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									What is Network Marketing?

                              When asked the question "what is network marketing?" I always
reply by saying it's a fantastic way to earn a substantial income while enjoying lots of freedom
and a wonderful life.

Network marketing or multilevel marketing is generally a method of direct sales. Whenever I
encounter people who say "oh that's a scam" I usually feel rather sorry for them. They've clearly
tried network marketing or know somebody else who has and they've failed to make the effort it
takes to succeed.

What is Network marketing? - The basics

Products don't sell themselves. It does not matter if they're cars or widgets. If there's a demand
for those items then they have to be taken out of a warehouse and distributed to the people that
want them, which includes marketing. In regular retail sales, for example a supermarket, the
manager will call the warehouse and place an order that will go out to his bricks and mortar

Network marketing is no different. The shop is replaced by a distributor's home where she keeps
the products till they are sold to her clients. Network marketing offers a massive benefit to firms
because they do not must foot the expense of renting or purchasing retail outlets and staffing
them and so forth.

The words "pyramid scheme" are usually used when people speak negative about network
marketing. But think about it. The top of the pyramid represents one of the most profitable
people in the business. The base of the pyramid represents all of the thousands of distributors.
This is no distinct from any other business model. Business structure is exactly the same. The
CEO is at the top and the people who work in the little white cubicles or on the shop floor are at
the bottom of the pile.

In normal business most people devote their working lives looking forward to promotions and
pay raises which may come annually if you are lucky. If they keep up with inflation you're even
luckier. It does not matter how hard you work for a lot of companies, promotion will only come
along infrequently, if at all.

With network marketing life is a lot clearer. In case you start out working hard and build a
successful team you can quickly move up inside that "pyramid" with out having to kill yourself
for a set amount of years.

You can stay at the bottom if you're happy there by just promoting enough product to give a few
extra dollars a month. But the sky's the limit. If you want to move up and join the big boys at the
top you can and as quickly as you like.
It does take a lot of hard work , but you are doing it for the benefit of the business and your loved
ones and not somebody else's!

What exactly is Network Marketing? - It is about Leveraging Other People's Time

There are only so many hours in a week that one person has to run his business. During that time
you may have the ability to sell on average 50 in units of product a week for which you earn a
commission. To be effective at network marketing you have to recruit an effective downline
team. Perhaps after a year you've got a team of 200, each promoting 50 units per week. Now
you're credited with selling these 10,000 products, and you earn commissions accordingly.

So now you are able to see how the sky's the limit in the network marketing business if you work
hard . So what is network marketing - it is a way to escape the corporate rat race and enjoy a
substantial income while living a life that most people only dream about.

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