time

March 22 - Losing The War On Terrorism In Peru, National Review

March 22 - Stratfor; Holt Uncensored: Alternative Sources For News, Whole Earth

March 21 - Analysis: Hungary's Ever Closer Union, United Press International
March 18 - Saddam Wary Of Special Forces Units Operating Now In Iraq, National Post

March 17- This Time, Saddam Would Have Nothing To Lose, Charleston Gazette

March 17 - What Would Saddam Do?, Edmonton Journal

March 14 - Too Early To Tell If War Games Spurred Business, Philippine Daily Inquirer

March 13 - Old Enemy, New Risks If War Against Iraq Flares Again, The Kansas City Star

March 11 - Gulf War Revisited: Old Enemy, New Risks; Next Time, Hussein Might Use
Weapons Of Mass Destruction, Kansas City Star

March 9 - Satellite Pictures Of NK Missile Facilities Unveiled pictures Of North Korea's
Facilities Containing Taepodong-2 Missiles, Korea Times

March 8 - China Studied Old Aussie Carrier Melbourne, Australian Associated Press

March 8 - BJP Defeat In Elections Will Not Bring On Instability, Say U.S. Experts, News India

March 7 - Bush Doctrine' Arises From Ashes Of Sept. 11, Chicago Tribune

March 5 - Russia Pressed To Keep Oil Limits, Financial Times

March 1 - Think Tank On India's Defense Strategy: Choice Of Nuclear Command Will Worry
Beijing, News India

March 1 - Dhanush Missile Seen As Ill-Conceived System, News India

March 2002 - Would Hamas Target Americans?, Peace Magazine

February 22 - Pentagon Is An Awkward Fit In News Business, The Washington Times

February 22 - In Indonesia, Guerrilla War Hits Civilians Hardest, The Washington Times

February 20 - Russian Roulette: The Financial Sector Ii, United Press International

February 19 - Chavez's Revolution Takes Turn; Demand For Resignation Rises Amid
Growing Crises In Venezuela, The Houston Chronicle

February 19 - Terror Threat Inches Tbilisi Closer, The Moscow Times

February 19 - Lessons The United States Has Learned From The War On Terrorism So Far,
National Public Radio

February 18 - US Unilateralism Leaves Allies, Partners High And Dry, Business Times

February 14 - Saddam Is Feeling The Pressure, Daily News

February 13 - Latest FBI Alert Praised For Details, Photos, The Dallas Morning News
February 11 - What's Next For The Global Economy, Business Week

February 11 - Grim Search For Osama Body Parts Checked At Missile Attack Site, Daily

February 10 - Senator Chuck Hagel And George Friedman From Discuss
Importance Of Finding Bin Laden; New York Times

February 10 - Terror-U-S Afghanistan, Broadcast News

February 6 – WEF Provides Pm A Venue To Explain Issues To Wider Audience, Business

February 6 - Dr M Clarifies On Islam And Terrorism, New Straits Times

February 5 - Islamabad Impressions: How India's Perilous Pakistan Plan Can Boomerang,
Times Of Oman

February 1 - Was U.S. Nuclear Power Plant Next Target For Terrorists?, CNN

January 31 - U.S.' War Footing Isn't Helping Our Uneasy Alliance With Saudis The Military's
Presence In Kingdom Could Soon End As Royals Grow Edgy, Investor's Business Daily

January 31 - Few Following Mugabe's Leadership Style; Bid To Hold Power Has Sunk
Economy, Deterred Foreign Aid, The Washington Times

January 30 - Time Tests U.S.-Saudi Relations; Rumors Of A Pullout Persist, The Washington

January 29 - Sudan; How Sept 11 Attacks Changed Bush Policy On Conflict, Africa News,

January 29 - Arroyo Spurns Coup Rumours, Gulf News,

January 27 -Joker: GMA's Too Much, Philippine Daily Inquirer

January 26 - Militant Groups Hold Anti-U.S. Rallies, Gulf News

January 26 - U.S. Walks South Asia Tightrope; Foes India, Pakistan Are Strategic Allies, The
Washington Times

January 25 - Seoul's Arms Sale To Hanoi Takes Aim; Vietnam Seen As Liaison To North,
The Washington Times

January 24 - State Of The War: A Long Way To Go, Gannett News Service

January 23 - Experts Says Complimentary Coverage Of War Effort May Heighten Public
Expectations, The Bulletin's Frontrunner

January 23 - Media, Military In New War Roles, The Washington Times

January 23 - Nation; On Media; The Washington Times
January 22 - FBI Searches Enron Headquarters, MSNBC

January 22 - 'Pesofication' Tonic for Argentine Banks; Shifts Could Cause More Pain, The
Washington Times

January 17 - Uganda; Bush Sidelining Museveni, Africa News

January 16 - Pentagon Shuns CIA, Sends In Own Spies: Military, Intelligence Agency
Bicker Over Hunt For Terrorists, The Ottawa Citizen

January 11 - U.S., India Play 'Goodcop, Badcop' With Islamabad, News India

January 11 - China Counters U.S. Influence, The Washington Times

January 10 - Low Casualties - Very High Cost, Daily News

January 9 - China Faces Strategic Dilemma In South Asia, The Korea Herald

January 5 - Afghanistan Leaps Into Asian Power Politics, The Washington Times

January 2002 Winter - Tactical Intelligence: All Things Are Not As They Appear, The Journal
Of Counterterrorism & Security International

January 1 - Using The Web To Overcome Terror; Internet Express

December 30 - The Day That Shocked A Nation, San Antonio Express-News

December 28 - War's Next Front May Be Kashmir India Battles Islamists And It Serves As A
Proxy For U.S. By Pressuring Pakistan To Curb Rebels, Investor's Business Daily

December 28 - Attacks Bring Old Foes Together; NATO Wants Moscow To Play Larger Role
In Coalition, The Washington Times

December 25 - BC Cycle, State And Regional, The Associated Press

December 24 - The War's Far From Over, Barron's

December 21 - China Asks For Captured Uighurs; Taliban Allies Held In Afghanistan A Test
Of U.S. Policy On Terrorists, The Washington Times

December 20 - Can Karzai Hold Afghanistan Together?, Orange County Register

December 19 - War On Terrorism; War Against Terror Enters Next Phase, The Boston Herald

December 15 - Sri Lanka's 'Cohabitation' Is Tense; President, Prime Minister From Different
Parties, The Washington Times

December 11 - Enron Fall To Hit South America; Investment Cut To Lead To Shortages,
Higher Costs, The Washington Times
December 10 - New NATO-Russian Relations Have Not Changed Latvia's Needs - Specialist,
BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union - Political Supplied By BBC Worldwide Monitoring

December 8 - Guarded Optimism; Burma Hopes Parleys Will Usher In Democracy, The
Washington Times

December 2 - Musharraf Might Use Kashmir As 'Safety Valve', The Press Trust Of India

December 2 - After Afghanistan, What?; Eradicating Global Terror Networks Requires A
Larger, Longer Strategy, The Washington Times

November 26 - So Now What?; Taliban's Abrupt Retreat Leaves Pentagon Puzzled, Air Force

November 26 - A War To Confound All Wars, Associated Press

November 26 - U.S. Seeks Mutual 'Security Perimeter', The Washington Times

November 25 - We Don't Need To Match Their Madness, Daily News

November 22 - APEC Looks To Give Regional Travel A Boost, The Nation

November 21 - George Friedman: U.S. Intelligence And The Hunt For Bin Laden,

November 20 - Interview Of George Friedman And Brian Jenkins, CNN

November 19 - Us Issues Stern Warning To Countries Supporting Terrorists, Including Iraq,
Agence France Presse

November 19 - What Should Happen To Osama Bin Laden If He Is Taken Alive?, CNN

November 18 - As The Cities Fall, Stage Is Set For A New Guerrilla Standoff, Sunday Times

November 17 - Nervousness Turns To Quiet Glee But The Job Is Not Completed The US
Can Be Forgiven Momentary Celebration, The Irish Times

November 15 - Rout Or Strategic Withdrawl, National Review Online

November 15 - Warlords New Threat To Afghan Stability: Taliban Still Far From Defeated,
U.S. Admits, The Ottawa Citizen

November 14 - Toughest Phase Of War Against Terrorism Still Lies Ahead, The Dallas
Morning News

November 14 - War's Next Objective: Bin Laden; U.S. Also Considers Interim Rule, U.N.
Role, Humanitarian Aid, The Dallas Morning News

November 13 - Uncertainty Hounds Asia-Pacific Travel Industry, Agence France Presse

November 17 - The Sad Truth About Flight 587 Tragedy, Orange County Register
November 12 - Tech Watch, Time International

November 11 - Putin Builds A Western Russia; Ex-KBG Agent Reshapes Image, The
Washington Times

November 9 - Rebels Attempting First Big Gains, Christian Science Monitor

November 8 - Trans-Saharan Gas Line A Pipe Dream?, The Washington Times

November 7 - Fast Forward; Coup Plots: A Dry Run?, Businessworld

November 10 - Boom And Bust, Insight On The News

November 5 - Front Page Nat'l Summit On Economy Should Put RP Back On Track,
Philippine Daily Inquirer

November 4 - No Coups But..., Manila Standard

November 4 - Opinion Rumors, Philippine Daily Inquirer

November 3 - Arroyo Still 'Most Trusted Politician', Gulf News

November 3 - Front Page Gloria's In A Fix, Says You Leader, Philippine Daily Inquirer

November 2 - 'Groundswell Of Support' Behind GMA, Says Palace, Businessworld

November 2 - Use The Web To Walk A Mile In The Other Guys' Shoes, Chicago Tribune

November 2 - Opinion Fatigue, Philippine Daily Inquirer

November 2 - Front Page Tiglao: Facts, Not Coup Rumors, Philippine Daily Inquirer

November 1 - Where Would A Terrorist Strike Next? Industry Hopes Its Centralized Assets
Aren't In The Crosshairs, Public Utilities Fortnightly

November 1 - Courage Will Prevail; Letter From Klaus Schwab, Worldlink

October 29- All Taliban, All The Time; For War-Info Junkies Who Can't Get Enough, The
Web Is An Endless Trove Of News--And Gossip, Time Magazine

October 28 - For U.S. Troops, Every Step Holds Potential For Disaster>Military Unlikely To
Use Demining Devices Like Those That Mission Firm Helps To Make, The Kansas City Star

October 28 - "Us Will Support India To Maintain Its Presence In South Asia", The Press Trust
Of India

October 28 - Spooky Vision Of All-Out War, Sunday Mail

October 28 - Gazprom Opens Major Gas Field In The Arctic, The St. Petersburg Times

October 24 - Gazprom Dream Field Finally Real, The Moscow Times
October 24 - Test Flashanimation, Slate Magazine

October 22 - Private Intelligence Specialist Offers Insights On Bin Laden, Anthrax, Potential
Explosive Attacks, CNN

October 22 - The Anthrax Investigation Continues, CNN

October 22 - Homeland Security: In Wake Of Attacks, Security At Golden Gate Bridge Tight;
Anthrax Attacks Appear Focused On High-Profile Targets, CNN

October 21 - Censors Eye Online War Tactics, The New York Post

October 21 - A New Front Opens Against Russia; Pro-Georgia Militants In Abkhazia Join
Forces With Chechen Rebels, The Washington Times

October 20 - When The State Turns Assassin: The Controversial 'Israeli Model' Of State-
Sponsored Death Squads Is One Of The Tactics The U.S. Might Adopt In Its War On Terror,
The Gazette

October 19 - Pessimistic Tunes, Times Aside,; System Of A Down Still Upbeat, Plain Dealer

October 19 - How Will It Play Out?, Slate Magazine

October 17 - China Unblocks News Sites As Leaders Gather,

October 17 - Make Way For The Nation's Future Leader, Townsville Bulletin/Townsville Sun

October 16 - Joe Hockey Billed As Key Mover And Shaker, Australian Associated Press

October 16 - How Should The Media Handle Coverage Of War, Anthrax Scares?, CNN

October 16 - From The Columns: Can Saddam's Son Save Iraq?, Turkish Daily News

October 15 - With Winter Near, Experts Differ On Afghan Invasion, Sun-Sentinel

October 14 - U.S. Patience Foiling Al-Qaida Trap, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

October 14 - Options And Choices//The War On Terrorism Is A Three-Dimensional Chess
Game Played With A Thousand Pieces, Orange County Register

October 13 - Second Wave - Ground Offensive Nears As Global Threat Grows, Courier Mail

October 13 - By Limiting Targets, U.S. May Have Foiled A Bin Laden Plot, The International
Herald Tribune

October 13 - Post-Taliban Peace Prospects Daunting; Afghan Factions Have Own Enmities,
Patrons, The Washington Times

October 11 - U.S. Travelers Warned To Avoid Islamic Countries, The Washington Times

October 9 - Southern Afghan City Hit In Fresh Daytime Bombing, CBS Marketwatch
October 7 - Monitoring The Danger From Within; Electronic Surveillance Gets Speedy
Evolution, The Houston Chronicle

October 4 -Bush Administration Currently Using Psychological Warfare Against
Afghanistan's Leaders And Terrorists, National Public Radio

October 3 - Home Defense At Highest Level Since WWII, The Associated Press

Fall 2001 - Article: Out Of Gas In Turkmenistan: The Stalled Commercial Law Reform Of A
Post-Soviet State, American Bar Association, The International Lawyer

September 30 - Defenses Beefed Up Across Northwest; Region Hasn't Been On
Widespread Alert Since World War II, Spokesman Review

September 30 - Will Latin America Enlist?, The Washington Times

September 29 - Pak Seeks Reward In Kashmir For Aiding US: Daily, The Press Trust Of India

September 29 - Special Forces Eyed For Afghanistan; Geography, Geopolitical Reality
Renders Conventional War Impractical, The Washington Times

September 27 - Global Analysis: Business Is Booming For Strategic Forecasters; Austin's
Stratfor Inc. Sees Demand For Services Rise Following Terrorist Attacks, Austin American-

September 27 - Gov't Plans To Keep Allies On Sidelines, Daily News

September 27 - Bush Administration Explains Their Cautious Approach Necessary In This
Campaign Against Terrorism, National Public Radio

September 22 - The Worm That Turned Very Nasty, The Advertiser

September 22 - U.S. Eyes Central Asia Partners; Turkmenistan And Uzbekistan Seen
Possible Afghan Portals, The Washington Times

September 21 - Security, Not Migration, New U.S. Top Priority In Hemisphere, Cox News

September 21 - Web Of Terror, St. John's Telegram

September 20 - 'No Bugles, No Flags' In War On Terrorism: U.S. Military Might Becomes
Secondary To Concerted Undercover Activities, Experts Say, The Ottawa Citizen

September 18 - Terror In America: The Response - A Military Machine Gears Up To Go Into
The Unknown, The Independent

Sept 16 - Observations, Charlotte Observer

September 16 - U.S. Wary As Offers To Assist Flood In; Some Want To Advance Own
Agendas, The Washington Times
September 14 - Tuesday's Fantastic Failure Of U.S. Intelligence Apparatus, Akron Beacon

September 14 - America's Fight Against Terrorism Looks To Be Long - And Costly,
Investor's Business Daily

September 13 - Terrorist Assault On America Puts Focus On U.S. Intelligence, The Augusta

September 13 - Freedom Threatened As Security Tightens: Attack Reveals Weakness Of
Intelligence, Calgary Herald

September 13 - The Pathways To Vengeance; From The White House To The Hinterlands,
Americans Ponder Retribution, Copley News Service

September 13 - Strategy Essential In A War Impossible To Declare, Courier Mail

September 13 - Striking At Bin Laden Won't Be An Easy Fight -- Experts: Doesn't Bode Well
That Attack Took U.S. Totally By Surprise, Edmonton Journal

September 13 - War On Terrorism A Long Shot: Given Apparent Shortcomings Of U.S.
Intelligence, There's No Guarantee Of Success, The Gazette

September 13 - Bin Laden Far From Only Player: Experts Say Homegrown Group Or Rogue
State Could Be Behind Attacks, The Gazette

September 13 - U.S. Faces Daunting Battle: Terrorism Is An Elusive, Difficult Foe, The
Ottawa Citizen

September 13 - Intelligence Forces Take A Holiday, The San Diego Union-Tribune, The
Chicago Sun-Times

September 13 - The Pathways To Vengeance; From The White House To The Hinterlands,
Americans Ponder Retribution, The San Diego Union-Tribune

September 12 - Bin Laden Prime Suspect In Attacks, Daily News

September 12 - The Prime Suspect Is Bin Laden U.S. Set To Strike Back, Daily News

September 12 - Analysts Point Finger At Bin Laden For U.S. Terror, Mainichi Daily News

September 12 - Attack On The U.S.: An Internet Guide, Slate Magazine

September 12 - Global Impact News Analysis, United Press International

September 12 - Attacks Change Shape Of U.S. Foreign Policy, The Washington Times

September 10 - Neighbours Congratulate Poland On Power Safety Projects, Polish News

September 10 - Future Of Hynix Key Focus Of Seoul Investors, Korea Times
August 30 - Violence Hurts Prospects For Growth In Mideast, Kiplinger Business Forecasts

August 28 - U.S. F-16 'Mistake' In Syria More Likely A Mission; 200 Miles: U.S. Patrol Flies
More Than A Bit Off Course From Iraq, Telegraph Herald

August 23 - Russia Has Own Agenda, The Wichita Eagle, Knight Ridder

August 21 - What U.S. Newspapers Are Saying, United Press International

August 21 - Dea Boosts Its Role In Paraguay; Lawless Land A Haven For Drug Runners,
Arab Militants, The Washington Times

August 20 - Mideast More Perilous?, Orange County Register

August 19 - Why There Is No Peace; Across The World, Peacemakers Indulge Two
Fallacies, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

August 14 - Bank Of Japan Takes Actions To Ease Monetary Policy And Stimulate
Economy, CNBC News Transcripts

August 4 - Analysing Globalization; Genoa's Shifting Agenda Showed All Is Not Well
Among Those Pushing Globalintegration, London Free Press, Knight-Ridder News Service

August 1 - Turkey-Israel Pact Roils NATO, The Washington Times

July 28 - Moscow Eyes Strike Force To Fight Islamists, The Washington Times

July 25 - Dealing With Russia, Orange County Register

July 19 - Japan Deal Drains Lifeblood Of Iran-Libya Act, The Washington Times

July 18 - Explosive Abscess Festers Inside European Union, The Record

July 17 - Satellite May See Amelia Earhart's Plane, CNN

July 16 - Western Idealism Won't Change China, Calgary Herald

July 14 - China Much Too Weak To Change With Games, Milwaukee Journal Sentine

July 12 - Milosevic Prosecution Hides Steep Hidden Cost, The Record

July 6 - Government Needs Hanssen To Find Out Secrets, CNN

July 5 - Trival U.S.-Japan Summit?, The Record

July 1 - U.S. Eying New Russian Sub, Daily News

July 1 - War Crimes Tribunal's Action Could Hamper U.S. Military Efforts, Saint Paul Pioneer

June 30 - Lowering The Bar: By Charging Milosevic With War Crimes, The Gazette
June 29 - Japanese Military At A Turning Point; U.S. Sees Chance For Ally To Boost Profile
In Asia, The Washington Times

June 26 - Chavez Angles For Absolute Power; Venezuelan President Sharpens His
Rhetoric, Turns To Cuban Advisers, The Washington Times

June 22 - 14 Charged In Blast That Killed 19 G.I.S, Daily News

June 15 - S. Korea On Crisis Course; Kim's Power And Popularity Wane As Myriad
Problems Mount, The Washington Times

June 14 - Venezuela, Russia Seek Control Of German Oil, The Washington Times

June 16 - The World / Japan; Self-Defense Forces May Soon Look Like A Modern Military,
Los Angeles Times

June 9 - The Editor: The Week Abroad: Un Sanctions Proposal Angers Iraq, The Guardian

June 7 - Building Blocs For The Future; Economic Unions Compete To Bring Hope To
Africa, The Washington Times

June 5 - Can America Still Count On Europe?, The Korea Herald

June 4 - How To Win Friends...; Beijing Is Courting Tiny Pacific Nations. Time Magazine

My 31 - China Suspected In Port Deal; Beijing Naval Vessels Expected To Dock At
Pakistani Site, The Washington Times

May 29 - Dawn Of Hope, Courier Mail

May 27 - 'Star Wars' Revisited; Russia Aims To Refocus Its Military Strategy Toward Space
Capabilities, The Washington Times

May 24 - Russia Regains Control Of Power Industry, The Washington Times

May 22 - TDHB To Consider Future Of Acute Unit, The Daily News

May 18 - The Race For Space: This Time It's Not About The Moon Or Mars, It's About Who
Will First Arm The World's Skies, The Star Phoenix

May 17 - Missile Defence Shield Is 'About Space, Stupid', Edmonton Journal

May 17 - Politics-Economy: U.S. Energy Plan Casts Long Shadows, Inter Press Service

May 17 - Missile System A Trojan Horse, Analysts Warn: Militarization Of Space Is Seen As
The Ulterior Motive, The Ottawa Citizen

May 17 - Americans Eye Militarization Of Outer Space, Times Colonist

May 17 - Americans Eye Militarization Of Outer Space, Windsor Star
May 11 - N. Korea's Elite Wary Of Kim's New Thinking; See Uneasy Balance Of Loyalty To
Political Patrilineage And Technological Reforms, The Washington Times

May 5 - Alliance Will Battle Muslim Radicals; Russia, China Spearhead Fight In Central
Asia With Bishkek Protocol, The Washington Times

May 3 - U.S. Politologists, Press Discuss Baltic States' NATO Membership, Baltic News

April 27 - Koizumi's Calls For Change Seen As Little Threat To Convention, The Washington

April 26 - Howard Backs Bush Over Taiwan, Australian Associated Press

April 19 - America Threatens To Quit Talks In Beijing, The Guardian

April 16 - AIG’s E-Biz Policy: Frugality, Not Flash, Internetweek

April 11 - The Letter - U.S.-China Standoff Resolved, CNN International

April 10 - Keeping The China-Bashers In Check, The San Diego Union-Tribune

April 8 - What Was U.S. Looking For Along The South China Coast?, Milwaukee Journal

April 8 - Was America Hunting For A New Killer Submarine?, The Record

April 8 - Security Program Takes Over Computer, San Antonio Express-News

April 7 - CHINESE Takeaway, Courier Mail

April 7 - A New Cold War Looming?, Hamilton Spectator

April 6 - Infraworks Works Deal To Move To Bee Caves, Austin Business Journal

April 6 - 'Hotshot' Chinese Pilots Try To Harass, U.S. Experts Believe, Plain Dealer

April 5 - China's Navy Stirs Interest From West, CNN

April 5 - War Torn, Dallas Observer

April 5 - Mdbo Harrying Of Spy Planes Could Lead To Armed Confrontation, Experts Warn,
Newhouse News Service

April 3 - Spy Plane Standoff: President Bush Wants "Prompt And Safe Return" Of Crew,
Plane, CNN

April 3 - Tension Between United States And China Intensifies, MSNBC

April 3 - Back To The Cold War?,
April 2 - Spy Plane Standoff, CNN

April 1 - The Economics And Politics Of Monetary Regionalism In Asia, ASEAN Economic

April 1 - U.S. Military Calls Intercepts Routine, Collision Accidental, CNN

April 1 - Chen Shui-Bian And Cross-Strait Relations, Contemporary Southeast Asia

April 1 - I Told You That U.S. Intervention In The Balkans Wouldn't Work, Contra Costa

March 29 - A Fairly Firm Balkan Rule: More Things Stay The Same, Akron Beacon Journal

March 28 - The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same, Fort Worth Star-

March 23 - Russia And Us Exchange Diplomat Expulsions, Marketplace

March 21 - Greenspan Plays Out Tough Hand, The Record

March 17 - Japan Facing Up To Its Bad News; It's Ours, Too, The San Diego Union-Tribune

March 9 - Defector Linked To U.S. Arrest, The Ottawa Citizen

March 7 - Aust Would Lose Pine Gap Under Labor: Downer, Australian Associated Press

March 6 - China's Challenge, Courier Mail

March 4 - The Middle East Mess; Bombings Signal Administration To Stay Course, The San
Diego Union-Tribune

March 3 - Turkish Press Scanner: The Gloomy Picture, Turkish Daily News

March 2 - U.S. Think Tank Notes Growing Chinese Population In Russia's Far East, Central
News Agency

February 28 - Joint Currency Offers Both Koreas Control, Korea Times

February 26 - Paper Analyzes Recent Ukrainian-Russian Summit, BBC

February 25 - Russian Spy Chiefs Still Wage Cold War, The New York Post

February 25 - Mutual Distrust Fuels Demand For Espionage, The Record

February 21 - Russia's Economy Slides Toward Collapse ... Again?, Skate Report On Capital

February 19 - Howard Backs Iraq Bombing, The Gold Coast Bulletin

February 18 - Australia Firm In Support For Attack On Iraq, Australian Associated Press
February 18 - U.S.-Japanese Relations Poised For Problems, The Times Union

February 16 - Torpedoing U.S.-Japanese Relations, The Record

February 5 - An Old Elite Is Back In The Saddle New Statesman

January 30 - Technology: Its Role In The Changing Political Dynamics, Businessworld

January 21 - It's A Wild World Out There; Matthew Baker And George Friedman Analyze
The Bush Team's Chances For; Negotiating The Global Chaos, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

January 18 - PRC's Military Escalation In Strait Could Backfire, Central News Agency

January 18 - Time To Take Stock, Courier Mail

January 14 - Analysts Surprised By Barak's Overture To Goussinsky, The Jerusalem Post

January 9 - Military Duty: What Are The Hidden Dangers?, CNN INTERNATIONAL

January 7 - Rumsfeld And Doctrine Of Wise, Old Men, The San Diego Union-Tribune


December 22 - Gunboat Globalization: The Intersection Of Economics And Security In East
Asia, Social Justice

December 22 - The Real Reasons For War In Yugoslavia: Backing Up Globalization With
Military Might, Social Justice

December 19 - War On Terrorism; War Against Terror Enters Next Phase, The Boston Herald

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December 16 - Appearing Presidential Look For Bush To Come Out Early On Foreign
Policy Front, Charleston Gazette

December 16 - The Return Of DYNASTY, Courier Mail

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December 1 - Information Warfare Choose Your Weapon In The New Century, Arabies

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Strategic Business Information Database

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October 29 - Unanswered Questions Why Was The USS Cole In Aden? Why Don't We
Know?, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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October 25 - Israelis Question The Will Of Arafat To Halt Violence, The Miami Herald

October 22 - Despair Undermined Efforts For Mideast Peace, The Miami Herald

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October 19 - News From Our World Resources: Arroyo Prepares To Take Over Leadership -
Report, Gulf News

October 18 - Yemen's Deadly Appeal; What Is The U.S. Military Doing In This Troubled
Mideast Country?, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

October 16 - What Are The Prospects For Peace In The Middle East?, MSNBC

October 14 - One Cowardly Attack,

Fall 2000 - Corporate Governance And Restructuring In East Asia: An Overview, Seoul
Journal Of Economics

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October 4 - China - News Analysis: Taiwan President Names Closest Adviser As New
Premier, Chinaonline

October 1 - Sino-Us Love And Hate Relations., Journal Of Contemporary Asia

Sept 28 - Drummond Hostages Freed Colombian Rebels Release Three Workers At Vast
Mine Complex But One Still Captive, Birmingham News

September 26 - Support Of AMF Gaining Momentum, Business Day

September 24 - Milosevic's Hold On Power In Jeopardy, The Philadelphia Inquirer
September 24 - Under The World's Scrutiny, Yugoslavs Go To The Polls Some Fear
Milosevic Will Try Stealing The Election, The Philadelphia Inquirer

September 24 - Washington's Big Secret, The Record

Sept 15 - Drummond Operations Attacked By Terrorists, Birmingham News

September 8 - Worried About Oil? Forget Opec, Investor's Business Daily

September 4 - Putin Eases Investment Rules, The Scotsman

September 1 - Readiness Debate Called Off-Target; Experts Fault Use Of Cold War
Yardsticks In Changed World, The Washington Post

August 29 - Flying Saucers Or Pakistan Gauri Missiles?, The Hindu

August 25 - Stratfor Insists Pakistan Has Test-Flown New Long-Range Missile, Business

August 24 - UFOs Were Ghauri-Iii Fragments?, The Hindu

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August 16 - Piracy: Japan Coastguard Eyes Long-Range Reconnaissance Aircraft, Lloyd's

August 10 - Arafat Desperate For Deal - Analyst, The Jerusalem Post

August 9 - Kashmir Tragedy, Orange County Register

August 9 - Bin Laden Funds Abu Sayyaf Through Muslim Relief Group, Philippine Daily

August 8 - Business & Insurance: Freighting: Plan To Revive Rail Links Through Korea,
Lloyd's List

July 31 - Lucio Tan Gate-Crash Shows RP-Style Cronyism, Philippine Daily Inquirer

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July 23 - Who To Call When War Breaks Out, The Toronto Sun

July 13 - Camp David: Good Intentions And The Road Todisaster, The Record

July 10 - Us Solon Objects To Estrada Visit, Philippine Daily Inquirer

June 26 - Inventing The Future, Austin American-Statesman
June 16 - Wahid's Grip On Power Shaky, Courier Mail

June 16 - U.S. Defense Changes Not Expected In Asia, The Washington Times

June 15 - Does Koreas' Newfound Goodwill Threaten U.S. Influence In Asia?, Investor's
Business Daily

June 13 - Border Crossing: Suddenly Communist North Korea And Capitalist South Korea
Are Shaking Hands, The Guardian

June 12 - The Great Game In Central Asia, Insight On The News

June 11 - North, South Take Big Step Toward Change Goal: Meeting Between Two Leaders
Seen As Hope To Achieve Coexistence, Economic Opportunities For Both, San Jose
Mercury News

June 6 - Allegations Reveal The Agony And The Irony Of Fighting Terrorism, The Scotsman

June 2 - Beijing 'S Spectre Haunts Clinton's Summit, The Scotsman

May 25 - Security Problems In The Nation, CNBC

May 20 - Party Lines: Power Still A 'Family' Affair, The Moscow Times

May 18 - America's Russian Policy -- Just Or Joke?, University Wire

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May 13 - Across The Nation: Iloilo Troops Sent To Battlefront, Philippine Daily Inquirer

May 9 - To Take A Stand: Peace In Mindanao, Businessworld

May 9 - Rebels Step Up Campaign Against Estrada, The Straits Times

May 8 - USA, China Frown At Navy's S China Sea Exercise, The Statesman

May 8 - Indian Navy Exercises Seen Apt To Irk Beijing, The Washington Times

May 6 - Events Suggesting Return To The Cold War, The Armenian Reporter

April 17 - Russian President Putin's Prospective Policies: Issues And Implications, Policy

April 12 - Zimbabwe'a Parliament Dissolved Amid Crisis, United Press International

April 10 - Pluggedin, Austin American-Statesman

April 6 - Uday Vs Qusai: Who Will Be Saddam's Heir?, The Straits Times
April 4 Russia Concerned That Armenian Defence Minister Might Be Dismissed - Agency,

April 4 - Mondo Washington, Village Voice

April 3 - Russian-Chinese Alliance Emerges, Insight On The News

April 2000 - Haider Realities Globalism And Nationalism Collide Over Austria, The American

April 1 - Which Way Will The Economy Cut? : How Long Will The Good Times Roll?, World
And I,

March 31 - Consequences Of The Israel-Turkey Alliance: Who Encircles Whom? Israeli-
Turkish Flanking Of Syria Warms Relations Between Greece And Iran, Washington Report
On Middle East Affairs

March 26 - Trapped In Kosovo, Sinking In Quicksand, Orange County Register

March 24 - Police Braced For Terrorism In Metro Manila, BBC

March 21 - Down South: The Result Of Incompetence, Businessworld

March 20 - Married To It, The Industry Standard

March 19 - News From Our World Resources: Manila 'Not Ready To Cope With Civil War',
Gulf News

March 18 - No Defense Debate Serves No One, The National Journal

March 15 - Palestinian State Poses A Long-Term Risk For Israel, The Washington Times

March 12- We're Comrades Again: Russia And China Are Reforging The Close Links That
Dominated Cold-War Politics And Could Create Global Problems For The West, Sunday

March 4 - Russia's Putin Puzzle, The Economist

February 18 - Stratfor Forecasting Firm Predicts Short Recession, Austin Business Journal

February 17 - Warriors With Computers Will Test U.S. Missile Defense A New Air Force
Squadron In Colorado Will Try To Subvert American Satellites…, The Philadelphia Inquirer

February 15 - NATO Force In Kosovo Clashes With Albanians; Scores Arrested In Mitrovica
Skirmishes, The Washington Times

February 10 - Peacekeeping In Kosovo: US Wants To Shift Burden, Christian Science Monitor

February 10 - Russia Woos Back Old Allies, The Straits Times

February 8 - Oil Markets In 2000 - Part 2, Hart's Middle East Oil And Gas
February 8 - Carrier Stennis' Group Steams Into Hong Kong For 5-Day Visit, The San Diego

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February 4 - Washington's Role In The Syrian -- Israeli Peace Talks: Do's And Don'ts,
Heritage Foundation Reports

February 3 - Eurasian Analysts Worried By Russian Assertiveness And Ineffective Us
Policy, Turkish Daily News

February 2 - HK A Litmus Test For One Country, Two Systems': Analyst, Central News

February 2 - Stratfor, Oil Prices, And Ecuador, Manila Standard

February 2 - Profits Of Doom, Prague Post

January 31 - IMF Not Against Lockup Period On Forex Funds, Businessworld

January 31 - Austrians' Frustration Opened Way To Far Right, The Washington Times

January 28 - Anxious Bankers Air Questions On New Policy On Dollar Flows, Businessworld

January 22 - Crisis Centre, Courier Mail

January 20 - Schriever Air Base To Host Squadron Testing U.S. Military Satellite Defenses,
The Gazette

January 17 - Russia's Saviour?, Maclean's

January 17 - The Marcos Cronies Are Back On Top, New Statesman

January 17 - Russia's Saviour? Long-Suffering Voters Seem Ready To Put Their Trust In
Tough, Maclean's

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January 14 - Two May Defy Opec Over Cuts, Lloyd's List

January 14 - Web Site Records Putin's History Of Stealth, The Vancouver Sun

January 12 - The KGB Rises Again In Russia, Los Angeles Times

January 4 - In Russia, Markets Awaken Putin's Ascension Stirs Confidence, Stability, The
Boston Globe

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December 31 - Putin Rocked Russians With Ruthlessness, Agence France Presse

December 31 - Ups And Downs Of Presidency In 1999, Manila Standard

December 31 - Iran's Charm Offensive: Economics And Realpolitik Ease President
Khatami's Re-Engagement Of Iran, Washington Report On Middle East Affairs

Autumn 2002 - Give Peace A Chance; First, Try Coercive Diplomacy, United States Navy's
"Naval War College Review"

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France Presse

December 20 - Winter Setting In On U.S.-Russia Relations, The Post And Courier

December 18 - Dark Days For Estrada, The Economist

December 17 - The Spy Who Loves Us, Austin American-Statesman

December 17 - Us Said Likely To Defend Taiwan, But Reluctant To Provoke PRC, Central
News Agency

December 17 - The Chilly Winter In Russia's Relations With The West, Knight Ridder/Tribune

December 16 - Stratfor Stands By Its Erap's Forecast, Filipino Reporter

December 16 - On My Watch: Keeping Up With Childhood Fascination Of Star Gazing,
Filipino Reporter

December 12 - Estrada May Not Last Term, American Think-Tank Predicts, The Filipino

December 10 - Fast Forward; Human Rights Under Erap, Businessworld

December 10 - Dear Editor; Who Will Benefit From The Ouster Of Erap Before 2004?
December 10 - Fast Forward: Human Rights Under Erap, Businessworld

December 10 - Dear Editor: Who Will Benefit From The Ouster Of Erap Before 2004?,

December 10 - Jimenez Linked To U.S. Report Predicting Downfall Of Estrada, Gulf News

December 10 - Velarde Says Estrada Will Finish Term, Manila Standard

December 10 - What's The Big Fuss All About?, Manila Standard

December 10 - Fulfilling The Prophesy, Manila Standard

December 10 - Velarde Says Estrada Will Finish Term, Manila Standard

December 10 - What's The Big Fuss All About?, Manila Standard

December 9 - Stratfor Report Not Jimenez Handiwork, Businessworld

December 9 - Estrada's Days Are Numbered - Stratfor, Filipino Reporter

December 9 - Stratfor A Crank Forecast -- Tatad, Manila Standard

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December 8 - Adlib; Erap And Chicken Little, Businessworld

December 6 - U.S. Is Finally Leaving The Canal And Its Mixed Legacy To Panama, Pittsburgh

December 3 - Security Adviser Disputes Projection On Erap Downfall, Businessworld

December 3 - Political Jitters Pull Down Market Barometer 30 Pts, Businessworld

December 3 - Security Adviser Disputes Projection On Erap Downfall, Businessworld

December 2 - Palace Won't Rush Revamp, Says Estrada, Businessworld

December 1 - Genocide Definition Not Just About Numbers, Hamilton Spectator

November 30 - Was Kosovo 'Genocide'?, The Moscow Times

November 27 - A General Says He Raises Money For God, But His Claims Are Hard To
Verify, Belleville News-Democrat

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November 23 - Counting Bodies In Kosovo, Knight Ridder/Tribune

November 23 - Revisionism The Numbers Game In Kosovo, The Toronto Star
November 22 - Kosovo Body Count: Was NATO Too Late?, Hamilton Spectator

November 22- Russia's Steely Premier Ruling To Popular Beat; Putin's Star Rising In
Presidential Race, The Washington Post

November 21 - Counting Bodies In Kosovo, The New York Times

November 14 - South Korea Seen Trying To Extend Range Of Missiles, The New York Times

November 11 - Putin's Term As Russian PM Could Be Nearing An End Intriguers Are Trying
To Persuade President Yeltsin To Remove The Russian Prime Minister From Office, The
Irish Times

November 8 - The Phantom Dead; Recovering Reported War Victims In Kosovo, Alberta

November 8 - Genocide In Kosovo? Yugoslavia, The Nation

November 7 - Putin's Chechen Stance Could Lead To Presidency Or Ruin: Analysts,
Agence France Presse

November 7 - The Other Election; Roddey Vs. Wecht? Or Old Pittsburgh Vs. New
Pittsburgh?, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

November 6 - Tony Blair Defends Grozny, Russian Press Digest

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November 3 - Death And Denial In Kosovo, The Guardian

November 3 - No Proof Of Genocide In Kosovo Undermines Attack By NATO, The Record

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November 2- Kosovo's Corpse Count, The Times

October 31 - American Military Advisers Lend A Hand, But It's No Vietnam, Orlando Sentinel

October 31 - Lost In The Kosovo Numbers Game, Sunday Times

October 27 - Evidence Of Mass Murder In Kosovo Fails To Match U.S. Pre-War Estimates,
Calgary Herald

October 25 - Limited Evidence Of Massacres In Kosovo Hastroubling Implications, The

October 25 - Where Are Kosovo's Killing Fields?, Knight Ridder/Tribune

October 24 - That Kosovo 'Genocide'- The Numbers Don't Add Up, Daily News
October 24 - Ganging Up On Uncle Sam; Clinton Policies May Spark Anti-U.S. Alliance
Overseas, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

October 14 - On The Move, Austin American-Statesman

October 2 - Let's Show Some Consumer Power At The Gas Pumps, London Free Press

Sept 29 - Mahathir Supported In Journey From Lunatic To Fiscal Visionary, The Australian

September 24 - Mahathirian Woldview Will Carry The Day In Asia', New Straits Times

September 17 - Notes From Here And There, The San Francisco Chronicle

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July 27 - U.S. Spy Plane Wreckage Found In Colombia 5 Texas Soldiers Presumed Dead,

July 10 - Whither Nato's Greece? Act Ii, Turkish Daily News

July 6 - Special Report. Hardball Over Iranian Jews, The Iran Brief

July 5 - Test Center Rx; File Deletions Require Special Cleaning Tools To Thoroughly Wipe
Out Your Sensitive Data, Infoworld

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June 25 - Startup Seeks Big Names, Austin Business Journal

June 24 - Analyst Says He Wrote Mysterious Critical Essay, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

June 21 - The Intelligence War Moves Online, The Industry Standard
June 18 - The Cold War Revisited?, Orange County Register

June 16 - Goading A Wounded Bear: The West Is Learning What Hitler And Napoleon
Discovered: That Russia Is Always Able To Fight, The Ottawa Citizen

June 16 - NATO Forgets The Lesson Of Napoleon: Russia Is Unstable, And Very Capable
Of Going To War, The Ottawa Citizen

June 15 - Open Source Intelligence, ABC News

June 15 - Kline: Blasts Orloff On Home Occupation Ordinance, The Hotline

June 10 - Blowing It In Kosovo, Mainichi Daily News

June 1999 - The Spying Game, Texas Monthly

May 28 - Magic Wand Warriors, The Washington Times

May 27 - The Burden Of Being Serbia, Cleveland Scene

May 17 - Ground Rules, The New Republic

May 14 - Guerrillas; May Get; Sanctuary; Colombian Chief Weighs; 'Peace Zone' For
Rebels, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

May 11 - Second Rebel Haven Offered; Colombian Leader Says Peace Talks May Require
Ceding Land, The Dallas Morning News

May 9 - Stand, Agence France Presse

May 9 - Focus: War In Europe: NATO Assembles An Army By Stealth, The Independent

April 30 - Software Startup Receives $ 1.5M, Austin Business Journal

April 22 - The Asian Dragon May Yet Bite Back, The New Zealand Herald

April 20 - New York's Kosovo Kingpin, Village Voice

April 19 - Still Seeking Plan B, The Ottawa Citizen

April 18 - Yugoslav Military Is A Formidable Foe, Deseret News

April 6 - Communicating Through A Hostile Crisis, The St. Petersburg Times

April 6 - New Concern Over A Surge In Nationalism; The Silent Issue: Greater Albania,
International Herald Tribune

April 5 - Serbs Well-Trained, Well-Armed For Battle, Chicago Sun-Times

April 4 - Yugoslav Forces Formidable - But May Be Weakened, Orlando Sentinel
April 4 - Yugoslav Military A Formidable Foe: Deploying Ground Troops In Kosovo 'Could
Be Really Messy,' Experts Say, The Ottawa Citizen

April 3 - Yugoslav Military Is Formidable Foe; Well-Trained Force Termed Unlikely To Fold,
The Washington Post

April 2 - NATO Assault Could Shift World Power, Plain Dealer

March 31 - Air-Strikes Strategy Decried / Military Analysts Call Bombing Alone Insufficient,
The Philadelphia Inquirer

March 29 - Web Provides Updates, Background On Kosovo; History, Analysis Available
From Pentagon, News Media, University, Security Company, Akron Beacon Journal

March 29 - From The Wild West: Indonesia's Worst Case Scenario, The Asian Reporter

March 27 - NATO Blasts Hostile Migs Over Bosnia Yugoslavia Denies Targeting
Peacekeepers, Allies Launch Daylight Strike Ashorror Stories Trickle Out Of Kosovo, The
Ottawa Sun

March 24 - Serbs, Albanians Angry Here, Too, Plain Dealer

March 22 - Commentary: Not A Just War, Just A War - Nato's Humanitarian Bombing
Mission; Human Rights, Gender Politics & Postmodern Discourses, Social Justice

March 13 - The New Great Game, The National Journal

January 26 - China Insists It Opposes Devaluing Its Currency ; Talk Of Cut In Yuan's Value
Hits Asian Markets, International Herald Tribune

January 25 - Spies Like Us; The Internet Is Changing The World's Most Dangerous Game,
Time Magazine

January 1999 - Drugs And Guns; Trafficking Of Arms, Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists


December 21 - On The Move, Austin American-Statesman

December 1998 - Exploring The Accuracy Of International Trade Statistics, Applied

December 1 - Should NATO Vow Not To Nuke First?: No-First-Use Nuclear Policy Could Pit
Canada Against Allies, The Ottawa Citizen

November 7 - City Urges Tech Firmto Move Downtown; Software Company Had, Austin

November 2 - Stratfor: And The World Of Private Intelligence, The Asian Reporter

September 28 - Crossroads Gets Thirdround Of Venture Money, Austin American-Statesman
September 28 - A Shift In The Balance Of Power, Time Magazine

September 11 - Russian Economic Failure Invites A New Stalinism, International Herald

August 28 - On The Move, Austin American-Statesman

August 26 - On The Move, Austin American-Statesman

August 14 - Old Aircraft Carriers Facing Sea Of Critics Some Military Experts Worry
Decades-Old Design Isn't Suited For Modern Warfare In Shallow Seas, Akron Beacon

August 12 - On The Move, Austin American-Statesman

August 1 - New Roles, Danger For Aircraft Carriers Today The Vessels Often Operate In
Range Of Subs And Missiles. Critics Say Innovative Changes Are Needed, The Philadelphia

July 24 - Carriers Make Tradition Work In Changing World, The Post And Courier

July 23 - Despite Advent Of New Technologies, Aircraft Carriers Stick With What's Tried
And True, Knight Ridder Washington Bureau

June 22 - On The Move, Austin American-Statesman

February 23 - Saudis Clear Use Of Bases In Any Iraqi Attack: Reports, Platt's Oilgram News

February 18 - Mubarak Voices Concern On Move To Partition Iraq, Platt's Oilgram News

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