Capital Budgeting — International

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					  Capital Budgeting — International
  Analysis and Decision in Capital Projects — International

Capital Budgeting — International
The Office of Professional Development of the Project Executive Group (PEG) is pleased to offer
its Capital Budgeting — International Course. The focus is on oil & gas industry and related-
industry executives, managers and supervisors capital budgeting skills. It is designed to help
participants gain the highest level of skills in capital budgeting and project investment analysis.

The International Program is currently offered in West Africa, Western Canada and the Middle
East through our training Alliances. PEG delivers the course on behalf of these Alliances.

It improves your view, ability to manage, analytics, time management and bottom line. Think about it.
Less time spent, faster reporting and forecasting, a clearer, more complete view of the business and
the financials behind it, all at your fingertips, and saving you up to 50% of the time now spent.

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