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					                         Fifth Grade Independent
                               Book Projects

Four book reports/projects will be assigned this year. They will count as Reading
project/test grades. Mark the dates on your calendar and start well ahead of
time to make sure you do your best work. If you have questions about a book,
please get the teacher’s approval of the book before you complete your report.

FIRST PROJECT – fiction book
due September 28

The Project (two parts):

**Make a collage using half of a large poster board depicting something important
or significant about your story. Use magazine cutouts, your own artwork, or
computer graphics. Include the title and author of the book on the front.
Neatness, effort, and use of color count.

**Write a brief summary of your story (minimum: three paragraphs). Use your
own words to tell the important events in the story. Then write another paragraph
telling why you liked or disliked the story. Be sure to give specific reasons or
examples. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and neatness count.

SECOND PROJECT – non- fiction biography or autobiography
due November 30

The Project (two parts):

**Create a timeline that includes major events and achievements of your person’s
life. Use half of a large poster board. Write dark enough that it can be read when
displayed. Neatness, spelling, and completeness count. Include the title and author
of the book on the front of the project.
**Write a letter to your person asking at least four questions about their
achievements. Then write a reply from the person back to you that answers those
questions. Use facts from the book to come up with questions and answers for
your letters. Chose questions that will inform your readers what is important
about your person. Use proper letter format. Make the dates and style of the
letters believable for the time period the person lived or lives in. Spelling,
punctuation, grammar, and neatness count.

THIRD PROJECT – non- fiction book, but not another autobiography due
March 8th

The Project (two parts):

**Use wire, a coat hanger, or other materials to create a hanging mobile that
shows something about your book. Hangings may be drawn and colored or painted,
cut from magazines, or computer graphics. Include the title and author of the
book. Neatness, spelling, use of color, and effort count.

**Write a fact sheet that shows facts about your subject. You may do it in
outline form, with a graphic organizer, or with notes that you took while reading.
Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and neatness count.

FOURTH PROJECT – student’s choice
due May 10

The Project (two parts):

**This one is up to you! Make sure you complete a written and an artistic part to
tell and show others about the book you read. Include the title and author of the
book on both parts. You may use aspects of the other projects or you may create
something different form what we have done before. (i.e., diorama, story box,
shadow box, sculpture, model) Spelling, grammar, neatness, use of color, creativity
and effort count.