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Computer Literacy

    Mrs. Brinkerhoff
        IB MYP
  What is the IB MYP Program?
• In June 2006, we were     • Designed to Provide a
  authorized as an            framework of academic
  International               challenges and life skills
  Baccalaureate (IB)          for capable and
  World School.               motivated students who
                              seek a rigorous
• The MYP stands for          educational experience
  Middle Year Program. It      – Incorporates the
  is a 5 yr program where         Areas of Interaction
  the first 3 yrs are              •   -Approaches to Learning
  completed at Martin and          •   -Environment
                                   •   -Human Ingenuity
  the final 2 are
                                   •   -Community Service
  completed at Valley              •   -Health and Social
  High School.                         Education
      Who is Mrs. Brinkerhoff?

•   Wife and mother of four children
•   Grandmother of four girls and two boys.
•   Originally from Cedar City, Utah
•   Graduated from UNLV with a
    – Bachelor in Elementary Education
    – Master in Education
• Currently with CTE certificate
            Classroom Rules
1. Be in seat and ready when the bell rings.

2. Be PREPARED. Bring pen, notebook,
   agenda, etc.

3. Be Respectful towards others.

4. Follow all school rules. Ex). No gum, or
   nuisance items in classroom.
         Classroom Rights
• You have the right to learn

• Mrs. Brinkerhoff has the right to teach

• NO ONE has the right to take away from
  ANYONE’S education
Students In Class
               Discipline Plan
• 1st- Classroom Intervention
      (Warning/Conference with Student, Detention)

• 2nd- Team Intervention (Phone Calls, Detentions)

• 3rd- Referral to Counselor

• 4th- Parent-Teacher Conference

• 5th- Referral to Administration
              Agenda Checks
• Agendas will be checked throughout the year.

• Students should have an EQ & HW written for
  Computers, Math, Science, History, Reading, &
  English for everyday the class meets.

  -1st Quarter- Every week      -3rd Quarter- Every 3
  -2nd Quarter- Every 2 weeks   -4th Quarter- Every 4
• It is the student’s responsibility to get their
  missing work when they return from an

• Any missing work will be in the file cabinets by
  the door. Each assignment has it’s own folder.

• Students have 3 days after their absence to
  turn the work in for full credit.
           Late Work Policy
• The Late Work policy is in effect for all
  classes on this team.

• The 1st week after a due date there will be a
  10% penalty.

• After the 1st week there will be a 50%

• Prior to the end of each quarter there will be a
  deadline for all missing work.
         Helpful Websites

• Mrs. Brinkerhoff’s Info Spot-
  Assignments & Calendars
     Web Page
• Quia- Online Quiz Center

• BrainPop-Online Movies and Review
                Parent Link
• Parent Link is updated every MONDAY.

• Go through Roy Martin Homepage.

• User ID= Student Number

• Password= Random numbers given by the company

• Passwords should have been mailed home, if you did
  not receive one call the Main Office.

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