Termination of Employment Notice - For Cause

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									This is a letter that a company sends an employee notifying them that they are being
terminated. Specifically, this letter informs the employee that they are being terminated
because of certain behavior that violated company personnel policies. In addition, the
letter notifies the employee that the termination is effective immediately and includes a
final paycheck for the employee's services. This letter can be used by small businesses
or other entities that want to terminate an employee because they violated company


[Name of Recipient Employee]

[Address of Recipient Employee]


You are receiving this notice because your behavior in regard to the documented incident
constitutes a failure to comply with [Company] personnel policies, [Company] employee manual,
and/or acceptable business practices. By conducting yourself in this way you have placed
[Company] and/or your fellow [Company] employees in an injurious position.

The specific incident or behavior that has led to you receiving this disciplinary action is
described as follows: [describe behavior/incident in detail].

As a consequence of your behavior or conduct in regard to this discipline report, [Company] has
decided to take action by terminating your employment with [Company Name], effective

Enclosed is a check in the amount of [Amount] in lieu of notice. Information on your employee
benefits package will follow.


[Name of Sender]

[Title of Sender]

[Company Name]

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